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Drevicki Claims Top Honors at Clinton County Speedway

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May 20, 2023

Mill Hall, PA –Steven Drevicki of Reading, PA topped the field of twenty-seven USAC East Coast Sprint Cars on Friday night at the Clinton County Speedway.  Tommy Dawson won the Pro Stocks, Jeffrey Weaver won the 270 Micro Sprints, Tommy Kunsman won the wingless 600 Micros and John Stringfellow won the 4 Cylinders.

Ed Aikin and JT Ferry lead the field to green at Clinton County for the 25 lap feature event, and it was immediately evident what kind of feature the fans would be treated too. JT Ferry edged out Aikin to the line in a fierce side by side battle for the first five laps of the feature event as the two traded slide jobs up and down the speedway on each end of the track.

Ferry had a great line through the middle of the speedway, sometimes utilizing the high line, but Aikin had a great handling car and could cut down to the bottom side of the speedway and utilize the shorter radius, and moisture to the bottom, to motor side by side, and nearly take the lead from Ferry on multiple occasions.

As the leaders battled for position lap after lap, fourth starting Steven Drevicki quickly dispatched of third place starter Joey Amantea, and separated himself from the intense battle for fourth and fifth between Alex Bright and Briggs Danner.

The caution flag flew on lap four of the feature event for Mike Thompons as he appeared to suffer a broken rear-end. With the car coasting to a stop, evasive action was taken by many cars, with Lee Kauffman, Jason Cherry, and Michael Smith all making contact at the rear of the field. Smith and Cherry ended up stuck together in corner one. Of the four cars involved, only Cherry would rejoin the field, with Smith failing to make repairs with enough time in the work area.

On the following restart, Drevicki began his pressure of the lead duo, with Steven Snyder showing muscle and passing both of Bright and Danner to move into fourth and try to reel in Drevicki and the leaders.

Ferry and Aikin had amassed a decent lead in their duel over Drevicki, with Aikin finally getting the power down off of corner number four to take the lead away from Ferry officially on lap seven of the feature event.

Unfortunately, the first and only red flag of the feature event flew on lap seven of the feature event, as Steven Snyder Jr got too low on the bottom side of turns one and two, caught the inside wall, and went for a series of flips in turn two. The rookie driver would be ok but done for the rest of the feature event.

The ensuing restart saw Aikin tear away from Ferry, but only for a lap or two, as Ferry and now Drevicki battled with Drevicki utilizing a diamond maneuver down the banking of the speedway to get by Ferry and try to catch leader Aikin for the race lead.

Meanwhile, further back in the pack, Kenny Miller lll, Alex Bright, Briggs Danner, and Carmen Perigo were locked in battle, with Miller moving into the top five behind Bright with Danner falling to sixth.

Drevicki was relentless, hounding the rear bumper of Aikin in an incredible, and clean race for the lead. Aiking was running a very unique line through corners three and four, allowing the car to drift wide, with Drevicki keeping the car glued to the bottom, but not getting the best grip to get the race lead. As those two dueled, JT Ferry again drew into the picture closing in and making it a near three car battle for the lead.

With the top three glued together, Alex Bright, Briggs Danner, who had moved back by Miller for fifth, and Kenny Miller lll had begun to catch the leaders, and were nearly in the same corner as the lead trio shaping up what could have been a possible six car race for the lead.

Drevicki finally got the bite he needed off of corner four and took the race lead on lap 19 of the feature event. As the duo entered into corner one, they both swung wide, trying to get a run down the banking under Drevicki down the back straight away. Drevicki kept his car extra tight to the bottom, and despite the huge run Aikin had, he was not able to get under Drevicki for the lead.

The caution flag flew once again on lap 20, as Dalton Herrick spun off the banking of turns three and four. Drevicki nailed the restart with Aikin and Ferry battling again for the runner up spot and the rest of the top five remaining the same. The caution flag flew yet again on lap 22, as Herrick went for the same spin off the banking in three and four, drawing an end to his night.

With a three-lap dash to the finish, Drevicki nailed the restart and pulled away some from Aikin to collect his second consecutive series win of the season.  Aikin held off JT Ferry for second, with Bright and Danner rounding out the top five.  Sixth though tenth were Kenny Miller, Carmen Perigo, Jr, Bruce Buckwalter, Dale Schweikart and Joey Amantea.  Heat races were won by Alex Bright, Joey Amantea and Briggs Danner.   Austin Graby won the B-Main. 

In addition to the USAC Sprints, running wingless, the 600 Micro Sprints took their wings off for the first time this year to allow drivers an opportunity to prepare for the upcoming Hyper Racing 600 Wingless speed-week event in July.  Cory Stabley and Tommy Kunsman started on the front row of the 15 lap main event.  Kunsman, who was pulling double duty, by running both wingless divisions, jumped into the lead at the drop of the green flag. Stabley, a rookie in the 600 division, who was running his first wingless event, held onto second through the completion of lap number five.   The caution flag came out Kimber Tyson who stopped on the back stretch.   Upon the restart Kunsman continued to lead, while Gary Smith passed Stabley for second place.  Kunsman continued to lead every lap to claim his first wingless victory at the speedway.   Smith was second, Stabley was third, Chad Waite was fourth and Corey Bowmaster completed the top five. Kunsman also won the qualifying event.

Steven Fernberg Jr and Jillian Maurer brough the field of 270 Micro Sprints to the green flag.   Fernberg led the first circuit.  By lap number two, Jeffrey Weaver, who started sixth, advanced into the top spot.   Logan Hammaker moved into second by the completion of lap number two.  With five laps completed, Weaver lead Hammaker, Cory Stabley, Jillian Maurer and Mac Wert.  On lap number eleven, Wert took the fourth spot away from Maurer.  Weaver established a sizeable lead over the rest of the field to secure his fourth consecutive win of the season.   Hammaker finished second while Wert took third of the final laps from Stabley and Maurer. Sixth through tenth were Tom Quiggle, Trevor Fernberg, Steven Fernberg Jr., Brad Snyder and Matt Dixson.  Heats were won by Weaver and Stabley. 

In Pro Stock competition, Blake Snyder and AY Schilling started on the front row.   Schilling led the opening lap. A caution occurred on lap number two when Johnny Bouse and Tommy Dawson got together while battling for fifth, forcing both drivers to the rear of the field.   Fourth place starter AJ Stroup took the lead on lap number four.  The event’s only other caution occurred on lap number four when Kris Orwig spun.  Stroup was being pressured by last week’s feature winner Cory Long, as Dawson and Bouse worked their way up through the field.   By lap number nine, Dawson made it a three-car race for the lead when he took second place from Long.   With two laps remaining, Stroup, Dawson and Long were in a contested battle while Noah Kissinger and Bouse battled for fourth and fifth. 

During the final laps Stroup and Dawson were in an epic battle running side by side.  As the duo raced down the back straight, Dawson had one more chance to pass Stroup.  As they exited turn four, Dawson had a slight advantage to win by a margin of 0.25 seconds.  Stroup settled for second, Long was fourth followed by Kissinger and Bouse.   Sixth through tenth were AJ Hoffman, AY Schilling, Blake Snyder, Rich Fye and Marc Bitler,  Heats were won by Long and Stroup.

Johnny Stringfellow and Michael Barrett were the front row starters of the four-cylinder main event.  Barrett led the first three circuits before Stringfellow powered into the lead by the completion of lap number four.  At the race’s midway point of the race, Hunter Flook took second away from Barrett as Zak Kline and Adam Harris were in the top five.   With one lap to go, Flook’s car brought out the caution flag.  Stringfellow held off the challenges to claim the win over Barrett, Blake Snyder, Kline and Skyler Phillips.  Sixth through tenth were Chloe Smith, Adam Harris, Matt Weaver, Troy Bennett and Toby Maines.  Heats were won by Small, Harris and Snyder.

The Clinton County Speedway returns this Friday night with a four-division show, featuring the Limited Late Models, Pro Stocks, 270 Micro Sprints, 4-Cylinders and kids Power Wheels races presented by Century 21 First Choice Realty.  Gates open at 5PM and racing begins at 7PM.  For the latest information about upcoming events, visit the speedway’s website, or follow the speedway on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.   

USAC Wingless Sprints (25 Laps): 1. 19 Steven Drevicki, 2. 7 Ed Aikin, 3. 18J JT Ferry, 4. 20 Alex Bright, 5. 39 Briggs Danner, 6. 23M Kenny Miller, 7. 21 Carmen Perigo Jr, 8. 83 Bruce Buckwalter Jr, 9. 78 Dale Schweikart, 10. 88J Joey Amantea, 11. 85 Josh Beamer, 12. 67 Jason Cherry, 13. 87 Austin Graby, 14. 5B Bobby Butler, 15. 21K Tommy Kunsman, 16. 83S Billy Ney, 17. 29 Dalton Herrick, 18. 27 Steven Snyder Jr, 19. 11 Mike Thompson, 20. 96 Lee Kauffman, 21. 76 Michel Smith.

Lap Leaders: JT Ferry (1-4, 6). Ed Aikin (5, 7-19). Steven Drevicki (20-25).

270 Micros: 1. Jeffrey Weaver, 2 Logan Hammaker 3. Mac Wert, 4. Cory Stabley 5. Jillian Maurer 6. Tom Quiggle 7. Trevor Fernburg 8. Steven Fernburg, Jr, 9. Brad Snyder 10. Matt Dixson 11. Mathew Dixson. 

600 Micro Sprints: (Wingless): 1. Tommy Kunsman 2. Gary Smith 3. Cory Stabley 4. Chad Waite 5. Corey Bowmaster 6. Mitchell Holden 7. Kimber Tyson

Pro Stocks: 1. Tommy Dawson 2. AJ Stroup 3. Cory Long 4. Noah Kissinger 5. Johnny Bouse 6. AJ Hoffman 7. AY Schilling 8. Blake Snyder 9 Rich Fye 10. Marc Bitler 11. Kris Orwig Sr.

Four Cylinders: 1.Johnny Stringfellow 2. Michael Barrett, 3. Blake Snyder 4. Zak Kline 5. Skylar Phillips 6. Chloe Smith 7. Adam Harris 8. Matt Weaver 9. Troy Bennett 10. Toby Maines 11. Coty Maines 12. Kevin Tripley 13. Robert Doorman 14. Hunter Flook 15. Garrett Lucas 16. Bryrun Hackenberg  17. Chris Small 18. Brian Haagen 19. Joey Snook  DNS. Kayla Leigey  Nick Snook, Tim Muthler

Gomola wins at Clinton County Speedway

Mill Hall, PA – Jacob Gomola of Seneca, PA claimed the RaceSaver Sprint Car feature event on Friday night at the Clinton County Speedway taking the lead as the field was getting the white flag.   Jeffrey Weaver claimed another victory in the 270 Micro Sprints, Cory Long won the Pro Stocks, Johnny Smith won the 600 Micros and Blake Snyder won the 4 Cylinders. 

Kruz Kepner and defending track champion, Ryan Kissinger led the full field of RaceSaver Sprint cars to the green flag.  Kepner quickly took the lead with Kissinger glued to his back bumper.   Jacob Gomola, who started fourth ran in the third position followed by Owen Dimm and AJ Barton.  On lap number eight, Kepner caught the back of the field and put a lapped car between himself and second place Kissinger.  

As Kepner weaved his way through lapped traffic, Kissing and Gomola were in a heated battle for the second position.   On lap number twelve, Gomola passed Kissinger for second.  Gomola started to work the top side of the speedway, trying to find a faster way through lapped traffic to have a shot at catching Kepner.  Gomola was making up ground, when the events only caution came out when Barton spun in turn four. 

The restart provided Kepner with a clear racetrack. The restart had Kepner leading Gomola, Kissinger, Dimm and Jared Zionkowski in the top five.   Timmy Bittner moved into the top five on lap number lap twenty.   Kepner, Gomola and Kissinger were in a tight battle for the lead.  As the top runners entered turn number three Gomola was within striking distance.   As Kepner and Gomola came out of turn fourth with the while flag waving, Gomola made the pass for the lead.  He held on for one more lap to claim his first of the season.  Kepner was second, followed by Kissinger, Bittner, and Owen Dimm.   Sixth through tenth were Jared Zionkowski, Jeffrey Weaver, Dereck Swartz, Logan Jones and Dale Schweikart.  Heats were won by Dustin Prettyleaf, Kepner and Ryan Lynn.

Kyle Hendershot led the opening lap of the 270 Micro Sprint feature event.  Third place starter, Jeffrey Weaver took command of the field by the completion of lap number two.  Cory Stabley took the runner up position on lap number three.   Weaver continued to click off the laps until lap number twelve when the caution came out for Matthew Dixon and Logan Hammaker.   Weaver restarted the race with Stabley, Mac Wert, Hendershot and Zachery Glass running in the top five.  For the final three laps, the top give remained unchanged with Weaver claiming the win.   Sixth through tenth were Jillian Maurer, Steven Fernburg, Jr, Logan Hammaker, Mathew Dixson and Trevor Fernburg.  Heats were won by Weaver and Wert

Cody Hauck and Johnny Smith started on the front row of the 600 Micro Sprint feature event.  Smith took the lead from Hack to lead the first lap.  Third place starter Timmy Bittner moved into second by the completion of lap number two. Smith continued to pace the field and was slowed only by cautions on laps five and seven.   Smith led every lap to claim the victory.   Bittner was second, Cody Hauck was third, Sierra Hauck was fourth and Johnny Smith was fifth followed by Cory Stabley, Chase Roussey, Mitchell Holden and Corey Bowmaster. Heats were won by Bittner and Cody Hauck.

Cory Long and AJ Hoffman started on the front row of the Pro Stock feature event.  Hoffman took the early lead with Cory Long in second, Johnny Bouse in third.  On lap number six, Long took over the lead.   At the halfway point, Long led Hoffman, Bouse, AJ Stroup, and Noah Kissinger.  Stroup continued to charge to the front of the field, moving into second place on lap number nine. During the closing laps, Long continued to run a consistent line to hold off the challenge so Stroup and Bouse.   At the conclusion of the race, Long held off Stoup, Bouse, Hoffman, and Kissinger followed by AY Schilling, Marc Bitler, Kris Orwig and Blake Snyder.  Heats were won by Long and Bouse.

John Stringfellow and Keith Haagen led the four cylinders to the green flag.  Michael Barrett took the runner up postion on lap number four.  However mechanical issues for Barrett on lap number eight brough out the caution as he stopped on the front stretch.  Following the restart, Stringfellow continued to lead with Chris Small and Blake Snyder in the top three.   Stringfellow won the race, but failed post-race inspection declaring Blake Snyder the winner with Chole Sith Matt Weaver, Keith Haagen and Joey Snook in the top five. Six through ten were Coty Maines, Chris Small, Bryun Hackenberg, Troy Bennett and Toby Maines.  Heats were won by Stingfellow, Snyder and Small.

The Clinton County Speedway returns this Friday night with a five division show, featuring the USAC East Coast Wingless Sprint Cars presented by Bill’s Happy Camper of Mill Hall.  The 600 Micro Sprint will also compete wingless in preparation of the Hyper Racing 600 Wingless Speedweek taking place in July.  The Pro Stocks, 270 Micro Sprints and Four Cylinders will also be on the program.  Gates open at 5PM and racing begins at 7PM.  For the latest information about upcoming events, visit the  speedway’s website, or follow the speedway on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.   

Sprint Cars: 1. Jacob Gomola, 2. Kruz Kepner 3. Ryan Kissinger 4. Timmy Bittner 5. Owen Dimm 6. Jared Zionkowski, 7. Jeffrey Weaver 8. Derek Swartz, 9. Logan Jones 10. Dale Schweikart 11. Dustin Prettyleaf 12. Matt Tebbs 13. Josh Fox 14. Ryan Lynn 15. Mike Alleman 16. Erik Knopp 17. Nathan Pierce 18. AJ Barton 19. Josh Beamer 20. Reed Thompson 21. Wyatt Walizer 22. Austin Walizer 23. Karl Walizer Jr. 24. Dakota Schweikart DNS Jim Kennedy

270 Micros: 1. Jeffrey Weaver, 2. Cory Stabley, 3. Mac Wert, 4. Kyle Hendershot, 5. Zachery Glass 6. Jillian Maurer, 7 Steven Fernburg, Jr, 8, Logan Hammaker, 9. Mathew Dixson 10, Trevor Fernburg DNS Matt Dixson

600 Micro Sprints: 1. Johnny Smith, 2. Timmy Bittner 3. Cody Hauck 4. Sierra Hauck 5. Mikey Smith 6, Cory Stabley 7. Chase Roussey 8. Mitchell Holden 9. Corey Bowmaster.

Pro Stocks: 1. Cory Long 2. AJ Stroup 3. Johnny Bouse 4. AJ Hoffman 5. Noah Kissinger 6. AY Schilling 7. Marc Bitler 8. Kris Orwig Sr. 9. Blake Snyder DNS Robert Tressler, Todd Geyer Rich Fye.

Four Cylinders: 1. Blake Snyder 2. Chloe Smith 3. Matt Weaver 4. Keith Haagen 5. Joey Snook 6. Coty Maines 7 Chris Small 8. Bryrun Hackenberg 9. Troy Bennett 10. Toby Maines 11. Brian Haagen 12. Kayla Leigey 13. Kevin Tripley 14. Garrett Lucas 15. Skylar Phillps 16. Nick Snook 17. Michael Barrett 18. Adam Harris 19. Zak Kline 20. Hunter Flook 21. Tim Muthler DQ Johnathon Stringfellow