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Johnny Smith is King of Sprints at Clinton County Speedway

Mill Hall, PA – Scranton’s Johnny Smith had a stellar night Friday night at the Clinton County Speedway claiming both the Race Saver Sprints and 600 Micro Sprint feature events.  AY Schilling won the Pro Stocks; Brayden Spencer won the 270s and Matt Weaver won the 4 Cylinders. 

Dale Schweikart and Jacob Gomola led the field of sprint cars to the green flag.  Gomola quickly took the lead over Smith and Schweikart.   By lad number five it was Gomola leading, Smith, Derek Swartz, Schweikart and Matt Tebbs.  Smith found the high side of the speedway to his liking, while Gomola was running the mid-line of the speedway.  On lap number seven Smith made a pass as the duo exited turn two, but the caution came out for Wyatt Walizer before the lap was complete, putting Gomola on point for the restart.   When the race resumed, Smith immediately moved back to the outside where his car was quickest and passed Gomola a second time in turns one and two. 

By lap number 14, Smith began to encounter lapped traffic.  Smith and Gomola weaved their way through the lapped cars with Smith continuing to use the faster way around the outside of the speedway.   By lap twenty, the lapped cars began to slow Smith’s pace allowing Gomola to close in on the race leader.   On lap twenty three the caution came out when John Walp slowed on the back stretch, setting up a two lap dash to the finish.   Smith, now in open air, got a quick start to hold off Gomola for the win.   Swartz finished third, Schweikart fourth, and Ryan Lynn fifth.  Sixth through tenth were Matt Tebbs, Dustin Prettyleaf, Timmy Bittner, Josh Beamer and Kruz Kepner. 

“The track had grip at the top and our car does very well up there,” said Smith in victory lane.  “I was able to get around lapped traffic, but when that caution came out it put us in clean air, and I knew I could get a strong start to hold off Jake.”

Heat races were won by Matt Tebbs and Todd Lynn.

Smith continued his winning ways by also capturing the 600 Micro Sprint feature.  His brother Mikey Smith led the first lap, until Johnny Smith took the lead.  The Smith brothers continued to run first and second the entire event.   JT Ferry ran third until lap number nine when Corey Stabley moved into third.  At the finish it was Johnny over Mikey Smith, Stabley, Ferry and Mitchell Holden for the caution free event.  Heat races were won by the Smith brothers. 

AJ Hoffman led the first three circuits of the Pro Stock main event.  AY Schilling advanced from the fourth starting spot to take the lead by the conclusion of lap number four.  AJ Stroup who started sixth took over second place on lap number five. A caution for Noah Kissinger regrouped the field that set up an intense battle at the front of the back.  At the halfway point Schilling, Stroup, Noah Jensen Brandon Moser and Cory Long were all in contention for the win.  Moser moved into third postion on lap number eleven, while Long took control of fourth spot on lap number 13.   Schilling won his 60th career feature event, by holding off Stroup, Moser, Long and Johnny Bouse.  Sixth through tenth were Jensen, Kissinger, Marc Bitler, Brent Gordner and Kris Orwig Sr.  Heats were won by Bouse and Hoffman

Shawn Musser started on the pole of the 270 Micro Sprint feature event.  Musser led with fifth place starter Cory Stabley giving chase in second place.  Brayden Spencer, who started eighth, moved into third by lap number four.  On lap number seven, the caution flag waved.  While under caution, Musser took his car to the pit area giving the lead to Stabley.   The caution flag waved a second time with only two laps remaining.  Spencer made a pass on the restart and would lead the final two laps for this first win of the season.   Stabel was second followed by Denny Rinehimer, Mac Wert, and Tyler Puterbaugh.  Sixth through tenth were Tom Quiggle, Coleton Eckroth, Hunter Zimmerman, Jillian Maurer and Logan Hammaker.  Heat races were won by Stabley and Eckroth

Front row starter Terry Karichner led the opening lap of the Four Cylinder feature event.  Hunter Flook took the lead by the completion of lap number two.  Fifth place starter Matt Weaver moved into second by lap number five.   At the midway point, Flook was leading Weaver, Zak Kline, Skylar Phillps and Kyler Stahl.   On lap number eight, Weaver made a pass for the lead and the leader began to encounter lapped traffic by lap number ten.  A caution came out with two laps remaining, but Weaver was able to hold off Flook to win his first career victory.  Flook, Phillps, Kline and Stahl finished in the top five.  Sixth through tenth were Cody Stover, Adman Harris, Gage Riggle, Joey Snook and Michael Barrett.  Heats were won by Weaver, Riggle, and Phillips

The Clinton County Speedway returns this Friday night with a five division show, featuring the RaceSaver Sprint Cars, Pro Stocks, 270 Micros, 600 Micros and Four Cylinders presented by Leonard Landscape and Supply.  The Pro Stocks will have their summer championship paying $500 to win.   Gates open at 5PM and racing begins at 7PM.  For the latest information about upcoming events, visit the speedway’s website, or follow the speedway on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.    

RaceSaver Sprints: 1. Johnny Smith 2. Jacob Gomola 3. Derek Swartz 4. Dale Schweikart 5. Ryann Lynn 6. Matt Tebbs 7. Dustin Prettyleaf 8. Timmy Bittner 9. Josh Beamer 10. Kruz Kepner 11. Todd Lynn 12. Hunter McFadden 13. Reed Thompson 14. John Walp 15. Austin Greenland 16. Jim Kennedy 17. Wyatt Walizer 18. Wes Matthews

270 Micros: 1. Brayden Spencer 2. Cory Stabley 3. Denny Rinehimer 4. Mac Wert 5. Tyler Peterbaugh 6. Tom Quiggle 7. Logan Hammaker 8. Hunter Zimmerman 9. Jillan Maurer 10. Coleton Eckroth 11. John Roberts 12. Andrew Petock 13. Matt Dixon 14. Coton Guiher 15. Mathew Dixon 16. Shaun Musser 17. Michael Petock

600 Micros: 1. Johnny Smith 2. Mikey Smith 3. Cory Stabley 4. JT Ferry 5. Mitchell Holden 6. Levi Brungard 7. Corey Bowmaster 8. Brock Puterbaugh

Pro Stocks: 1. AY Schilling 2. AJ Stroup 3. Brandon Moser 4. Cory Long 5. Johnny Bouse 6. Noah Jensen 7. Noah Kissinger 9. Marc Bitler 10. Brent Gordner 11. Larry Knight 12. Todd Geyer 13. AJ Hoffman DNS John Meyer, Denny Fourney

Four Cylinders: 1. Matt Weaver 2. Hunter Flook 3. Skyler Phillips 4. Zak Kline 5. Kyler Stahl 6. Cody Stover 7. Adam Harris 8. Gage Riggle 9. Joey Snook 10. Michael Barrett 11. Bryon Hackenberg 12. Garrett Lucas 13. Coty Maines 14. Anthony Potter 15. Toby Maines 16. Kayln Leigey 17. Alea Savage 18. Troy Bennett 19. Terry Karichner DNS Kyle Stouse, Nick Snook

Piper Is Tops of Limited Lates at Clinton County Speedway

Mill Hall, PA – Jakob Piper of Mercersburg drove from the eighth staring spot to win the Limited Late Model feature on Friday night at the Clinton County Speedway.  Johnny Bouse won his 6th feature of the season in the Pro Stocks.  Mac Wert won his second career 270 feature while Hunter Flook was victorious in the 4 Cylinders. 

A strong field of Limited Late Models signed in for competition at Clinton County on Friday night.  JR. Toner of Bellefonte out-dueled fellow front row starter Matt Adams for the early lead. Toner led the first four circuits.  Adams battled with Toner and was able to take the lead on lap number five.   Third place starter, Matt Cochran moved into the runner up position on lap number seven.  Cochran tried the upper grove of the speedway and started to gain on Adams. On lap number ten, Adams was holding off Cochran, while Andrew Yoder was in third, followed by Jim Yoder and Toner. 

A lap later, Cochran made a pass for the lead as Piper moved into the top five. On lap fourteen, Piper took over the fourth postion and started to challenge Andrew Yoder. Second through fourth were racing for postion. Piper moved into third on lap 15 and took over second on lap 16. By lap number 19, Piper was challenging Cochran for first. Nineth place starter Taylor Farling also began a charge toward the front of the field. Piper led the final seven laps to secure his first win of the season at the 1/3 mile oval.  Farling moved into second place on the white flap lap, as Cochran settled for third followed by Andrew Yoder and Joe Loffredo. Sixth through tenth were Matt Adams, Mike Wall, Joe Lusk, JR Toner and Len Stroud.  Heat races were won by Piper and Farling. 

AJ Hoffman started on the outside of the front row and would lead the first lap of the Pro Stock feature.   By lap number two, AJ Stroup was the new race leader.  Sixth place stater Johnny Bouse took over the second spot on lap number three.   Stroup and Bouse would race several laps side by side, with Stoup holding the lead lap after lap.  On lap number 9, Bouse held a slight advantage as the duo raced into turn number one.   As they excited turn two, Bouse emerged as the race leader by a length of a quarter panel over Stoup.  The duo raced hard through turns three and four with Bouse being scored the race leader on lap number 10.   Fifth place starter Noah Kissinger moved into the top three on lap number ten.  Bouse would lead the remaining laps to record his sixth victory of the year.   Kissinger took the second spot on lap number 14, shuffling Stroup back to third followed by Brandon Moser and Denny Fourney.  Heat races were won by Fourney and Bouse. 

Mac Wert charged from the third starting spot to take the lead by the completion of lap number one in the 270 Micro Sprint main event.   Logan Hammaker advanced from fourth to take the runner up postion.   Fifth place starter Jillian Maurer broke into the top three on lap number four and challenged for second by lap number six.  At the halfway mark, Wert was leading Maurer, Hammaker, Hunter Zimer and John Roberts.   Wert held onto the lead for the second half of the race with Maurer in a close second.  Hammaker finished third, Hunter Zimmerman was fourth and John Roberts was fifth.   Heats were won by Maurer and Hammaker

Hunter Flook and Troy Bennett raced for the lead at the drop of the green flag in the 4 Cylinder division.   Flook took the lead by the completion of lap number one.   By lap number five, Skylar Phillips took over second place.  At the midway point, Flook was leading Phillips, Matt Weaver, Troy Bennett and Kyler Stahl.  Flook lead the remainder of the event to claim the victory over Phillips, Weaver, Bennett and Coty Mains.  Heat races were won by Weaver, Flook and Phillips.

The Clinton County Speedway returns this Friday night with a five division show, featuring the RaceSaver Sprint Cars, Pro Stocks, 270 Micros, 600 Micros and Four Cylinders presented by Brigandi, Gleghorn & Haffley Insurance of Lock Haven.   Gates open at 5PM and racing begins at 7PM.  For the latest information about upcoming events, visit the speedway’s website, or follow the speedway on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.    

Limited Late Models: 1. Jakob Piper, 2. Taylor Farling 3. Matt Cochran 4. Andrew Yoder 5. Joe Loffredo 6. Matt Adams 7. Mike Wall 8. Joe Lusk 9. JR Toner 10. Len Stroud 11. Cody Lear 12. Jennifer Lesher 13. Tim Luben 14. Jim Yoder 15. Denny Fourney 16. Maddox Smith 17. Dan Conder DNS Jeremy Ohl

270 Micros: 1. Mac Wert 2. Jillan Maurer 3. Logan Hammaker 4. Hunter Zimmerman 5 John Roberts 6. Matt Dixson 7. Tom Quiggle 8. Colton Guiher 9. Trevor Fernberg 10. Cory Stabley 11. Matthew Dixson.

Pro Stocks: 1. Johnny Bouse 2. Noah Kissinger 3. AJ Stroup 4. Brandon Moser 5. Cory Long 6. Tommy Dawson 7. Noah Jensen 8. AJ Hoffman 9. Robert Tressler 10. Larry Knight 11. Richard Geo 12. Marc Bitler 13. Logan Hile 14. John Myer DNS Todd Geyer

Four Cylinders: 1. Hunter Flook 2. Skyler Phillips 3. Matt Weaver 4. Troy Bennett 5. Coty Maines 6. Terry Karichner 7. Kevin Trimpey 8. Bryun Hackenburg 9. Anthony Potter 10. Brett Shirk 11. Toby Maines 12. Garrett Lucas 13. Zak Kline 14. Tim Muthler 15. Kyle Strouse 16. Aleia Savage 17. Kyle Strouse 18. Michael Barrett 19. Joey Snook 20. Kayla Leigey DNS Adam Harris

Blaney Travels East to Claim Walter Classic Payday at Clinton County Speedway

Mill Hall, PA – Hall of Fame Sprint Car Driver, Dale Blaney of Hartford, OH made the trek East on Interstate-80 to the Clinton County Speedway for Saturday’s Phil Walter Classic.   Blaney set fast time and won the 35 lap feature event, taking home the $6,300 top prize.   Tanner Jones won his second consecutive Central PA Legends feature at the speedway, while Larry Beachel won the 4 Cylinder stock car event. 

Dale Blaney and Dale Schweikart of Linden started on the front row of the Phil Walter Classic 35 lap Sprint Car feature event.   Schweikart and Blaney raced wheel to wheel for the first lap Schweikart edging out Blaney by inches at the start-finish line.   Blaney was able to take the lead by the completion of lap number two.  On lap number three the caution came out when Wyatt Walizer spun in turn number two.  Blaney was quick on the gas for the restart and by lap number five, he had a few car-lengths advantage over Schweikart, Chris Frank, Billy Dietrich and Dustin Prettyleaf. 

On lap number eight, Jordan Givler moved into the top five, as Blaney was closing in on the back of the field.   On lap 11, Blaney started to encounter lapped traffic.  As the leaders raced through lapped traffic, the battle for second through fifth place intensified.   By lap 15, Blaney was continuing to navigate lapped traffic, while Schweikart, Frank and Dietrich were fighting for postion among the lapped cars.  On lap 21, Dietrich passed Frank for the third spot, as they raced down the back straight.  Dietrich and Schweikart raced through lapped traffic, as Blaney had established about a straightaway advantage until the caution came out on lap number 26 for Bill Jones. 

On the restart, Dietrich was able to pass Schweikart for second, but had only nine laps to try and chase down Blaney.   Blaney again showed his speed and began to distance himself from the field.   With two laps to go, Blaney was leading Dietrich, Frank, Schweikart, and Givler.   On the white flag lap, Garrett Bard moved into the top five.   Blaney led the final lap to claim the win.   Frank passed Dietrich coming to the checkers to take second, Dietrich was third followed by Schweikart and Bard.  Sixth through tenth were Givler, Adam Carberry, AJ Flick, Dustin Prettyleaf and Josh Beamer.   Heat races were won by Blaney, Frank and Schweikart.   Blaney set fast time with a lap of 13.473 seconds. 

Colton Friese and Scott Musselman led the field of Central PA Legends to the green flag for their 20 lap main event.   Musselman led the opening lap.   Fourth place starter, Devein Friese took the top spot by the completion of lap number two.   On the fifth circuit, Tanner Jones who started sixth raced his way to the front to take the lead from Devin Friese.   At the midway point of the race, Jones was leading Devin and Colton Friese followed by Jeremy Ott and Lincoln Kearchner.   Ott moved into the third position on lap number 13.  Jones continued to lead until the checkered flag to claim the victory over Devin Friese, Jeremy Ott, Colton Friese and Travis Perry.   Sixth through tenth were Seth Kearchner, Chad Earnest, Logan Carbaugh, and Scott Musselman.  Heat races were won by Jones and Devin Friese.

The Four cylinder feature came to the green flag with Anthony Potter and Jonathon Stringfellow on the front row.  Stringfellow led the first lap, but a caution came out for an incident involving three cars in turns one and two.   Following the restart Hunter Flook took the lead Zak Kline racing in second place.   Larry Beachel, who started eighth moved into the third spot by lap number four.   At the midway point, Flook and Beachel were battling for the lead.  In the final laps, Beachel passed Flook and held him off for the win.   Zak Kline was third, Skylar Phillips was fourth and Joey Snook was fifth.  Heat races were won by Flook, Kyler Stahl and Stringfellow.  

The Clinton County Speedway will host the Limited Late Models this Friday, with a four division show.  The Pro Stocks, 270 Micros and the 4 cylinders will also be part of the program presented by Bob Boob and Century 21 – 1st Choice Realty.   Kids 12 and under will also participate in a cash and candy scramble at intermission.   Gates will open at 5PM and Hot laps are at 7PM.

For the latest speedway information visit the speedway’s website at or like us on Facebook.

Sprint Cars: 1. Dale Blaney 2. Chris Frank 3. Billy Dietrich 4. Dale Schweikart 5. Garrett Bard 6. Jordan Givler 7. Adam Carberry 8. AJ Flick 9. Dustin Prettyleaf 10. Josh Beamer 11. Darren Piffer 12. Derek Swartz 13. Austin Greenland 14. Darin Gallagher 15. Zach Burd 16. Tyler Rutherford 17. Karl Walizer 18. Shane Yost 19. Mike Thompson 20. Steve Buckwalter 21. Bill Jones 22. Steven Kisamore 23. Wyatt Walizer 

Central PA Legends: 1. Tanner Jones 2. Devin Friese 3. Jeremy Ott, 4. Colton Friese.  5. Travis Perry 6. Seth Kearchner 7. Lincoln Kearchner 8. Chad Earnst 9. Logan Carbaugh 10. Scott Musselman 11. Rick Hartwig 12. Cory Phillips 13. Scott Spidle 14. Eric Hurst 15. Hunter McElroy 16. Ron Dick 17, Dave Benner 18. Matt Grebe

4 Cylinders: 1. Larry Beachel Jr 2. Hunter Flook 3. Zak Kline 4. Skyler Phillips 5. Joey Snook 6. 

Garrett Lucas 7. Bryun Hackenberg 8. Coty Maines 9. Kayla Leigey 10. Terry Karichner 11. Robert Dorman 12. Adam Harris 13. Devin Parks 14. Nick Snook 15. Brain Strouse 16. Anthony Potter 18. Summer Beachel 19. Jonathon Stringfellow 20. Michael Barrett 21. Matt Weaver 22. Kyler Stahl 23. Kyle Strouse. 


Gomola Wins Summer Championship Race at Clinton County Speedway

MILL HALL, PA – Western PA driver, Jacob Gomola was the best of the field in the RaceSaver Sprint Car division to claim the Summer Championship Race on Friday night at the Clinton County Speedway.   Johnny Bouse won the Pro Stocks, Tyler Clowes won the 270 Micros, Mitchell Holden won the wingless 600s and Hunter Flook won the 4 Cylinders. 

Jacob Gomola from Seneca, PA started on the pole of the 25 lap sprint car main event alongside Picture Rock’s Josh Beamer.  Gomola took command of the field at the drop of the green flag with Beamer racing in second.  Fourth place starter Ken Duke was running third with Kruz Kepner and Austin Bishop in the top five. 

The caution flag waved on lap number 12 when Cowboy Jim Kennedy’s car stopped on the front stretch.   The next lap, the red flag waved as Dale Schweikart’s car flipped in turn two.   On lap number 18, Kepner passed Duke for the third postion.   On lap 21 Gomola was into lapped traffic with Beamer still running in second postion.   Gala continued to negotiate his way through the lapped traffic to secure the victory over Beamer.   Kepner finished third followed by Duke and Greenland.  Sixth through tenth were John Walp, Jarret Cavalet, Timmy Bittner, Johnny Smith and Derek Swartz.  Qualifying races were won by Reed Thompson, Kruz Kepner and Dale Schweikart.  

Pole sitter Kris Orwig led the first lap of the Pro Stock feature event.  Williamsport’s Marc Bitler raced to the front on lap number two.   Bitler would lead until lap number 6, when Noah Jensen, who started sixth took the lead.   Jensen had to battle with Johnny Bouse of Hughesville.  The duo raced side by side for several laps with Jensen having the advantage at the start-finish line.  On lap number 10, Bouse led by a few inches at the start finish line as Jensen tried to battle back.   Bouse finally got around Jensen and would claim his fifth victory of the season.  Jensen finished second followed by Cory Long, Jason Geesman and Noah Kissinger.  Sixth through tenth were AY Schilling, Marc Bitler, Robert Tessler, AJ Hoffman and Kris Orwig.  Heat races were won by Cory Long and AY Schilling. 

Cory Stabley charged from his fourth starting spot to lead the first lap of the 270 Micro Sprint feature.  Jeffrey Weaver was in second followed by Shaun Musser and Jillian Maurer.  The caution came out on lap number 7, when Jeff Weaver came to stop on the track.   Stabley continued to lead following the restart with Musser and Tyler Clowes in third.  Clowes passed Musser on lap number 10 for second place.   With two laps to go the caution flag came out again.   Clowes made his move on the restart and powered by Stabley for his second win of the season.   Stabley was second and Mac Wert was third.  Fourth through tenth were Jillian Mauer, Denny Rhinehimer, Tyler Groft, Colton Geiher, Trevor Fernburg, Shaun Musser, and Matthew Dixson.

Corey Bowmaster led the first two laps of the 600 Wingless Micros.   Mitchell Holden took the lead on lap number three with Cory Stabley taking over second.   Holden won his first career wingless 600 feature event. 

Terry Karichner led the first lap of the four cylinder feature event.  Hunter Flook, who started second took the lead on lap number two.  At the halfway mark of the race Flook was leading with Matt Weaver in second, Karichner in third, Zak Kline in fourth.   Flook held the top spot till the checkered flag to claim the win over Weaver, Kline, Kyler Stahl, and Joey Snook.  Sixth through tenth were Kevin Trimpey, Skylar Phillips, Adam Harris, Cody Stover and Coty Maines.  Heat races were won by Karichner Stahl, and Weaver. 

RACESAVER SPRINTS: 1. Jacob Gomola 2. Josh Beamer 3. Kruz Kepner 4. Ken Duke Jr. 5. Austin Greenland 6. John Walp 7. Jarrett Cavalet 8. Timmy Bittner 9. Johnny Smith 10. Derek Swartz 11. Matt Tebbs 12. Jeffrey Weaver 13. Dustin Prettyleaf 14. Steven Kenawell 15. Josh Fox 16. Ryan Lynn 17. Wyatt Walizer 18. Reed Thompson 19. Wes Matthews 20. Jazlyn Byles 21. Dale Schweikart 22. Jim Kennedy DNS Dakota Schweikart, Mariah Romig

PRO STOCKS: 1. Johnny Bouse 2. Noah Jensen 3. Cory Long 4. Jason Geeseman 5. Noah Kissinger 6. AY Schilling 7. Marc Bitler 8. Robert Tressler 9. AJ Hoffman 10. Kris Orwig Sr. 11. Brad Benton 12. Todd Geyer 13. Larry Knight DNS Denny Fourney

270 MICROS:  1. Tyler Clowes 2. Cory Stabley 3. Mac Wert 4. Jillian Mauer 5. Denny Rinehimer 6. Tyler Groft  7. Colton Geiher 8. Trevor Fernburg 9. Shaun Musser 10 Matthew Dixson 11. Cameron McClure 12. Matt Dixon 13. Preston Phillips 14. Jeffrey Weaver 15. Troy Groft

600 MICROS: 1. Mitchell Holden 2. Cory Stabley 3. Corey Bowmaster.

FOUR CYLINDERS:  1. Hunter Flook, 2. Matt Weaver 3. Zack Kline 4. Kyler Stahl 5. Joey Snook 6. Kevin Trimpey 8. Adam Harris 9. Cody Stover 10. Coty Maines 11. Bryun Hackenberg 12. Garrett Lucas 13. Nick Snook 14. Dylan Hoover 15. Robert Dorman 16. Jacob Morerro 17. Kayla Leigey 18. Devin Parks 19. Jon Stringfellow 20. Kyle Strouse 21. Alea Savage 22. Chris Small 23. Terry Karichner 24. Shane Flaherty.25. Brian Strouse DNS Tim Muthler, Troy Bennett

Photo Attached:  Dale Blaney won the 410 Sprint Phil Walter Classic at the Clinton County Speedway.  (Speedway provided photo)