CW Smith Memorial Race Preview

$10 early registration fee per car, $20 registration fee at the track.

Rules are below, more information to follow.

Chassis: Chassis must have stock front clip. Must follow CCMS engine set back rule. Strut Cars allowed. Stock configuration rear suspension (Metric 4 link or leaf spring) with 1 shock, 1 spring per wheel. No Coil overs or coil over eliminators, no Panhard bars, pull bars or lift bars. No Quick Change rear ends.
No floating bird cages!
Tires/Wheels: Any 8″ med or hard compound tire , no med 100 or med 200 , and 8″ Steel wheel.

Engine: Any production type cast iron block/head engine. No Aluminum Blocks or Aluminum Heads. No Dry Sump systems. One gauge legal 4412 2bbl ONLY. Holley XP is legal. 4bbl allowed on GM sealed 602 crate motor. RUSH or DIRT sealed Crates must run 2bbl. Hidden Valley, Hummingbird, Thunder Mountain (Pa) Pure Stocks are allowed to run 4bbl if they are following the rest of their home track rules. Gas ONLY!! No Alcohol!!

Transmission: Any transmission allowed, must have working reverse.Berts,Brinns, etc must add 25lbs in front of mid engine mount and 25lbs forward of rear transmission seal.Weight must be securely mounted and have car number displayed. No spoilers,Wings, Extreme Sail Panels or Sideboards allowed. Safety: Fuel cells mandatory. 5 point racing harness mandatory must be 2017 or newer. SFI rated drivers’ suit is mandatory. Full face helmet with shield mandatory!
Clinton County Speedway rules apply to anything not covered. Track reserves the right to make final decisions !

For questions regarding rules for this race, please send an email to Clinton County Speedway at