Jim Yoder Picks up his 45th Career Victory at Clinton County Speedway

For Immediate Release
August 6, 2021

Mill Hall – Jim Yoder of Selinsgrove picked up his 45th career feature event on Friday night by winning the Limited Late Model feature event. Brandon Moser in the Pro Stocks, Timmy Bittner of Beech Creek won the 270 Micro Sprints, while Dillan Craft in the Four Cylinders and Jeff Gyunia of Muncy in the 600 Micro Sprints were winners.

Joe Loffredo and Tim Luben brought the field of Limited Late Models up to speed for the start of the 25 lap main event Loffredo led the first lap with Jim Yoder and Matt Cochran running in close contention. Yoder took the lead on lap number two with Cochran and Andrew Yoder in the top three. The top three ran in a tight battle, as Mike Smith of Renovo added his car into the mix making it a four car race for the lead. At the halfway point of the race, Jim Yoder led Matt Cochran, Andrew Yoder, Smith and Loffredo.

On lap number 15, Andrew Yoder passed Cochran for the runner up position, as the leaders began to encounter lapped traffic. The race’s final caution came out on lap number 20, when Tim Luben tagged the front stretch wall and stopped at the entry of turn number one. The veteran driver, Jim Yoder held off the challenges of his nephew Andrew Yoder to claim this third win of the season. Matt Cochran finished third, over Smith and Loffredo. Sixth through tenth were Len Stroud Sr., Buddy Westfall, Tim Luben, Matt Adams, and Kaiden Bard. Heats were won by Jim Yoder and Matt Adams.

In the Pro Stock competition, Bradly Benton and AJ Stroup started on the front row. Stroup took the early lead, but Benton battled back to claim the top spot on lap number three. The events’ only caution took place on lap number 2, when Kris Orwig Sr. spun, in turn two. By the completion of lap number five, Benton led Stroup, Brandon Moser, Cory Long and Ray Rothfuss. The top five continued to battle for position, with Moser able to take the second spot away on lap number eleven. One lap later, he challenged for the lead and eventually took the position away from Benton. Meanwhile, Stoup and Long were battling for third. Long took the third position on the white flag lap. As the checkered flag waived, Moser claimed his eighth career victory at the speedway over Benton, Long, Stroup and Rothfuss. Sixth through tenth were AY Schilling, Rich Fye, Noah Jensen, Jason Smith, and Chris Orwig Sr. Heat races were won by Moser and Stroup.

Tyler Clowes and Cory Stabley started on the front row of the 270 Micro Sprint feature event. Clowes led the first two circuits, then mechanical issues developed forcing the driver to stop on the speedway to bring out the caution. Clowes’ misfortune gave the lead to Beech Creek’s Timmy Bittner, who was running second and had advanced from the eighth starting position. On the restart, it was Bittner leading Tom Quiggle, Jeffrey Weaver, Pat Bealer, and Stabley.

On lap number five, Bealer moved into the runner up spot as Denny Rinehimer moved into the top five. At the halfway point of the race, Bitner was holding off the challenge of Bealer, while Weaver, Skeetz Hockenbrock and Rinehimer completed the top five. With three laps remaining, Bittner and Bealer started to encounter lapped traffic. Bittner held off the challenge of Bealer to claim the victory, Weaver was third, Hockenbrock was fourth and Rinehimer was fifth. The rest of the top ten were Shawn Musser, Matthew Dixon, Dan Wertman, Cory Stabley, and James Bilger. Heat races were won by Bealer, Clowes, and Hockenbrock.

Dexter Strawser and Jeff Gyunia led the 600 Micro Sprints to the green flag. Strawser and Gyuina fan first and second with Cody Hauck, Sierra Hauck, and Jeffrey Weaver in the top five. On lap number seven, Cody Hauck took the runner up position shuffling Gyunia back to third with Sierra Hauck in fourth and Timmy Bittner in fifth. The caution flag waved on lap eleven for the 26B of Brenden Wallace. Following the restart Hauck passed Strawser and would take the checkered flag. Following the race, the top three were to be tech inspected, Hauck refused his tech inspection and forfeited the win, while Strawser and Bittner did not report to the tech area and were also disqualified. Jeff Gyuina was credited with the win. Rodney Westhaver was second, Jeffrey Weaver, Sierra Hauck and Mitchell Holden completed the top five. Heat races were won by Hauck and Strawser.

In Four Cylinder competition, Gavin Bilbay and Joey Snook started on the front row. Snook took the early lead with Chloe Smith, Skylar Witchley, Keith Haagen and Tyler Watson in the top five. The caution came out on lap number four for Chloe Smith. Snook continued to lead until lap number nine, when Haagen made a pass for the lead. On lap number eleven, Garrett Watkins passed Haagen and led the final two laps with Dillan Craft, Watson, Witchley, and Gage Wilson and Chole Smith. Following post-race inspection, Watkins was disqualified giving the win to Craft. The remainder of the top ten were Hunter Flook, Andrew Rickets, Damian Hand, John Baney and Brian Hackenberg. Heats were won by Chris Small, Skylar Witchley, and Keith Haagen.

The Clinton County Speedway returns this week with a two race weekend. On Friday, August 13th, Brigandi, Gleghorn & Haffley Insurance Agency will present a five division show featuring the RaceSaver Sprint Cars, the Pro Stocks, the 270 Micro Sprints, the 600 Micro Sprints and the Four Cylinders. Gates will open at 5PM, Hot-laps at 7PM and Racing at 7:30PM.

Then on Saturday, August 14th the 410 Sprint Cars will make their return to Clinton County in more than a decade. NAPA and Toner Auto Parts will present a $4,000-to-win event for the 410 Sprint Cars. In addition, the Pro Stocks and 4 Cylinders will be on the program. Gates will open at 4PM, Hot laps at 6:30PM and Racing begins at 7PM.

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Limited Late Models: 1. Jim Yoder, 2. Andrew Yoder, 3. Matt Cochran 4. Mike Smith 5. Joe Loffredo 6. Len Stroud Sr. 7. Buddy Westfall 8. Tim Luben 9. Matt Adams 10. Kaiden Bard 11. Chris Leitzel 12. Denny Fourney. Heats: Jim Yoder and Matt Adams

Pro Stocks 1. Brandon Moser 2. Bradley Benton 3. Cory Long 4. AJ Stroup 5. Ray Rothfuss 6. AY Schilling 7. Rich Fye 8. Noah Jensen 9. Jason Smith 10. Kris Orwig S. 11. Rooster Peters 12. Todd Geyer Sr. DNS Robert Tressler Heat Races: Brandon Moser and AJ Stroup

270 Micros: 1. Timmy Bittner 2. Pat Bealer 2. Jeffrey Weaver 4. Skeetz Hockenbrock 5. Denny Rinehimer 6. Shaun Musser 7. Matthew Dixon 8. Dan Wertman 9. Cory Stabley 10. James Bilger 11. Levi Brungard 12. Fran Gentile 13. Rich Damore 14. Mitchell Holden 15. Tom Quiggle 16. Jake Jones 17. Greg Robinson 18. Tyler Clowes 19. Logan Hammaker 20. Haden Walizer 21. Sam Chamberlin Heat Races: Pat Bealer, Skeetz Hockenbrock, and Tyler Clowes.

600 Micro Sprints: 1. Jeff Gyuina, 2. Rodney Westhaver 3. Jeffrey Weaver 4. Sierra Hauck 5. Mitchell Holden 6. Matt Foster 7. Dan Tripoli 8. Ethan Spotts 9. Brenden Wallace DQ: Cody Hauck, Timmy Bittner, Dexter Strawser Heats Races Cody Hauck, and Dexter Strawser

4 Cylinders: 1. Dillan Craft 2. Tyler Watson 3. Skylar Witchley 4. Gage Wilson 5. Gage Wilson 6. Chloe Smith 7. Hunter Flook 8. Andrew Ricketts 9. Damian Hand 10. John Baney 11. Bryan Hackenberg 12. Coty Maines 13. Keith Haagen 14. Zach Rill 15. Blake Snyder 16. Joe Snook 17. Brett Shirk 18. Dakota Hamilton 19. Chris Small 20. Tim Muthler 21. Gavin Bilbay 22. Brain Snook DQ Garrett Watkins Heat Races: Chris Small, Skyler Witchley and Keith Haagen.