John Walp Wins on Final Lap at Clinton County

For Immediate Release
June 1, 2024

Mill Hall, PA – Wapwallopen’s John Walp claimed his first career Sprint Car feature at the Clinton County Speedway with a last lap pass in the non-stop Sprint Car feature event.   Cory Long of Selinsgrove won the Pro Stocks, Bobby Sanso of Jersey Shore won the 270 Micro Sprints, and Coty Maines of Jersey Shore won the 4 Cylinders.

Johnny Scarborough of Bomoseen, VT and John Walp started on the front row of the RaceSaver Sprint car main event.   Walp led the opening lap, with Scarborough taking the lead on lap number two.  By lap number five, Scarborough was leading Walp, Matt Tebbs, Ken Duke and Ryan Lynn.  Scarborough and Walp were in a contested battle for the lead, with Walp retaking the lead on lap number nine.   The leaders began working their way through lapped traffic.  At the midway mark, Walp maintained a slight advantage over Scarborough.  On lap 15, Ken Duke moved into the third position, with Tebbs and Lynn in the top five. 

The top two were competing in an epic battle for the lead while negotiating their way through the lapped cars.  Walp led lap 18, with Scarborough leading lap 19, and Walp edged out Scarborough to lead lap twenty, as Johnny Smith of Scranton worked his way into the top five. 

On lap 21 and in lapped traffic, Scarborough cleared a lap car as the duo entered turn three.  Scarborough’s move appeared to be the winning move to earn him the victory, however on the white flag lap Scarborough’s car slowed down the back stretch and pulled into the infield.   Walp led the final lap with Ken Duke, Ryan Lyan, Johnny Smith and Matt Tebbs completing the top five.  Sixth through tenth were Mikey Smith, Christian Rumsey, Kruz Kepner, Owen Dimm and Austin Reed.  Four heat races were required for the 34 sprint cars, they were won by Scarborough, Tebbs, Rumsey and Mikey Smith.  The B-Main was won by Reed Thompson.

Larry Knight and Chris Orwig brought the field of green for the start of the Pro Stock feature event.  A caution occurred before the completion of the first lap.  Following the restart, Cory Long powered to the front of the field.  Long was leading AY Schilling, Chris Orwig, AJ Hoffman and Rich Fye by the completion of lap number 5.  Long began to stretch out his lead and by lap number eleven, he started to catch the tail end of the field.   On lap number twelve, Hoffman moved into third postion.  Hoffman pressured Schilling for second and made a last lap pass to take the runner up position.   At the finish, it was Long leading Hoffman, Schilling, Orwig, and Brent Gordner.  Sixth through tenth were Rich Fye, Noah Kissinger, Ronald Ergott, Larry Knight and AJ Stroup.  Heat races were won by Long and Hoffman.

Mac Wert started on the pole for the 270 Micro Sprint feature event and took command of the field.  Logan Hammaker was running in second.  The red flag waved on lap number three when Hunter Zimmerman rolled onto his side.   A lap later the red came out again for Jillian Maurer who also turned onto her side.   Once back to green flag racing Wert was leading Hammaker and Michael Petock.  On lap number nine, Bobby Sanso and Corey Stabley moved into the top three.   Stabley took over second on lap number eleven.   On the final lap, Wert and Stabley got together in an incident in turn number four, as Bobby Sanso took the checkered flag.  Hammaker, Eric Forsythe, Jillian Maurer and Tom Quiggle rounded out the top five.  Sixth through tenth were Lester Stabley, Trenton Beasom, Andrew Petock, Cory Stabley and Mac Wert.  Heats were won by Zimmerman and Hammaker. 

Kyler Stahl advanced from the outside of the front row to lead the opening lap of the Four Cylinder feature event.   By lap number five, Stahl was leading Larry Beachel, Coty Maines, Lucas Garrett, and Matt Weaver, Maines moved into second on lap number six and set his sights on Stahl.   Zak Kline moved int the fourth position by lap number nine.   Maines continued to close the gap between himself and Stahl and as the leaders exited turn number four, Stahl’s car got a flat tire allowing Maines to take the lead and the win.   Beachel finished second, Kline was third, Lucas was fourth and Summer Beachel was fifth.  Heats were won by Beachel and Weaver.

The Clinton County Speedway returns this Friday with opening night of the Appalachian Mountain’s Super Late Model Speedweek.  In addition, the Pro Stocks and Four Cylinders are on the card.  Gates open at 5PM and hot laps begin at 7PM. For the latest speedway information visit the speedways website at

RaceSaver Sprint Cars: 1. John Walp 2. Ken Duke Jr. 3. Ryan Lynn 4. Johny Smith 5. Matt Tebbs 6. Mikey Smith 7. Christian Rumsey 8. Kruz Kepner 9. Owen Dimm 10. Austin Reed 11. Dale Schweikart 12. Josh Beamer 13. Timmy Bittner 14. Dustin Young 15. Dustin Prettyleaf 16. Kasey Weaver 17. Mike Koehler 18. Wyatt Walizer 19. John Scarborough 20. Braden Varner 21. Reed Thompson 22. Wes Matthews 23. Kyle Knopp 24. Jeff Weaver DNS: Kolby Weaver, Erick Knopp, Dakota Schweikart, Zach Rhodes, Austin Greenland, Chris Kreider, Jeremy Hill, Bill Sheehan, Derek Swartz, Jim Kennedy

Pro Stocks: 1. Cory Long 2. AJ Hoffman 3. AY Schilling 4. Kris Orwig 5. Brent Gordner 6. Rich Fye 7. Noah Kissinger 8. Ronald Ergott 9. Larry Knight 10. AJ Stroup 11. Michael Barrett 12. Rodney Wagner 13. Jim Farley 14. Mac Bitler

270 Micro Sprints: 1. Bobby Sanso 2. Logan Hammaker 3. Eric Forsythe 4. Jillian Maurer 5. Tom Quiggle 6. Lester Stabley 7. Trenton Beason 8. Andrew Petock 9. Cory Stabley 10. Mac Wert 11. Hunter Forsythe 12. Michael Petock 13. Colton Guiher 14. Paris Hewes 15. Tyler Clowes 16. Hunter Zimmerman 17. Denny Rinehimer DNS Dakota Brubaker

Four Cylinders: 1. Coty Maines 2. Larry Beachel Jr. 3. Garrett Lucas 4. Summer Beachel 5. Ken Smith 6. Alyssa Snook 7. Zak Kline 8. Kyler Stahl 9. Matt Weaver DNS John Baney, Devin Parks   

Photo:  John Walp #5 and John Scarborough #61 battle for win at Clinton County Speedway (photo credit Bob Hockenbrock)