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Smith Brothers Have Big Night at Clinton County Speedway

Mill Hall, PA – Second generation divers, Johnny and Mike Smith of Scranton were both victorious at the Clinton County Speedway on Friday Night. Johnny Smith drove the family owned RaceSaver Sprint car to a win in the 25-lap feature. Mikey Smith won the 600 Wingless Micro Sprints inaugural event. Other winners of the night included Brandon Moser in the Pro Stocks, Corey Stabley in the 270 Micros and Andrew Rickets in the 4 Cylinders.

Johnny Smith drew the pole position for the start of the Race Saver Sprint Cars feature sanctioned by the Laurel Highlands Sprint Car Series. It was the final race of the season for the Sprints Cars to determine the season championship. Smith took the lead at the drop of the green flag with Logan Jones running in second followed by Jeffrey Weaver, Ken Duke and Garrett Bard.
By lap number 10 Smith had a lead of several car lengths, while Jones and Weaver battled for second and Bard, Ryan Kissinger and Ken Duke were contending for fourth, fifth and sixth. By lap eleven, Bard secured the fourth position. Smith held the top spot, while Jones and Bard raced wheel to wheel, swapping positions circuit after circuit. Following a lap 21 restart, Bard made the pass for second and tried to chase down Smith. Smith continued to lead every lap for his second win of the season. Bard was second, Jones was third, Ken Duke was fourth and Jeffrey Weaver finished fifth. Sixth through tenth were Timmy Bittner, Ryan Kissinger, Dustin Prettyleaf, Dale Schweikart and Josh Beamer. Heat races were won by Jones, Josh Beamer, and Dale Schweikart. Ryan Kissinger won the speedway’s season championship.

Jeffrey Weaver started on the pole for the inaugural wingless 600 Micro Sprint car event. Weaver led the first two laps before Mikey Smith took the lead. In a thrilling battle Smith, Weaver and Prestyn Brown raced closely for position. Brown and Weaver swapped second and third position several times until Weaver’s car stopped on lap number 11. The final laps saw Smith holding off Brown for the win. Mitchell Holden was third, Corey Bowmaster was fourth and Weaver finished fifth.

Jillian Mower and Corey Stabley started on the front row of the 270
Micro Sprint event. Mauer took the lead at the drop of green flag. Stabley maintained the second position. By the midway point of the event, Mauer was leading Stabley, John Roberts, Jeffrey Weaver and Timmy Bittner. Maurer was running a very strong race. With two laps remaining, the caution came out for Mathew Dixson, whose car stopped on the track. With the restart and two laps to go, Stabley managed to pass Maurer for the lead. Stabley led the final two laps for his second win of the year. Maurer finished second, .

John Roberts was third, Jeffrey Weaver was fourth and Timmy Bittner finished fifth. Sixth through tenth were Tyler Clowes, Logan Hammaker, Mac Wert, Tom Quiggle, and Matt Dixson. Heats were won by Maurer and Bittner.

Chris Orwig led the first three laps of the Pro Stock feature. Orwig was being chased by Robert Tressler and Johnny Bouse in a three-car battle for the lead. Tressler led lap number four. Before the completion of lap number 5, the caution flag waved when the leaders came together on the front stretch. Brandon Moser inherited the lead and would stay out in front for the remaining laps. It was the sixth win of the year for Moser. Chris Orwig ran second for the majority of the race until the final lap, when Tommy Dawson edged out Orwig for the runner up position. Orwig finished third, Noah Jensen is fourth, and Chriss Small was firth. Sixth through tenth were AJ Hoffman, Rich Fye, Noah Kissinger, Robert Tressler, Austin Hulsizer. And Robert Tressler. Heats were won by Hoffman and Tressler.

Andrew Ricketts took the lead on the opening lap of the 4 Cylinder feature from front row stater Adam Harris. Ninth place starter Hunter Flook began his charge to the front of the field from the drop of the green flag. By lap number six, Ricketts lead Flook, Bryun Hackenberg, Blake Snyder and Anthony Potter. On the final laps, Flook caught Ricketts but was unable to make a pass in the closing laps. Ricketts continued to hod off the challenges from Flook to pick up his first career win. Flook was second, Snyder was third, Hackenberg and Potter finished in the top five. Heats were won by Snyder and Ricketts.

This coming Friday, September 23rd the speedway will be closed for an event at the fairgrounds. The final race of the season will take place on Friday, September 30th. Season Championships will be decided for the Limited Late Models, Pro Stocks, 270 Micro Sprints and the Four Cylinders. Gates will open at 5PM and Hot laps begin at 7PM. Spectators will have the opportunity to race their street legal cars, trucks, or SUVs in the one-on-one spectator races.

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Frye Wins Stroud Memorial Race at Clinton County Speedway

Mill Hall, PA – Coleby Frye raced from deep in the back to claim the 5th annual Lenny Stroud Jr. Memorial event at the Clinton County Speedway on Friday night. Jeffrey Weaver won the 270 Micro Sprints, Cory Long won the Pro Stocks and Hunter Flook won the Four Cylinders.

Jakob Piper and Matt Adams brought the field to the green flag. Piper jumped into the early lead. Adams was involved in a caution on lap number three. The restart had Piper leading Matt Cochran, Tim Luben, Nick Loffredo and Jim Yoder.

Frye who started 10th was up to 5th place by lap number the completion of lap number 5. Two laps later Frye moved into the top three. Piper continued to hold off Cochran with Frye in third as Nick Loffredo and Jim Yoder battled for fourth and fifth place.
At the halfway mark, Piper led Frye, Cochran, Loffredo and Yoder. On lap number 15, Frye made the pass around Piper to take the lead. On lap number 20 Frye led as Piper and Cochran were in a tight race for 2nd and 3rd, while Yoder made a pass by Loffredo to take the fourth spot. On the next lap, Piper spun in turn number two, to bring out the caution. Frye brough the field back to green, with Cochran in pursuit. Yoder was running in third, Loffredo was fourth and JR Toner was fifth. Frye raced the final five laps to secure his first Limited Late Model event at the speedway. Cochran was second, Yoder was third, Toner grabbed fourth and Loffredo finished fifth. Sixth through tenth were Kyle Bachman, Jeremy Ohl, Tim Luben, Jennifer Lesher, and Tom Decker III. Heats were won by Jakob Piper and Denny Fourney.

Marc Bitler led the opening laps of the Pro Stock main event Long, who started third, moved into second on the opening lap and passed Bitler on lap number four for the lead. At the halfway mark of the race, Long led AJ Hoffman, Robert Tressler, AJ Stroup and Brandon Moser. On lap number 12, Stroup moved into the runner up position. At the finish it was Long over Stroup, Hoffman, Tressler and Johnny Bouse. Heats were won by Stoup and Jason Smith.

The 270 Micro Sprints ran their 15 lap feature caution free. Jeffrey Weaver who started fourth, took the lead by the completion of lap number one. Weaver led every lap with third place starter Timmy Bittner taking second on lap number 2. Weaver began to encounter lapped traffic on lap number nine. Weaver set a new 15 lap non-stop record with a time of 3:43.550. Following Weaver, were Bittner, Luke Hess, Mike Shuckers and Brayden Kuhn. Heat races were won by Weaver and Logan Hammaker.

Shawn Wise led the first two laps of the Four Cylinder Feature event. Hunter Flook took the top spot by the completion of lap number three. Chris Small moved into second place by lap number six. On lap number 7, the top five included Flook, Small, Wise, Michael Barrett, and Frank Chilcate. Flook held on to pick up the win. Second through fifth were Chris Small, Frank Chilcate, Michael Barrett and Bryun Hackenberg. Heat races were won by Flook, Chilcate, Dylan Craft and Coty Maines

This coming Friday, September 16th, Murray Ford will present a five -division show. The RaceSaver Sprint cars will compete in their final points races. The 270 Micros will compete in a $400 win event. The wingless 600 Micros will compete in a $400 to win event, plus the Pro Stocks and the Four Cylinders. Gates will open at 5PM and Hot laps begin at 7PM.

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LIMITED LATES: 1. Coleby Frye 2. Matt Cochran 3. Jim Yoder 4. JR Toner 5. Nick Loffredo 6. Kyle Bachman 7, Jeremy Ohl 8. Tim Luben 9. Jennifer Lesher 10. Tom Decker III 11. Kaiden Bard 12. Jakob Piper 13. Maddox Smith 14. Matt Adams 15. Len Stroud Sr. 16. Denny Fourney

PRO STOCKS: 1. Cory Long 2. AJ Stroup 3. AJ Hoffman 4. Robert Tressler 5. Johnny Bouse 6.. Brandon Moser 7, Noah Kissinger 8. Marc Bitler 9. Jason Smith 10. Kurt Wray 11. AY Schilling 12. Rich Fye 13. Austin Hulsizer 14. Kris Orwig Sr

270 MICROS: 1. Jeffrey Weaver 2.Timmy Bittner 3. Luke Hess 4. Mike Schuckers 5. Bradyn Kuhn 6. Logan Hammaker 7. Mac Wert 8. Corey Stabley 9. Matt Dixon 10. Levi Brungard 12. Matthew Dixson 12. Steven Fernburg Jr. DNS Evan Dickey

4 CYLINDERS: 1. Hunter Flook 2. Chris Small 3. Frank Chilcate 4. Michael Barrett 5. Bryun Hackenberg 6. Coty Maines 7. Donald Wynn 8. Zak Kline 9. Andy Sneath 10. Skylar Phillips 11 Adam Harris 12. Matt Cochran 13. Joey Snook 14. Kayla Leigey 15. Anthony Potter 16. Chloe Smith 17. Kennedey Plessinger 18. Blake Snyder 19. Dylan Craft 20. Andrew Ricketts DNS: Nick Snook ,Allen Bruss, Ron McCarney, Roger Fagen, Jacob Winchester Jimmy Delozier, Kevin Stetchock, Troy Bennen DQ Dustin Kinser, Jeremy Miller 

Cochran and Stroup Earn Race Victories

Mill Hall, PA – Tylor Cochran of Williamsport won his second RaceSaver Sprint Car feature of the season. AJ Stroup of Middleburg won his third feature of season, claiming the summer championship event presented by BAM’s Mobile Electronic. Brayden Kuhn of Greencastle won the 270 Micros, Johnny Smith of Scranton won the 600 Micros and Larry Beachel of New Columbia won the 4 Cylinders.

Tyler Cochran and Josh Fox started on the front row for the 25 lap RaceSaver Sprint Car feature event. On the first lap, Johnny Smith and Matt Kline tangled in turn two on the initial start. On the restart Fox, jumped into the lead with Cochran, Timmy Bittner, and Ryan Kissinger running in the top four.

Fox led by several car lengths by the completion of lap number ten. On lap number eleven, Kissinger and Bittner were in a contested battle for the third position, as the leaders caught the rear of the field Fox worked his way through lapped traffic with Cochran on his rear bumper. On lap number 14, Cochran made a pass for the lead, as Bittner also passed Fox for second place.

With five laps remaining, Cochran led Bittner Jeffrey Weaver, Ryan Kissinger and Mike Kohler. The top five continued to race their way through lapped traffic to the checkered flag. It was the second win of the year for Cochran. Bittner finished second, followed by Weaver, Kissinger and Kohler. Sixth through tenth were Matt Tebbs, Dale Schweikart, Fox, Logan Jones and Mike Alleman. Heat races were won by Tebbs, Owen Dimm, and Johnny Smith.

AJ Stroup and Brad Mitch brought the field of twenty pro-stocks to the green flag. Stroup took the lead with Mitch, AJ Hoffman , Robert Tressler, Cory Long in the top five. On lap number five, Mitch’s car spun to slow the field. Stroup held off AJ Hoffman for the restart. At the halfway point, ninth place starter Brandon Moser moved into second and began to chase down Stroup. With five laps to go, Stroup lead Moser Hoffman and Johnny Bouse. Stroup held off the challenges to lead every lap over Moser, Hoffman, Bouse and AY Schilling. Sixth through tenth were Tommy Dawson, Brad Mitch, Noah Jensen, Robert Tressler, and Noah Kissinger. Heats were won by Stroup, Mitch, and Bouse.

Greencastle’s Brayden Kuhn started on the pole for the 270 Micro feature. The event’s only caution came out on lap number two for Steven Fernburg Jr. Kuhn executed a flawless restart with Jeffrey Weaver running in second followed by Cory Stabley, Timmy Bittner and Mac Wert. On lap number 6, Stabley pulled his car into the infield, as Kuhn continued to pace the field. By lap ten, Kuhn and Weaver came upon lapped traffic. Kuhn held off Weaver to record his first career feature event. Third through fifth were Timmy Bittner, Mac Wert and John Roberts. Sixth through tenth were Luke Hess, Logan Hammaker, Tom Quiggle, Mathew Dixson and Stabley. Heats were won by Stabley and Kuhn.

Mikey Smith and Jeffrey Weaver started on the front row of the 600 Micro Sprint feature event. Smith led the first lap, before his brother Johnny Smith advanced from the fourth starting spot to take the lead. The caution came out on lap number four Weaver who stopped in turn four. The Smith brothers continued to battle for first and second, while Trevor Teats and Derek Swartz battled for third and fourth. On lap number 7 Teats and Swartz tangled, forcing Teats to go to the pit area. On the final lap, Swartz passed Mikey Smith. Johnny Smith earned the win over Swartz, Mikey Smith, Timmy Bittner and Prestyn Brown. Sixth through tenth were Dakota Shaeffer, Mitchell Holden, Chase Rousey, Trevor Teats and Mason Peters. Heats were won by Bittner and Johnny Smith.

Larry Beachel started on the outside of the front row. Beachel would lead every lap to claim the victory. Andrew Ricketts who started fourth, ran in the second spot for the first five laps. Shawn Stahl, who started eighth worked his way up through the field and took over second place by the halfway point of the race. Beachel cruised to the checkered flag with Stahl finishing second over Joey Snook, Anthony Potter, Matt Cochran, Coty Maines , Adam Harris, Jimmy Delozier and Kyle Strouse. Heats were won by Potter and Beachel.

This coming Friday, September 9th, the Stroud Family will present the Lenny Stroud Jr. Memorial for the Limited Late Models. Also on the card will be the Pro Stocks, 270 Micros and the Four Cylinders. Gates will open at 5PM and Hot laps begin at 7PM.

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SPRINTS: 1. Tylor Cochran 2. Timmy Bittner 3. Jeffrey Weaver 4. Ryan Kissinger 5. Mike Kohler 6. Matt Tebbs 7. Dale Schweikart 8. Josh Fox 9. Logan Jones 10. Mike Alleman 11. Cody Hauck 12. Dustin Prettyleaf 13. Ryan Lynn 14. Reed Thompson 15. Levi Brungard 16. Wyatt Walizer 17. Nathan Pierce 18. Dakota Schweikart 19. Kyle Knopp 20. Josh Beamer 21. Owen Dimm 22. Matt Kline 23. Johnny Smith 23. DJ Cassler DNS James Bilger

PRO STOCKS: 1. AJ Stroup 2. Brandon Moser 3. AJ Hoffman 4. Johnny Bouse 5. AY Schilling 6. Tommy Dawson 7. Brad Mitch 8. Noah Jensen 9. Robert Tressler 10. Noah Kissinger 11. Kris Orwig Sr 12. Rich Fye 13. Sam Jensen 14. Todd Geyer 15. Kurt Way 16. Cory Long 17. Marc Bitler 18. Austin Hulsizer 19. Logan Hile 20. Mike Gray

270 MICROS: 1. Brayden Kuhn 2. Jeffrey Weaver 3. Timmy Bittner 4. Mac Wert 5. John Roberts 6. Luke Hess 7. Logan Hammaker 8. Tom Quiggle 9. Mathew Dixson 10. Corey Stabley 11. Steven Fernburg Jr. 12. Matt Dixon DNS Hunter Zimmerman, Evan Dickey

600 MICROS: 1. Johnny Smith 2. Derek Swartz 3. Mikey Smith 4. Timmy Bittner 5. Prestyn Brown 6. Dakota Sheaffer 7. Mitchell Holden 8. Chase Rousey 9. Trevor Teats 10. Mason Peters 11. Jeffrey Weaver DNS Corey Bowmaster, Frank Gentile

4 CYLINDERS: 1. Larry Beachel Jr. 2. Shawn Stahl 3. Joey Snook 4. Anthony Potter 5. Matt Cochran 6. Coty Maines 7. Adam Harris 8. Nick Snook 9. Jimmy Delozier 10. Kyle Strouse 11. Summer Beachel 12 Michael Barrett 13. Bryun Hackenberg 14. Andrew Ricketts 15. Troy Bennett 16. Tyler Stahl 17. Brian Haagen 18. Hunter Flook DNS Matt Weaver, Dillan Hoover.