Billy Dietrich Makes History at Clinton County Speedway

For Immediate Release
August 13, 2022

Mill Hall, PA – The Clinton County Speedway hosted its largest event in its 34-year history on Saturday night featuring the 410 Sprint Cars in the Phil Walter Classic. Billy Dietrich of Aspers, PA claimed the $6,300 prize. Eddie Sites won the IMCA Modifieds and Blake Snyder of Montgomery won the 4-Cylinder Summer Championship event.

Billy Dietrich was the quickest in time-trail and set a new one lap track record with a time of 11.662 seconds. Dietrich earned $250 for setting quick time. Austin Bishop was second fastest followed by Mark Smith, Ryan Smith and Devon Borden. Heat races for the sprint cars were won by Todd Gracey, Austin Bishop and AJ Flick.

Todd Gracey and Kyle Smith started on the front row of the 35-lap main event. Smith jumped into the early lead followed by Gracey, Bishop Borden and AJ Flick. A few laps later Fick’s car brought out the yellow when in stopped in turns three and four. Following the restart, Smith continued to lead, as Bishop and Gracey battled for second and Borden and Ryan Smith battled for fourth and fifth.

The caution waved on lap number ten when Ryan Smith and Austin Bishop both did 360s in turn number two.
The lap eleven restart had Smith leading Gracey, and Billy Dietrich who started seventh and was now running in the top three. Dietrich moved into second on lap number twelve. On lap number 15, Smith continued to lead the field, with Dietrich in second followed by Gracey Bishop and Mark Smith. Devon Borden moved into the top five on lap number 16. Dietrich began to close in on Kyle Smith and the duo battled through lapped traffic for several laps.

Dietrich was able to execute the pass on lap number 18. By the completion of lap number 20, Dietrich, Kyle Smith, Devon Borden Gracey and Mark Smith were in the top five. On lap number 23, Ryan Smith had worked his back into the top five.

As Dietrich managed to put a few laps cars between himself and Smith, the battle for second, third and fourth intensified, as Smith was being challenged by Borden and Ryan Smith. Borden claimed second on lap number 30, with Smith taking second back on the following lap. On lap 33, Ryan Smith passed Borden for third. On the white flag lap, Dietrich had a sizeable lead with Kyle Smith, Ryan Smith, Devon Borden, and Mark Smith in the top five. Dietrich had a 3 second margin of victory. Ryan Smith passed Kyle Smith at the finish line to earn second. Devon Borden was fourth and Josh Beamer passed Mark Smith to claim the fifth spot. Sixth through tenth were Mark Smith, Austin Bishop, Jared Zionkowski, Todd Gracey and Mike Thompson.

The IMCA Modified ran in a 25-lap main event with Rich Michael Jr. leading the first several laps. Ray McClure took the lead on lap number six. By lap 15 Rodney Morgan. Aaron Benjamin and Eddie Sites were in the top three. On the final lap Mogan and Sites were in a fierce battle in turns one and two, with Morgan maintaining the lead They raced hard down the back stretch and were side by side coming out of turn number four. Sites took the win by inches over Mogan at the finish line. Ray McClure, Aaron Benjamin and Jason Sullivan completed the top five.

In four cylinder competition, Blake Snyder lead the lead from the drop of the green flag for the 20 lap championship race. By lap number 5, Snyder lead Larry Beachel, Cody Stover, Hunter Flook and Andrew Ricketts. A caution ln lap number ten slowed the field, but Snyder quickly brought the field back up to speed with Beachel and Stover giving chase. Hunter Flook took over the third postion on lap number 13 as Shawn Stahl moved into the top five. Flook took second position on lap number 17 with Stahl and Chris Small right behind him. With two laps to go Stahl passed Flook for second but couldn’t chase down Snyder before the checkered flag. Snyder secured the win over Stahl, Flook, Chloe Smith and Anthony Potter. Sixth through tenth were Zak Kline, John Baney, Mike Barret and Byrun Hackenberg..

This coming Friday night the Speedway will host the IMCA Wingless Sprints as part of the NAPA/Toner Auto Parts Summer Sprint Car Series. Also on the card will be the 270 Micro Sprints, the Central PA Legends and the Four Cylinders. Gates open at 5PM and Racing begins at 7PM

For the latest information about upcoming events, visit the speedway’s website or follow the speedway on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

410 SPRINTS: 1. Billy Dietrich 2. Ryan Smith 3. Kyle Smith 4. Devon Borden 5. Josh Beamer 6. Mark Smith 7. Austin Bishop 8. Jared Zionkowski 9. Todd Gracey 10. . Mike Thompson 11. Joe Kata III 12. John Walp 13. Adam Carberry 14. Tylor Cochran 15. Dale Schweikart 16. Jordan Givler 17. Dakota Schweikart 18. Erick Knopp 19. Darren Pifer 20. Levi Brungard 21. Wyatt Walizer 22. Shane Yost 23. Austin Burke 24. AJ Flick DNS Jeremy Hill, Aiden Adams.

IMCA Modified: 1. Eddie Sites 2. Rodney Morgan 3. Ray McClure 4. Aaron Benjamin 5. Jason Sullivan 6. Brad Sites 7. Keith Lamphere 8. Tyler Belcher 9. Bobby Maynard 10. Rich Michael Jr 11 Rich McNeal 12. J.W. Lamphere 13. Jake Maynard 14. AJ Hunsinger 15. Jacob McConnell 16. Lance Conley 17. Randall Paxton 18, Shawn Bruce 19. Matt Benjamin

Four Cylinders: 1. Blake Snyder 2. Shawn Stahl 3. Hunter Flook 4. Chloe Smith 5. Anthony Potter 6. Zack Kline 7, John Baney 8. Mike Barrett 9. Bryun Hackenberg 10. Ron Jamensky 11. Matt Weaver 12. Coty Maines 13. Adam Harris 14. Andrew Ricketts 15. Kyle Stahl 16. Chriss Small 17. Jake Winchester 18. Larry Beachel 19. Cody Stover 20. Shane Tressler 21. Kevin Haagen 22. Terry Karchiner 23. Kennedy Plessinger DNS Zach Rill