Tyler Emory Claims Thiller Speedweek Victory at Clinton County

Mill Hall, PA – Opening night of the Appalachian Mountain’s Super Late Model Speedweek gave fans a show filled with excitement including a final lap pass coming out of turn number four that brought the crowd to its feet.   Tyler Emory of King George, VA passed Hyndman PA’s Drake Troutman as the duo came to the checkered flag winning by .405 seconds.   Selinsgrove’s Cory Long won his third Pro Stock feature of the season and Spring Mill’s Matt Weaver won the Four Cylinder main event.

Forty cars from 5 different states signed in for competition for the annual Appalachian Mountain’s Super Late Model Speedweek on Friday night.  Emory set fast time and set a new track record with a time of 13.461 seconds.

Gregg Satterlee of Indiana, PA and Drake Troutman started on the front row of the 35-lap Sam Ray Memorial feature event.  Satterlee led the first circuit with Troutman taking the lead by lap number two.  A three car battle for the lead quickly developed between Troutman, Dylan Yoder and Emory.  By the completion of lap number ten, Troutman, Yoder, Emory, Matt Cosner of Ridgeley, WV and Coleby Frye of Dover, PA were running in the top five.  

As the leaders approached the halfway mark, the intensity between the top three increased as they started to battle through lapped traffic.  Troutman and Yoder made contact with each other as they battled for the lead and the $5,000 to win paycheck.  Yoder would make a pass exiting turn two, while Troutman would regain the lead exiting turn four for several laps.   As the leaders came to the line to complete lap 22, Yoder edged Troutman at the line to be the new race leader.  Yoder led the 23rd circuit and again the top two touched battling for the lead position.   This time, however, the contact caused Yoder’s tire to go flat and he stopped on the speedway.  Yoder went to the pits for a tire change and rejoined at the rear of the field.

As the field came back to green, Troutman led Emory, Cosner, Frye, and Satterlee were running in the top five.   Satterlee moved into the fourth postion on lap number 25 as 14th place starter Andrew Yoder of Middleburg took over 9th place and was on a charge toward the front.  

On lap number 29, the caution came out when Rick Eckert of York, PA slowed on the speedway and took his car to the pit area.   Troutman, Emory, Cosner, Satterlee, and Frye restarted in the top five.   Troutman maintained the lead with Emory glued to his back bumper.   Emory tried to utilize the high side in turns one and two to make a run on Troutman.   On the white flap lap, Troutman and Emory raced into runs one and two.  Emory tried the high side once again and as they duo exited turn two, they were side by side.   Emory committed to the high side as Troutman protected his line down low.  Emory carried the momentum out to turn four and edged Troutman at the finish line for the win.   

“Patience paid off,” said Emory in victory lane.  “I didn’t’ want to show my cards too soon, I was able to run high in one and two and was hoping the car would stick in three and four,” as he described his turn four pass on the final lap.  

Cosner finished third, Satterlee fourth and Andrew Yoder earned the hard charger award with a top five finish.   Sixth through tenth were Coleby Frye; Bryan Bernheisel, Jonestown, PA; Dillan Stake, Mapleton Depot, PA; Dylan Cecee, Addison, NY; and Dan Stone, Thompson, PA.  Heat races were won by Cecee, Ross Robinson, Frye, and Bernheisel.  

Mark Bitler and Larry Knight led the field of Pro Stocks to the green flag.  Fourth place starter AJ Hoffman charged to the front and led the opening lap with third place starter Cory Long in pursuit.  Hoffman and Long had an epic battle in the heat race qualifier and the feature race appeared with would be the same.  However, Hoffman’s car had a mechanical issue and after the completion of lap number two, brought out the caution flag.   Long inherited the lead with Marc Bitler and AY Schilling in the top three.   On lap number six, Schilling passed Bitler.  With five laps remaining the caution flag waived for Rich Fye.   Long held off Schilling for his 10thcareer victory.   Bittler was third, Knight was fourth and Chris Orwig completed the top five.   Heat races were won by Knight and Long

Matt Weaver led the opening lap of the Four Cylinder feature event.  With five laps complete Weaver was leading Coty Maines, Kyler Stahl, Zak Kline and Jason Koch.   Kline moved into second on lap number seven and a lap later took his car to the pit area.   Coty Maines pressured Weaver for the lead and was credited with the 11th lap, but Weaver made a pass on the final lap to earn the victory over Maines, Koch, Ken Smith and Lucas.  Heats were won by Maines and Stahl.

The Clinton County Speedway returns this Friday with the Annual Nittany 40 paying $1,00 to win for the RaceSaver Sprints.   In addition, the Pro Stocks 270 Micros and Four Cylinders are on the card.  Gates open at 5PM and hot laps begin at 7PM. For the latest speedway information visit the speedways website atclintoncountyspeedway.com

Late Models 1. Tyler Emory 2. Drake Troutman 3. Matt Cosner 4. Gregg Satterlee 5. Andrew Yoder 6. Coleby Fry 7. Bryan Bernheisel 8. Dillan Stake 9. Dylan Cecee 10. Dan Stone 11. Hayes Mattern 12. Ross Robinson 13. Kyle Hardy 14. Matt Cochran 15. Austin Berry 16. Kyle Lee 17. Piper Jakob 18 Dylan Yoder 19. Nathan Long 20. Chad Homan 21. Mike Lupfer 22. Rick Eckert 23. Shaum Jones 24. Jason Covert

DNS: Jim Yoder, Sean Merkel, Todd English, Randy Burkholder, Randy Christine, Jeremy Ohl, Danny Snyder, Justin Kann, Larry Neiderer, Joe Loffredo, Kody Lyter, Dave Stamm, Maddox Smith, Del Rougeux, Cody Robbins, Dylan Fenton

Pro Stocks: 1. Cory Long 2. AY Schilling 3. Marc Bitler 4. Larry Knight 5. Kris Orwig 6. Rich Fye 7. Ronald Ergott 8. Rodney Wagner 9. Jim Farley 10. AJ Hoffman 

Four Cylinders: 1. Matt Weaver 2. Coty Maines 3. Jason Koch 4. Ken Smith 5. Garrett Lucas 6. Kevin Trimpey 7. Colton Martin 8. Zak Kline 9. Terry Karchiner 10. Kyle Stahl 11. Larry Beachel Jr. 12. Devin Park 13. Daniel Eitnier