Shoemaker Takes Clinton County Speedway Finale

Mill Hall, PA – Shawn Shoemaker of Mount Union, PA was quick from the time he unloaded on Saturday at the 1/3-mile Clinton County Speedway. Shoemaker claimed the $2,000 top prize for the Limited Late Models presented by Snyder’s Concessions. Other winners for the season finale included: Dylan Cecee in the Pro Stocks; Jeffrey Weaver in  the 270 Micros and Zak Kline in the 4-cylinders 

Rayn Zook and Shoemaker started on the front row for the 40-lap main event. Showmaker quickly jumped into the lead with Shoemaker, Adnrew Yoder Matt Cochran, and Matt Adams in the top five. On lap number seven, Yoder cleared Zook to take the second position. On lap number eight the caution came out for Maddox Smith. Following the restart, Shoemaker and Yoder continued their battle for the lead. On lap number eleven, the caution occurred for two cars in turn number three involving Joe Lusk and Tom Decker III. Shoemaker continued to lead on lap number 15, with Yoder, Zook Cochran and Colby Fry in the top five running order. The battle between Shoemaker and Yoder intensified as they encountered lapped traffic. While contesting for the lead, Yoder got tangled with a lapped car, bringing out the caution. Yoder took his machine to the pit area, allowing Zook to reclaim the third position. On lap number 20, Shoemaker and Zook were leading Cochran, Jim Yoder, and Jakob Piper. Yoder moved into the third position on lap number twenty-three. While racing through lapped traffic, Shoemaker continued to hit his marks and would lead the remaining laps to claim the victory over Zook, Yoder, Piper and Evin Frey. Matt Cochran was sixth followed by Maddox Smith, Wes Bonebrake, JR Toner, and Tyson Mowery. Heat races were won by Zook, Andrew Yoder, Showmaker, Jim Yoder. Tommy Slanker won the B-main. Colbey Frye set a new one -lap track record setting a fast time of 13.836.

“We are usually a ½ mile team,” said Shoemaker in victory lane. “We decided to try something different today and the car was fast from the time we unloaded.”  28 Limited Late Models signed in for competition. Matt Cochran of Williamsport won the 2023 season championship.

Johnny Bouse and Rick Potter lead the field of Pro Stocks to the green flap for the 35-lap event presented by Keystone Rail Recovery.  Bouse jumped into the early lead with Potter in tow. Fifth place started Dylan Cecee advanced to third by the completion of lap number three. On lap number six, Cecee passed Bouse for the top spot. By lap number ten, Cecee started to distance himself from Bouse, Potter, Noah Kissinger and Corey Long. Potter and Bouse were racing for position, as Bouse spun in turns three and four on the fourteenth circuit. Cecee began to pull away from Potter as Kissinger, Long and AJ Hoffman were in a contested battle for third, fourth and fifth positions. Long took over third on lap numbertwenty-onee. On lap number 32, Hoffman took over the third spot. Cecee continued to work his way through lapped traffic to claim the $1,000 top prize. Potter was second, AJ Hoffman was third. Fourth through tenth were Brent Gordner, Cory Long, Logan Hile, Tommy Dawson, Noal Jensen, Larry Knight, and Noah Kissinger. Heats were won by Cecee and Marc Bitler.

Corey Stabley led the first three laps of the 270 Micro Sprint Feature. Fourth place starter, Jeffrey Weaver took the lead by the completion of lap number four. By lap number seven, Weaver and Stabley were in lapped traffic. On lap number ten Weaver led Stabley, Tyler Clowes, Jillian Mauer and Mac Wert. Weaver continued to a blistering pace and continued to click off the laps. The event went non-stop, giving Weaver an automatic 20 lap record of 5:00.082.  Stabley finished second and claimed the season championship over Weaver. Tyler Clowes, Mac Wert and Hunter Zimmerman completed the top five. Sixth through then were Shaun Musser, Jillian Mauer, Matt Dixson, Colton Guiher and Lester Stabley. Heat races were won by Weaver and Stabley.

Kyler Stahl and Larry Beachel brought the field of 4-cylinders to the green flag. Beachel took the lead from Stahl to lead the opening circuit. With five laps completed, Beachel was leading Stahl, Zak Kline, and Matt Weaver.  Kline wrestled the runner up position from Stahl on lap number eight. By lap number twelve the leaders began to encounter lapped traffic. Kline made his move on lap number eleven to take the lead. Weaver took the second spot on lap number 28. Weaver tried to chase Kline down with a $1,000 on the line presented by NAPA/Toner Auto Parts. Weaver took one last chance as the top two exited turn number four. Kline held off Weaver by .156 seconds to secure his first career win. Larry Beachel, Kyler Stahl, and Hunter Flook round out the top five. Sixth through tenth were Kevin Trimpey, Michael Barrett, Terry Karichner, Nick Snook, and Coty Maines. Heat races were won by Skylar Phillps, Kevin Trimpey and Hunter Flook. Skylar Phillps won the season championship.

The Clinton County Speedway will next plan the 2023 awards banquet where the 2023 season champions will be recognized, Timmy Bittner (RaceSaver Sprints), Matt Cochran (Limited Late Models), Corey Long (Pro Stocks) Corey Stabley (270 & 600 Micro Sprints) and Skylar Phillps (4-Cylinders). Banquet details and how to obtain tickets will be announced at a later date. For the latest information and updates during the off season, visit the speedway’s website, or follow the speedway on Facebook, X and Instagram.    

Limited Late Models: 1. Shawn Shoemaker 2. Ryan Zook 3. Jim Yoder 4. Jakob Piper 5. Devin Frey 6. Matt Cochran 7. Maddox Smith 8. Wes Bonebrake 9. JR Toner 10. Tyson Mowery 11. Tom Decker Jr. 12. Joe Loffredo 13. Dan Condo 14. Jennifer Lesher 15. Matt Adams 16. Andrew Yoder 17. Coleby Frye 18. Cregan Brady 19. Tom Decker III 20 Joe Lusk 21. Tim Luben 22. Devin Weyandt 23. Denny Fourney DNS Lucas Adams, Danny Beatty, Derrick Garner, Tommy Slanker, Matt Murphy