Alex Bright Makes History with Victory in USAC Debut at Clinton County Speedway

For Immediate Release
August 19, 2022

Mill Hall, PA – The USAC East Coast Wingless Sprint Cars made their first ever visit to the Clinton County Speedway on Friday night. Collegeville’s Alex Bright topped the field of 24 cars to claim the $2,000 to win prize. Corey Stabley won his first career 270 Micro Sprint feature event. Travis McClelland won his third Central PA Legends event at the speedway, while Hunter Flook was the winner of the 4 Cylinders.

Colin White and Aidan Borden brought the full field of USAC Wingless Sprints to the start of the 25 lap feature event. Third place starter, Mark Smith made a move to the front to lead the first circuit over White and Borden. By lap number two, Joey Amantea took over the second position. Amantea and Smith battled for the lead with Amantea edging Smith at the line to lead lap number four, while several cars were battling two and three wide for postion throughout the entire field. Alex Bright, who started seventh, Briggs Danner, who started seventh, and Steven Drevicki, who started eight started to work their way towards the front of the field.

On lap number six, the yellow came out for Smith. Amantea prepared for the restart with Mike Thompson, Bright, Drevicki, Danner, and Williamsport’s Tyler Cochran in the top five. While cars were pulling slide jobs and running two and three wide, Bright found the top side of turns one and two to be well suited for his car. He took over second on lap number seven and passed Amantea for the lead by the completion of lap number 10. Drevicki caught Amantea and moved into the runner up postion at the races halfway point. Danner took over the third spot on lap number 18.
On lap number 21, Bright started to encounter lapped traffic. Drevicki tried to use lapped traffic to his advantage to catch Bright, but Bright managed to clear a few lapped cars to put some space between him and Drevicki. Bright claimed the win over Drevicki, Danner, Tyler Cochran who took fourth on the final lap with Amantea settling for fifth. Sixth through tenth were: Mike Thompson, Josh Beamer, Ed Aikin, Colin White and Bruce Buckwalter Jr. Heat races were won by Mark Smith, Amantea, and Drevicki.

Mac Wert and Corey Stabley started on the front row of the 270 Micro Sprint feature. Wert lead the opening lap with Stabley making a pass as the duo exited turn number two to lead the next lap. By lap five Stabley began to pull away from the field while Cody Siegel batted with Jeffrey Weaver, Bryden Spencer and Tyler Clowes for the top five. By lap number 9, Stabley began to encounter lapped traffic. As Stabley opened up a half of straight of way lead over Siegel, Weaver was trying to take the runner up postion. Stabley had a comfortable lead and was ready to pick up his first career win. Weaver passed Siegel with two laps remaining. Then on the final lap, the caution flagged waved for Mathew Dixon who stopped on the speedway. Stabley had to restart the race with Weaver on his back bumper. Stabley executed a flawless restart to hold off Weaver for his first career victory. Weaver finished second with Siegel, Spencer and Clowes completing the top five. Sixth through tenth were Wert, Timmy Bittner, Logan Hammaker, Tom Quiggle and Matt Dixson. Heat races were won by Weaver and Siegel.

Chris Transeau led the opening laps of the Central PA Legends main event. Transeau and Devin Freese were battling for the lead, when the two cars tangled, causing Transeau to stop on the track and bring out the caution on lap number four. On the restart, Freese’s car came to a stop in turn number four, as obviously mechanical issues prevailed from the incident with Transeau. That gave the lead to Travis McClelland who had won the two pervious events at the speedway. McClelland pulled away from the rest of the field, as Bob Stough and Quinn Trimmer moved their way towards the front of the field. At the halfway point, Trimmer, who started 15th broke into the top five. A few laps later Stough and Trimmer were up to second and third. The win was the third for McClelland, who swept the 3 race series at Clinton County. Stough was second, Trimmer was third, Choya Young was fourth and Justin Wagaman was fifth. Sixth through tenth were Rick Hartwig, Cory Phillips, Scott Musselman, Eric Hurst and Richie Dobson. Heat races were won by Scott Houdeshell and Devin Friese.

Pole-sitter Michael Barrett led the opening laps of the Four Cylinder 12 lap feature. By lap number four, Hunter Flook, who started fifth took the lead. Andrew Ricketts moved into second. By lap number five, Flook was leading Ricketts, Michael Unger, Kyler Stahl and Barrett. Stahl moved into third at the halfway mark. On the final lap, Stahl passed Ricketts for second. Flook claimed this sixth win of the season. Second through tenth were Stahl, Unger, Ricketts, Bryun Hackenberg, Anthony Potter, Barrett, Matt Weaver, Eric Brumbaugh and Adam Harris. Heats were won by Unger and Hackenberg.

This Friday night, the Clinton County Speedway returns with a 5-division show. The RaceSaver Sprint Cars will compete in a dual sanctioned event with the Laurel Highlands and Pennsylvania Sprint Car Series. The Pro Stocks, 270 Micros, 600 Micros and Four Cylinders will be on the card. Gates will open at 5PM, Hot laps at 7PM and Racing begins at 7:30PM. For the latest speedway information, visit or follow the speedway on our social media pages including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

USAC Sprints: 1. 20 Alex Bright, 2 19 Steven Drevicki, 3. 5G Briggs Danner, 4. 19T Tylor Cochran, 5. 88J Joey Amantea, 6. 11 Mike Thompson, 7. 85 Josh Beamer, 8. 7 Ed Aikin, 9. 90 Colin White, 10. 83 Bruce Buckwalter Jr, 11. 78 Dale Schweikart, 12. 7B Aidan Borden, 13. 75B Bobby Butler, 14. 21k Tommy Kunsman, 15. 57 JT Ferry, 16. 83s Billy Ney, 17. 12w Troy Fraker, 18. 3 Levi Brungard, 19. 75 Mark Smith, 20. 67 Jason Cherry. DNS: 76 Mike Smith, 42 John Fraker, 78c Dakota Schweikart, 96 Lee Kauffman

270 MICROS: 1. Cory Stabley 2. Jeffrey Weaver 3. Cody Siegel 4. Brayden Spencer 5. Tyler Clowes 6. Mac Wert 7. Timmy Bittner 8. Logan Hammaker 9. Tom Quiggle 10. Matt Dixon 11. Mathew Dixson DNS Steven Fernburg Jr.

CENTRAL PA LEGENDS: 1. Travis McClelland 2. Bob Stough 3. Quinn Trimmer 4. Choya Young 5. Justin Wagaman 6. Rick Hartwig 7. Cory Phillips 8. Scott Musselman 9. Eric Hurst 10. Richie Dobson 11. Ron Little 12. Brian Rampmeyer Jr. 13. Reegan McGrew 14. Grady McGrew 15. Dave Benner 16. Hunter McElroy 17. Chris Transeau 18. Devin Freise

FOUR CYLINDERS: 1. Hunter Flook 2. Kyler Stahl 3. Michael Unger 4. Andrew Ricketts 5. Bryun Hackenberg 6. Anthony Potter 7. Michael Barrett 8. Matt Weaver 9. Eric Brumbaugh 10 Adam Harris 11. Donald Wynn 12. Matt Cochran 13. Coty Maines 14. Nick Snook 15. Ryan Unger