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Maryland’s Cody Lear Victorious at Clinton County

Mill Hall, PA – Cody Lear of Manchester, MD make a 3+ hour tow to compete at the Clinton County Speedway on Friday nights in the Limited Late Models.  “We ran here a few times last year and absolutely loved the place, so we decided to run here this season.  This win will make the ride home so much better.”   Nathan Bacon won the 270 Micro Sprints,  Colton Friese won the East Coast Legends and Garrett Lucas won the 4 Cylinders.

Lear shared the front row with Lane Snook for the start of the 25 lap main event.   Lear took command of the field at the drop of the green flag.  By lap number five, Lear was leading Johnny Bouse, JR Toner, Joe Lusk, and Devin Frye.  Toner moved into second by the completion of lap number six.  The caution flag occurred on lap number ten as Dan Beatty took his car to the pit area.  

Lear led the field back to full speed, as Toner, Bouse and Frye battled for second place.   At the midway point, Lear was out in front with Bouse in second Frey in third, Toner in fourth and Jim Yoder entered the top five.   Frey passed Bouse for the second position on lap number sixteen.   With five laps remaining, Yoder moved into the third spot.   Lear led from start to finish to claim his first win at the speedway.  Frey came home second followed by Yoder, Bouse, and Matt Cochran.  Sixth through tenth were JR Toner, Matt Adams, Joe Lusk, Jennifer Lesher and Lane Snook.  Qualifying races were won by Toner, Yoder, and Bouse.

Mac Wert led the opening laps of the 270 Micro Sprint feature.  Eighth place starter Nathan Bacon worked his way to the front to contest with Wert and took the lead by lap number three.  Bobby Sanso followed Bacon, shuffling Wert back to third place. 

JT Horwart moved into third by lap number seven and began to battle with Sanso.   With three laps remaining, the caution flag came out, erasing the lead established by Bacon.  On the restart, Bacon tried to pull away as Horwart and Sanso continued their battle.   Horwart took over second place and chased Bacon to the finish line.   Bacon secured his first win of the season over Horwart, Sanso, Brady Kuhn, and Mac Wert.  Sixth through tenth were Jim Horwat, Dustin Roberts, Jillian Maurer, Corey Stabley and Logan Hammaker.  Heat races were won by JT Horwart, Hunter Zimmerman and Jillian Maurer. 

The East Coast Legends made their first appearance of the season.   Tanner Jones brought the field to the green flag.  Jones was leading Colton Fries, Justin Wagaman, Grady McGrew and Logan Jones.  Jones appeared to be on the way to claiming the win, when his car slowed and came to a stop in turn one on lap number fifteen.  Friese inherited the lead, as Jones was able to restart his car and rejoin at the rear of the field.   Friese, Wagaman and McGrew raced hard in the closing laps, as Jones rebounded and raced his way back up through the field.  At the finish, Friese claimed the victory, as Jones raced back to the front and finished second, Wagaman was third followed by Dalton Friese and McGrew.  Heats were won by Colton Friese, Jones and Cory Phillips

Jason Koch led the first two circuits of the Four Cylinder feature event.  Garrett Lucas, who started third made a pass for the lead by the completion of lap number three.   Matt Weaver was running second with Zak Kline in third.   Kline moved into second on lap number nine.   Lucas was challenged by Kline in the final laps.  Kline made one final attempt coming the checkered flag, but Garrett held on to win by .074 seconds to earn his career first victory.  Kline was second, Coty Maines was third, Larry Beachel Jr. was fourth and Terry Karicher was fifth.  Heat races were won by Kyler Stahl and Beachel.

The Clinton County Speedway returns this Friday with a four-division show presented by the Century 21, First Choice Realty.  In competition will be the RaceSaver Sprint Cars, Pro Stocks, 270 Micros and the Four Cylinders. Kids will compete in a Power Wheels race at intermission.  Gates open at 5PM and hot laps begin at 7PM. For the latest speedway information visit the speedways website at

Limited Late Models: 1. Cody Lear 2. Devin Frey 3.  Jim Yoder 4. Johnny Bouse 5. Matt Cochran 6. JR Toner 7. Matt Adams 8. Joe Lusk 9. Jennifer Lesher 10. Lane Snook 11. Nick Loffredo 12. Hunter Fulton 13. Trent Merkel 14. Lucas Adams 15. Tim Luben 16. Len Stroud Sr. 17. Danny Beatty 18. Jeremy Ohl 19. Maddox Smith DNS Joe Loffredo

270 Micros: 1. Nathan Bacon, 2. JT Horwart 3. Bobby Sanso 4. Bradyn Kuhn, 5. Mac Wert 6. Jim Horwat 7. Dustin Roberts 8. Jillian Maurer, 9. Cory Stabley 10. Logan Hammaker 11. Hunter Zimmerman 12. Jason Houtz 13. Matt Dixson 14. Dakota Brubaker 15. Paris Hewes 16. Lester Stabley 17. Grady Reinhart 18. Colton Guiher 19. Michael Petock 20. Shaun Musser 21. Chase Roberts 22. Cameron McClure 23. Mathew Dison 24 Andrew Petock DNS Mark Snyder

East Coast Legends: 1. Colton Friese 2. Tanner Joes 3. Justin Wagaman 4. Dalton Friese 5. Grady McGrew 6. Scott Musselman 7. Logan Jones 8. Cory Phillips 9. Hunter McElroy 10. Ryan Walls 11. Eric Hurst 12. Devin Friese 13. Brian Rampmeyer Jr. 14. Dave Benner 15. Andrew Morrow 16. Darren Lucas 17. Tracy Linn 18. Allen Fiddesop 19. Tyler Rampmeyer 20. Kelby Friese

Four Cylinders: 1. Garrett Lucas 2. Zak Kline 3. Coty Maines 4. Larry Beachel Jr. 5. Terry Karchiner 6. Kevin Trimpey 7. Matt Weaver 8. Kyler Stahl DNS Alyssa Snook, Kevin Smith DQ Jason Koch  

Photo  Cody Lear in victory lane at Clinton County

Ryan Zook Adds Clinton County’s Stroud Memorial to His Resume

Mill Hall, PA – Ryan Zook of Mifflintown claimed the coveted Lenny Stroud Jr. Memorial on Friday Night at the Clinton County Speedway. The win was worth $1,200 and was Zook’s first career victory at the 1/3-mile oval. AJ Stroup of Middleburg won the Pro Stocks, Tyler Clowes of Selinsgrove won his second consecutive 270 Micro Feature and Matt Weaver of Spring Mills won the Four-Cylinder feature event.

Jim Yoder of Selinsgrove and Ryan Zook led the Limited Late Model field to the green flag of the Len Stroud Jr. Memorial. Zook utilized the outside lane to get around Yoder as the duo exited the second turn. As the field raced through turns three and four, a car got sideways, causing a six-car pileup blocking the speedway. All drivers were ok.

Upon the restart, Zook again took the lead exiting turn number two. With five laps complete, Zook was leading Yoder, Jennifer Lesher, Andrew Yoder and Larry Baer. The caution came out on lap number six, when Andrew Yoder stopped with a flat tire. His crew was able to make the tire change and he rejoined at the rear of the field. Two laps later Andrew Yoder was involved in a second caution, when he and Wayne Shaffer got together at the exit of turn two.

Defending track champion Matt Cochran who was involved in the opening lap incident had raced his way back up to the top five by lap number nine. At the midway mark of the race, Zook was leading Jim Yoder, Cochran, Lisher, and Baer. By lap number 14, Nick Loffredo had entered the top five.

The final caution of the event occurred on lap number 16. Zook was flawless on the restart to hold off Yoder. With five laps remaining Zook began to stretch out his lead over Yoder, Cochran, Loffredo and Baer. Zook took the checkered flag by a margin of 2.5 seconds over Yoder, Cochran, Loffredo and Baer. Sixth trough tenth were Cody Lear, Jennifer Lesher, Maddox Smtih, Lucas Adams and Tim Luben. Qualifying races were won by Zook and Maddox Smith.

Brent Gorder and Noah Kissinger were the front row starters for the Pro Stock feature event. Kissinger took the early lead over Gordner and third place starter AJ Stroup. The caution flag waved on lap number three for Ron Ergott. Following the restart, Stroup charged forward to take the lead from Kissinger. At the midway point, Stroup was leading Kissinger, Cory Long, AY Schilling and Gordner. The remainder of the event went caution free, allowing Stroup the ability to extend his lead. At the checkered flag Stroup had a 1.229 second lead over Kissinger, Long, Schilling and Gorder. Sixth through tenth were Larry Knight, Kris Orwig Sr., Rich Fye, Logan Hile, and Ronald Ergott. Heat races were won by Schilling and Gordner

Jillian Maurer started on the pole of the 270 Micro Sprint feature event and led the first four laps. By the completion of lap number five, fifth place starter, Tyler Clowes took over the lead with Cory Stabley, Hunter Zimmerman, and Michael Petock running in the top five. Zimmerman passed Stabley on the next circuit to take over the third postion. With five laps remaining, Clowes continued to lead Maurer, Zimmerman, Stabley and Petock. Petock took the fourth postion from Stabley on lap number eleven. Clowes continued to lead the final laps to win his second consecutive feature event. Mauer was second followed by Zimmerman, Petock, and Nathan Bacon. Sixth through tenth were Logan Hammaker, Cory Stabley, Bobby Sanso, Chase Roberts and Matt Dixson. Heats were won by Petock and Sanso.

Jason Koch led the first lap of the Four Cylinder feature and was passed by Tim Teneyck who led the second lap. By lap three, Matt Weaver took over the top position. As Teneyck, Zak Kline and Kyler Stahl were all battling for postion, Teneyck’s car appeared to have something break as his right front dug into the track at the exit of turn four and rolled over, bringing out the red flag. Teneyck was ok. Weaver would hold off the challenges of Kline on the restart. By lap six, Weaver led Kline, Stahl, Hunter Flook, and Koch. Coty Maines moved into the top five on lap number eleven. Weaver edged out Kline for the win, the second of his career. Third through tenth were Stahl, Flook, Maines, Koch, Larry Beachel Jr., Garrett Lucas, Alyssa Snook and Summer Beachel. Heat races were won by Kline and Flook.

The Clinton County Speedway returns this Friday with a four division show presented by the Williamsport Crosscutters. Staff from the Crosscutters as well as their beloved mascot, Boomer will be greeting fans. The first 1,000 fans will receive a ticket to a Crosscutter baseball game. In competition will be the RaceSaver Sprint Cars, Pro Stocks, 270 Micros and the Four Cylinders. It will also be photograph and autograph night with an opportunity for fans to meet the drivers during intermission. Gates open at 5PM and hot laps begin at 7PM.

Limited Late Models: 1. Ryan Zook, 2. Jim Yoder 3. Matt Cochran 4. Nick Loffredo 5. Larry Baer 6. Cody Lear 7. Jennifer Lesher 8. Maddox Smith 9. Lucas Adams 10. Tim Luben 11. Danny Beatty 12. Len Stroud Sr. 13. Wayne Shaffer 14. Andrew Yoder 15. Doug Surra 16, Joe Loffredo 17. Johnny Bouse 18. JR Tonder 19. Hunter Fulton DNS Joe Lusk, Troy Bennett, Matt Adams

Pro Stocks 1. AJ Stroup 2. Noah Kissinger 3. Cory Long 4. AY Schilling 5. Brent Gordner 6. Larry Knight 7. Kris Orwig Sr. 8. Rich Fye 7. Marc Bitler 9. Logan Hile 10. Ronald Ergott

270 Micros: 1. Tyler Clowes 2. Jillian Maurer, 3. Hunter Zimmerman 4. Michael Petock 5. Nathan Bacon 6. Logan Hammaker 7 Cory Stabley 8. Bobby Sanso 9. Chase Roberts 10. Matt Dixson 11. Garrison Zook 12. Cameron McClure 13. Mathew Dixson 14 Paris Hewes 15. Lester Stabley 16. Colton Guiher 17. Dustin Roberts 18. Tom Quiggle 19 Mac Wert DNS Mark Snyder

Four Cylinders: 1. Matt Weaver 2. Zak Kline 3. Kyler Stahl 4. Hunter Flook 5. Coty Maines 6. Jason Kock 7. Larry Beachel Jr 8. Garrett Lucas 9. Alyssa Snook 10. Summer Beachel 11. Ken Smith 12. Tim Teneyck 13. Kevin Trimpey