Matt Cochran Chases Down Ohl for Clinton County Victory

Mill Hall, PA – Williamsport’s Matt Cochran said he used patience while chasing Jermey Ohl in the final laps of the Limited Late Model feature on Friday night at Clinton County Speedway. Cochran passed Ohl with 5 laps remaining to earn the checkered flag. Glenn Macomber won the Mason Dixon 270 Micro Sprint Feature and Zak Kline of Lamar won the Four Cylinder feature. The Old Skool Vintage cars events were won by Hunter Whitcomb and Bob Allcorn.

Jeremy Ohl of Jersey Shore and Hunter Fulton of Carlise brought the field of Limited Late Models to the green flag for their 25-lap main event. Ohl took command of the field while Fulton and Joe Lusk ran in third. By lap number five, Cochran moved into the fourth position and Jim Yoder was running fifth. On lap number eight Jennifer Lesher went into the pit area with a mechanical issue. A lap later the caution came out when Maddox Smith and John Bouse tangled in turns three and four.

On lap number eleven, Cochran moved into the second position but was trailing Ohl by more than 2 seconds. With each lap, Cochran was showing progress in catching Ohl and by lap 16 was glued to the back bumper of Ohl. On lap 20, Cochran made the pass for the lead. Ohl’s car then showed lots of smoke, and he stopped on the speedway to bring out the caution. Cochran led the final five circuits to secure the win over Fulton, JR Toner, Jim Yoder and Cody Lear. Sixth through tenth were Joe Lusk, Len Stroud, Jermey Ohl, Maddox Smith and Johnny Bouse. Heat races were won by Toner and Ohl.

Mac Wert and Colton McAndrew started on the front row of the Mason Dixson 270 Micro Sprint feature event. McAndrew led the first four laps of the race. By lap number six, fourth place starter Macomber took the lead with MacAndrew passing him back three laps later. The red flag waved on lap number eight when Hunter Zimmerman flipped in turn number four. Zimmerman was ok. Following the restart, Macomber was able to regain the lead on lap number 12. Wert and McAndrew battled for second and third. Cory Stabley battled with Sean McAndrew for several laps for fourth and fifth. Stabley secured fourth and moved into third on the final lap. Macomber took the win over Colton McAndrew, Stabley, Wert and Sean McAndrew. Sixth through tenth were Mason McAndrew, Mashall LaBuda, Tyler Clowes, Dustin Roberts and Bobby Sanso. Heat races were won by Macomber, Mason McAndrew, and LuBuda.

In the Four Cylinder division, Jason Koch started on the pole position and took the lead from the drop of the green flag. Terry Karichner who started third, moved into second position while fifth place starter Zak Kline was running in third. On lap number five Coty Maines and Matt Weaver were battling for fourth and fifth. At the halfway mark of the race, Koch was leading Karichner, Kline, Weaver and Maines. On lap number eight, Kline passed Karichner to for the second position. With two laps remaining, Kline made his move to pass Koch and the eventual feature win. Koch finished second, Weaver was third followed by Maines and Karichner. Sixth though tenth were Garret Lucas, Brett Shirk, Jonathan Stringfellow, Sumer Beachel, and Alyssa Snook. Heat races were won by Kline and Kevin Trimpey.

The Old Skool Vintage cars were won by Hunter Whitcomb in the stock division and Bob Alcorn in the Modifieds.

The Clinton County Speedway returns this Friday with Camera and Autograph night during intermission. The RaceSaver Sprints, Pro Stocks 270 Micros and Four Cylinders are on the card. Gates open at 5PM and hot laps begin at 7PM. For the latest speedway information visit the speedways website at

Limited Late Models 1. Matt Cochran 2. Hunter Fulton 3. JR Toner 4. Jim Yoder 5. Cody Lear 6. Joe Lusk 7. Len Stroud 8. Jeremy Ohl 9. Maddox Smith 10. Johnny Bouse 11. Jennifer Lesher 12. Nick Loffredo 12. Tim Luben DNS Troy Bennett, Zay Ergott

270 Micro Sprints: 1. Glen MaComber 2. Colton McAndrew 3. Cory Stabley 4. Mac Wert 5. Sean McAndrew 6. Mason McAndrew 7. Marshall LuBuda 8. Tyler Clowes 9. Duston Roberts 10. Bobby Sanso 11. Shaun Musser 12. Nola Higgins 13. Jason Paisley 14. Andrew Petock 15. Chase Roberts 16. Lester Stabley 17. Paris Hewes 18. Michael Petock 19. Blake Esham 20. Hunter Zimmerman 21. Chase Hauck DNS Mark Snyder, Trenton Beasom

Four Cylinders: 1. Zak Kline 2. Jason Koch 3. Matt Weaver 4. Coty Maines 5 Terry Karchiner 6. Garrett Lucas 7. Brett Shirk 8. Jonathan Stringfellow 9. Summer Beachel 10. Alyssa Snook 11. Dalton Lucas 12. Kevin Trimpey 13. Devin Parks.

Old Skool Vintage Cars: Stock – Hunter Whitcomb, Ronald Ramsey, Brain Lenderhouse, Hank Morin Modifieds Bob Alcorn, Marble Mahoney, Tim Beatty, Nick Hessom, Jim Kurpakus

Attached Photo:
Matt Cochan of Williamsport in Victory Lane at Clinton County Speedway