Bittner Takes Clinton County 35th Season Opener

Mill Hall, PA – Timmy Bittner of Beech Creek claimed the opening day honors by winning the RaceSaver Sprint Car feature event on Sunday afternoon at the Clinton County Speedway.  Other winners during the 35th season opener included Jeffrey Weaver of Lock Haven in the 270 Micro Sprints, Aiden Harris of Hanover in the 600 Micro Sprints and Johnny Bouse of Hughesville in the Pro Stocks. 

Bittner and Dustin Prettyleaf of Cogan Station started on the front row of the 25 lap main event.  Prettyleaf led the first circuit, with Bittner claiming the top spot by the completion of lap number two.  Jeffrey Weaver passed Prettyleaf for second, but then pulled into the infield on lap number three giving Prettyleaf the runner up position.   On lap number six, Jacob Gomola brought out the caution when his car stopped on the front stretch.  By the tenth lap, the leaders began to encounter lapped traffic with Bittner leading Prettyleaf, Logan Jones, Kruz Kepner, and Jared Zionkowski.  Bittner continued to work his way through lapped traffic with Prettyleaf in second, Kepner moved up to third with Jared Zionknowski and rookie driver Derek Swartz in the top five.   Bittner was able to put some lap cars between himself and Prettyleaf who had Kepner closing in during the final laps.   Bittner took the victory over Prettyleaf and Kepner, while Swartz took fourth with Zionknowski completing the top five.  Sixth through tenth were Josh Beamer, Logan Jones, Paul Moyer, Ken Duke and Reed Thompson.  Heat races were won by Weaver, Kepner and Bittner. 

The 270 Micro Sprint feature had Tom Quiggle and Cory Stabley starting on the front row.  Tyler Clowes who started third, launched to the front to lead lap number one.  Fourth place starter Jeffrey Weaver moved into second and passed Clowes to lead lap number two.  By lap number five, Weaver lead Clowes, Brady Kuhn and Quiggle.  Weaver and Clowes were in lapped traffic by lap number seven as Kuhn, Quiggle and Dustin Roberts battle for third fourth and fifth.   The 15 lap event ran non-stop with Weaver claiming his 60th career victory at the speedway, moving him to second on the all-time win list.   Clowes finished second, Kuhn, Quiggle and Roberts rounded out the top five. Sixth through tenth were Jillian Maurer, Logan Hammaker, Matt Dixon, Cory Stabley, and Hunter Zimmerman.  Heat races were won by Stable and Weaver.

Aiden Hare raced Prestyn Brown down the front straight-away for the start of the winged 600 Micro feature.  Hare led the initial circuit and would continue to lead every lap of the feature event.  Brown brought out the caution on lap number four.  Timmy Bittner who advanced from seventh was in the runner up postion with James Layton, Cole DeWease and Dakota Sheaffer in the top five by the conclusion of lap number five.   Hare claimed the victory over Bittner.  DeWease finished third, Lawton was fourth and Schaeffer was fifth.  Brown finished sixth followed by Levi Brungard, Cory Bowmaster, Sam Rigglemn, Tyler Harper and Cory Stabley.   Heat races were won by Hare and DeWease.

Tommy Dawson and Johnny Bouse led the field of pro stocks to the green flag.  Bouse led the first lap, with Dawson taking the lead by the following lap.  AY Schilling moved from fourth to second with a bold move passing Bouse and Corey Long.  Two laps later Schilling brought out the caution, allowing Bouse and Long to restart on the back bumper of Dawson.  Long took the second spot away on lap number 6.  At the halfway point, Dawson led Long, Bouse, Rich Fye, and Marc Bitler.  The top race raced in a contested battle for the lead.  Long took the lead on lap number ten, while Bouse took over second on lap eleven.  With two laps to go, Bouse charged back into the lead to take the win.  Fye finished second, Long was third, Bitler Fourth and Blake Snyder completed the top five.   Dawson was sixth, Schilling was seventh, Noah Kissinger was eighth, Robert Tressler was ninth and Paul Metz finished tenth.  Heats were won by Noah Kissinger and Long. 

The four-cylinders heats were won by Larry Beachel, Adam Harris, and Keith Haagen.  However, their feature event was curfewed out. 

The Clinton County Speedway returns this Friday night with a four division show, featuring the Limited Late Models, the Pro Stocks, 270 Micro Sprints, the Four Cylinders with double features.  Gates open at 5PM and racing begins at 7PM.  For the latest information about upcoming events, visit the speedway’s website or follow the speedway on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.    

Sprint Cars: 1. Timmy Bittner 2. Dustin Prettyleaf 3. Kruz Kepner 4. Derek Swartz 5. Jarred Zionkowski 6. Josh Beamer 7. Logan Jones 8. Paul Mover 9. Ken Duke Jr. 10. Reed Thomspon 11. Dakota Schweikart 12. Wyatt Walizer 13. Dale Schweikart 14. Ryan Kissinger 15. Camden Cavalet 16. Karl Walizer 17. Johnny Smith 18. Frank Rusnock 19. Austin Greenland 20. Erick Knopp 21. Adnrew Bowyer 22. Jacob Gomola 23. Jeffrey Weaver 24. Cory Hunsberger DNS Josh Fox, Matt Tebbs, Josh Spicer

270 Micro Sprints: 1. Jeffrey Weaver 2. Tyler Clowes 3. Bradyn Kuhn 4. Tom Quiggle 5. Dustin Roberts 6. Jillian Maurer 7. Loan Hammaker 8. Mathew Dixon 9. Cory Stabley 10. Hunter Zimmerman 11. Mike Stuck 12. Zach Riggleman 13. Tannery Byers 14. Zachary Glass 15. Trevor Fernberg DNS Blake Ludwis, Steven Fernberg Jr., Mac Wert, Ryan Wickham

600 Micro Sprints: 1. Aiden Hare 2. Timmy Bittner 3. Cole DeWease 4. James Layton 5. Dakota Sheaffer 6. Prestyn Brown 7. Levi Brungard 8. Corey Bowmaster 9. Sam Riggleman 10. Tyler Harper 11. Cory Stabley DNS Frank Gentile, Mitchell HoldenPro Stocks: 1. Johnny Bouse 2. Rich Fye 3. Cory Long 4. Marc Bitler 5. Blake Snyder 6. Tommy Dawson 7. AY Schilling 8. Noah Kissinger 9. Robert Tressler DSN Paul Metz Jr., Kris Orwig