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Dylan Yoder Takes Super Late Model Finale at Clinton County Speedway

Mill Hall, PA – Selinsgrove’s Dylan Yoder topped the field of Super Late Models during the Season Finale at the Clinton County Speedway presented by Strouse Electric. It was his second consecutive “Super 50” victory at the 3/8th mile oval as he was also the 2020 winner. Dennis Cummins won the Pro Stocks; Adrian Shaffer won the 270 Micros and Joe May won the 4 Cylinder event.  

Hayes Mattern and Dylan Yoder started on the front row as a result of the redraw. Yoder took command of the field from the drop of the green flag while Mattern battled with Jim Yoder for the runner up position. By lap number ten, Yoder began to encounter lapped traffic with Mattern, Jim Yoder, Dylan Cecce and Wyatt Scott running in the top five.   

The first caution of the event occurred on lap number 18, when Tim Luben spun his car in turn number two. Following the restart Yoder continued to hold the top position as Scott passed Cecce for the fourth position. On lap 20, Scott passed Jim Yoder for the third position as Matt Cochran moved into the top five.

By lap number 30, Yoder was working his way through lapped traffic once again, as Scott took the runner up position, Mattern was third, Matt Cochran was fourth and Andrew Yoder completed the top five. Cochran advanced into the third position on lap number 34. On lap number 43, the caution waived for Tim Luben as his car slowed due to an engine issue. The restart had Yoder, Scott, Cochran, Andrew Yoder and Mattern as the top five. On lap number 47, Cochran pulled his car into the pit area. 

On the final lap, the yellow flag waved when Mike Smith stopped on the outside of the second turn. When the race resumed, Yoder was able to hold off Scott for the win. Andrew Yoder made a last lap pass to take third from Mattern while Jim Yoder completed the top five. Sixth through tenth were. Tim Smith Jr. Rod Phillips, Dylan Cecce, Joe Loffredo and Del Rougeux. Heat races were won by Andrew Yoder and Dylan Yoder. Fast time was set by Wyatt Scott with a time of 13.864 seconds.  

AJ Stoup and Dennis Cummins started on the front row of the twenty lap pro stock main event. Cummins took the early lead with Stroup trying to chase him down. After five laps, Cummins led Stroup, Kurt Way, Robert Tressler and Mike Gray. Tressler took the third position on lap number ten. On lap number 14, Cummins entered lapped traffic. Cummins continued to pace the field for his first victory of the year over Stroup, Tressler, Way and Dave Courter. Stroup and Cummins won heat races.  

Jillian Maurer and Timmy Bittner were the front row starters of the 270 Micro Sprint main event. Bittner took the early lead with fourth place starter Adrian Shaffer running in second followed by Shaun Musser, Skeetz Hockenbrock and Jillian Maurer. On lap number ten, Shaffer made the winning pass going down the back stretch. While running third, Muser’s car broke to bring out the caution, moving Hockenbrock up to third, Maurer up to fourth and Hunter Zimmerman moved into the top five. Zimmerman took over fourth place on lap number eighteen. The top five remained unchanged when the checkered flag waved, with Shaffer claiming the win. Sixth through tenth were Evan Dickey, Levi Brungard, Shaun Musser, Corey Stabley and Rich Damore. Heat races were won by Musser and Shaffer.  

In the Four Cylinder main event, Dylan Craft started on the pole position and took the lead at the drop of the green flag. Cody Stover moved into second place with Zak Kline running in third, Blake Snyder fourth and Shawn Stahl in the top five. On lap number 10, the top two got together to bring out the caution. 

Joe May restarted the race with Stahl, Ryan Unger, Hunter Flook and Kline in the top five. By lap number 15, Flook was running in the second position, while Craft rebounded into the top five. May held on to win his first career race over Flook, Craft, Unger, and Kline. Sixth through tenth were Stover, Eric Brungard, Blake Snyder, Ernie Shilko, and Shane Wagner. Heats were won by Stahl, May and Mike Under. The consy was won by Shane Wagner.

Derek Hauck Wires Field for Clinton County’s Sprint Car Nittany 40 …Greesman takes CW Smith Memorial Honors

MILL HALL, PA – Derek Hauck of Allenwood topped the field of 33 RaceSaver sprint cars to claim the Nittany 40 championship on Saturday at the Clinton County Speedway.  Jason Geesman was victorious in the CW Smith Memorial for the Pro Stocks.  Jeffrey Weaver of Lock Haven won the 270, Johnny Smith of Scranton won the 600 Micro Sprints and Shawn Stahl won the 4 Cylinder feature event. 

Derek Hauck and Dylan Proctor brought the full field of RaceSaver Sprint cars to the green lap of the 40 main event.   Hauck led the first lap with Proctor and Garret Bard in pursuit.  On lap number two, Bard brought out the first caution of the event when he spun in turn number two.   Following the restart, Hauck maintained the lead while Ken Duke Jr. battled with Proctor for the runner up position.   Duke made the pass for second, while seventh place starter Jared Zionkowski took the third spot on lap number four.   By lap number eight, Hauck had caught the rear of the field and began to encounter lapped traffic.  The top three worked their way through lapped traffic. 

A lap fourteen caution occurred when Nathan Gramley slowed going down the back stretch.  Again, Duke and Zionkowski were looking for an opportunity to steal the top spot from Hauck.   On lap 15, Hauck led Duke, Zionkowski, Scott Lutz and Dominic Melair.   By lap 21, Hauck again caught the rear of the field and put a lapped car between him and Duke.  Duke quickly cleared the lapped car and hoped for Hauck to make a mistake. On lap 22, Kruz Kepner’s car broke sending him out over the turn three and four embankment bringing out the caution once again.

Hauck brought the field back to speed with Duke, Zionkowski, Melair and Proctor in the top five running order.   On lap twenty eight, Hauck began to dice through lapped traffic with Duke and Zionkowski in close contention.   The top three weaved their way through traffic for the final twelve laps.  When the checkered flag waved Hauck was the first to cross the line by 1.195 seconds over Duke, Zionkowski, Melair and Proctor.  Sixth through tenth were Josh Beamer, Tylor Cochran, Matt Tebbs, Scott Lutz, and Garrett Bard.  Heat races were won by Lutz, Zionkowski, Bard and Hauck.   Lutz set a new 1 lap track record with a time of 12.983 seconds during time-trials.  The B-Main was won by Ryan Lynn.

Tommy Dawson and AJ Hoffman lead the field of Pro Stocks to the line for the start of the CW Smith Memorial 50 lap main event.   Hoffman led the opening laps.  On lap number five, fourth place starter AJ Stroup took the lead while Cory Long, Brandon Moser and Brad Benton battled for the top five.  Three cars tangled in turns one and two to bring out the caution on lap number six.  Stroup continued to lead the race with Hoffman, Long and Moser in a contested battle for the lead.   On lap number nine, the caution flag waved for Chris Orwig, who took his car to the pits.  One lap later an accident occurred between Noah Jensen and Jason Smith forcing both cars to the pit area.   By lap number 11, Geesman who started third, but drifted back to fifth, rebounded into the runner up position.  

By lap 15, Stroup was holding off Geesman, Moser, Long and Dawson as the top five.  On lap number 19, Long and Moser touched causing Long to spin, while Moser went to the pits with a flat tire.   Geesman used the restart to get a run at Stoup and took the lead.  At the midway point of the race, Geesman led Stroup, Hoffman, Dawson, and Ray Rothfuss.  Corey Long and Moser, who went to the rear of the field for cautions, began to work their way back towards the front.   By lap number 30 Long entered the top five, and by lap 36 had moved into the second spot.  Moser re-entered the top five on lap number 34 and took the fourth spot from Stroup on lap 37.  With ten laps remaining, Geesman led Long, Moser, Stroup, and Hoffman.   The field entered lapped traffic with four laps to go.   Geesaman was able to claim the win over Long, Moser, Stroup, and Hoffman.  Sixth through tenth were Dawson, Mike Koser, Rothfuss, Thomas Moon, and Rooster Peters.  Heat races were won by Stroup, Moser, and Jason Smith.

Jeffrey Weaver charged from the third position to take the lead by the completion of lap number one in the 270 Micro Sprint feature.   Shaun Musser was running in second until lap number twelve, when Tyler Clowes took the runner up position.   Weaver led every lap of the 15 lap feature for the win, tying for third on the all time win list with former Thunder Car and Late Model Champion, George Fultz.   Clowes took second, Skeetz Hockenbrock advanced from deep in the pack to take third followed by Jillian Maurer and Logan Hammaker.  Heats were won by Clowes and Weaver. 

In the 600 Micro Sprints, Johnny Smith led every lap to earn the victory.   Weaver finished second, Holden was third and Jeff Gyunia was fourth.

Shawn Stahl led the opening laps of the 4 Cylinder main event.  Fourth place starter Cody Stover led lap three and four, then hit the wall and took his car to the pit area.   Stahl inherited the lead and led the remaining laps to his first win of the year.   Blake Snyder took the second position on lap number nine.   Dillan Craft and Chris Small battled for third and fourth, while Joey Snook finished fifth.  Heats were won by Stahl, John Bower and Cody Stover.    

 The Clinton County Speedway returns this Saturday for the 2021 Season Finale.  Strouse Electric will present the Super Late Models for $5,000 to win the 50 lap main event.   The Pro Stocks, 270 Micro Sprints and the 4 Cylinders will be part of the four division show.  Gates will open at 1PM, Hot laps at 4PM and racing begins at 4:30PM.  For more speedway information visit


RACESAVER SPRINTS: 1. Derek Hauck 2. Ken Duke Jr. 3. Jared Zionkowski 4. Dominic Melair 5. Dylan Proctor 6. Josh Beamer 7. Tylor Cochran 8. Matt Tebbs 9. Scott Lutz 10. Garret Bard 11. Jarrett Cavalet 12. Jeffrey Weaver 13. Mike Melair 14. Mike Alleman 15. Dustin Prettyleaf 16. Dakota Schweikart 17. Ryan Lynn 18. Dale Schweikart 19. Jason Roush 20. Robbie Bartchey 21. Reed Thompson 22. Will Brunson 23. Kruz Kepner 24. Drew Young 25. Nathan Gramley DNS: Hayden Walizer, Fred Arnold, Austin Greenland, Chris Kreider, Dave Guss Jr. Josh Fox, Zach Rhodes, Erick Knopp

PRO STOCKS: 1. Jason Geesman 2. Cory Long 3. Brandon Moser 4. AJ Stroup 5. AJ Hoffman 6. Tommy Dawson 7. Mike Koser 8. Thomas Moon 9. Ray Rothfuss 10. Rooster Peters 11. Ron Benton 12. Bradley Benton 13. Curtis Lawton 14. Jason Smith 15. Noah Jensen 16. Kris Orwig Sr. 17. Robert Tressler 18. Gary Mellott 19. Mike Gray DNS Rich Fye, Noah Kissinger, John Zimmerman

270 MICROS: 1. Jeffrey Weaver 2. Tyler Clowes 3. Skeetz Hockenbrock. 4. Jillian Maurer 5. Logan Hammaker 6. Mitchell Holden 7. Mac Wert 8. Hunter Zimmerman 9. Shaun Musser 10. Levi Brungard 11. Cory Stabley 12. Evan Dickey

600 MICROS: 1. Johnny Smith 2. Jeffrey Weaver 3. Mitchell Holden 4. Jeff Gyuina

4 CYLINDERS: 1. Shawn Stahl 2. Blake Snyder 3. Dillan Craft 4. Chris Small 5. Joey Snook 6. Donald Wynn 7. Anthony Peter 8. John Baney 9. Chelsea Harris 10. Zach Rill 11. Tim Muthler 12. Tyler Shahl 13. Donnie Wagner 14. Brooke Potter 15. Coty Maines 16. Larry Beacher Jr. 17. Emily Brouse 18. Cody Stover 19. Bryan Hackenberg 20. Andrew Ricketts 21. Paul Young 22. John Bower DNS: Hunter Flook, Keith Haagen

Zionkowski Preps for Nittany 40 with Victory at Clinton County Speedway

For Immediate Release

September 17 2021

Mill Hall, PA – Jared Zionkowski used Friday night’s race as the final preparation race for the Nittany 40 coming up in two weeks at Clinton County.  “If the track is tacky like tonight for the big race, that would be great,” said Zionkowski in Victory Lane.  It was his second win of the season.   Other winners of the night included Brandon Moser in the Pro Stocks, Dexter Strawser in the 600 Micro Sprints, Jeffrey Weaver in the 270s and Joey Snook in the Four Cylinders.  

Dustin Prettyleaf and Jarret Cavalet led the field of sprint cars to the green flag.  Prettyleaf led the first lap with fourth place starter, Zionkowski in second Matt Tebbs in third followed by Reed Thompson and Cavalet.   The leaders began to encounter lapped traffic by lap number six with Prettyleaf in the lead and Zionkowski within striking distance.   On lap number seven, Zionkowski used the high lane of the speedway to pass Prettyleaf and a lapped car to take the lead.  

Zionkowski weaved his way through lapped traffic like a seasoned veteran, utilizing the high and low sides of the speedway.  Prettyleaf maintained second with Matt Tebbs running in third.   Seventh place starter Dylan Proctor and tenth place starter Josh Beamer started to make a charge towards the front of the field.  

On lap number 19, the red flag waved, when Hayden Walizer caught the wheel of another sprinter and flipped in turns three and four.  Walizer was ok.   Following the restart, Zionkowski brought the field up to speed, with Prettyleaf, Tebbs, Proctor, and Cavalet in the top five.  The final six laps went caution free, as Zionkowski raced to his second win of the season.  Prettyleaf was second, Tebbs third, Proctor finished fourth and Cavalet completed the top five.   Sixth through tenth were Beamer, Scott Lutz, Matt Cochran, Dakota Schweikart, and Craig Dobrosky.  Heat races were won by Prettyleaf, Cochran and Zionkowski.

Todd Geyer and Gary Mellott started on the front row of the Pro Stock feature event.   Mellott battled with Geyer and led the first several laps.  By the completion of lap number five, Mellott was leading sixth place starter Brandon Moser, Geyer, AJ Stroup, and Jason Smith.   Moser made a pass for the lead on lap number seven.   The caution flag waved as the field came to complete lap number eight, when Cory Long spun in turn four.   Following the restart, AJ Stroup took the runner up position away from Geyer and tried to chase down the race leader.    On lap number eleven, the caution flag waved again for Long and Rich Fye who got together while battling for position   On the restart Moser led, Stroup, Geyer, Mellott and Robert Tressler.   With two laps remaining, Stroup slowed and took his car to the pits, allowing Geyer to take back the runner up position.  At the checkered flag, Moser was the winner over Geyer, Tressler, Mellott and Long.   Sixth through tenth were Noah Kissinger, Chris Orwig Sr, Rooster Peters, Smith, and Stroup.  Heat races were won by Moser and Mellott.

Dustin Roberts advanced from the outside of the front row to take the lead in the 600 Micro Sprint feature event.   The caution came out on lap number two when Timmy Bittner slowed on the front stretch.   Roberts continued to show the way with Dexter Strawser, Jeff Gyuina, Jeffrey Weaver and Mitchell Holden in pursuit.  Roberts would continue to hold off Strawser until lap number 12.  Strawser took the lead and would lead the final four laps for the win over Roberts, Gyurina, Holden, and Chase Rousey.  The heat was won by Bitner.

James Bilger started on the pole of the 270 Micro Sprint feature event and took the early lead.  Tenth place starter Jeffrey Weaver took the top spot by the completion of lap number four.   The caution flag waved on lap number seven, with four cars involved in a turn four accident.   By lap number nine, Denny Rinehimer moved into the second spot.  Skeetz Hockenbrock moved into the top five by lap number ten.  Weaver continued to lead the remaining laps to claim his 44th career feature win, tying him for 4th on the all time career win list.   Crossing the line second was Rinehimer, Bilger, Hockenbrock, and Shawn Musser.  As of press time, the 270 results remain unofficial pending a tech review.  Heats were won by Weaver and Levi Brungard.

Joey Snook started on the outside of the front row in the 4 Cylinder main event.   Snook took the lead over pole sitter Donald Wynn.  The field slowed on lap number two when a caution was needed for Shane Wager who stopped on the speedway.  Upon the restart Snook maintained the lead over Wynn, Dillan Craft, and Larry Beecher.  The leaders begin to encounter lapped traffic on lap number nine.    Snook cruised to his first career win over Dillan Craft, Larry Beecher, Maddox Smith, and Cody Stover.  Sixth through tenth were Blake Snyder, Chris Small, Jimmy Moyer, Keith Haagen and Dustin Miller.   Heat races were won by Jimmy Moyer, Craft, Stover, and Hunter Flook.  The b-main  was won by Brad Boyd.

The next event at the Clinton County Speedway will be on Saturday, October 2nd.  Gates will open at 1PM and Racing will begin at 4:30. The RaceSaver Sprints will compete in the Nittany 40 presented by Bill Happy Camper Sales and Service of Mill Hall.   Sprint cars will use time trials and heat races to determine the starting lineup for the biggest race of the season for the Sprint Cars.  The Pro Stocks will also compete in their biggest race of the year, the CW Smith Memorial paying $1,800 to win for their 50 lap main event.  In addition, the 270 Micros, the 600 Micros and the four cylinders will be in competition.  For the latest speedway information, visit the speedway website at or follow us on Facebook.


Sprint Cars: 1. Jared Zionkowski 2. Dustin Prettyleaf 3. Matt Tebbs 4. Dylan Proctor 5. Jarrett Cavalet 6. Josh Beamer 7. Scott Lutz 8. Tylor Cochran 9. Dakota Schweikart 10. Greg Dobrosky 11. Austin Greenland 12. Chris Kreider 13. Josh Fox 14. Ryan Lynn 15. Todd Lynn 16. Reed Thompson 17. Kruz Kepner 18. Hayden Walizer 19. Dave Guss Jr. 20. Dale Schweikart 21. Jeffrey Weaver 22. Mariah Romig DNS Erick Knopp

Pro Stocks: 1. Brandon Moser 2. Todd Geyer 3. Robert Tressler 4. Gary Mellott 5. Cory Long 6. Noah Kissinger 7. Kris Orwig Sr. 8. Rooster Peters 9. Jason Smith 10. AJ Stroup 11. Rich Fye 12. Mike Gray

600 Micro Sprints: 1. Dexter Strawser 2. Dustin Roberts 3. Jeff Gyuina 4. Mitchell Holden 5. Chase Rousey 6. Jeffrey Weaver 7. Dan Tripoli 8. Timmy Bittner 9. Stone Keller

270 Micros (unofficial) 1. Jeffrey Weaver 2. Denny Rinehimer 3. James Bilger 4. Skeetz Hockenbrock 5. Shawn Musser 6. Cory Stabley 7. Mitchell Holden 8. Aidan Adams 9. Levi Brungard 10. Dan Wertman 11. Jillian Maurer 12. Frank Gentile 13. Mathew Dixon 14. Tom Quiggle 15. Brad Snyder 16 Mac Wert 17. Timmy Bittner 18. Logan Hammaker 19. Wyatt Walizer 20. Evan Dickey

Four Cylinders: 1. Joey Snook 2. Dillan Craft 3. Larry Beecher Jr 4. Maddox Smith 5. Cody Stover 6. Blake Snyder 7. Chris Small 8. Jimmy Moyer 9. Keith Haagen 10. Dustin Miller 11. Anthony Potter 12. Dillan Hoover 13. Gaige Wilson 14. Andrew Ricketts 15. Mike Hepler 16. Bryan Hackenberg 17. Jon Stringfellow 18. Tim Tentek 19. Donald Wynn 20. Donnie Wagner 21. Hunter Flook 22. Coty Maines 23. Shane Wager 24. Brad Boyd DNS: Paul Young, John Baney, Tim Muthler, Nick Snook, Dustin Kinser, Brett Shirk, Roger Fagen, Damon Hand, Katelynn Sementelli and Toby Stahl

CW Smith Memorial Set for October 2nd

The CW Smith Memorial will pay $1800 to win for Pro Stocks on Saturday Oct 2nd.  The Pro Stocks will compete in their biggest race of the season.  “We are excited to work with the Smith family again this year to honor CW and all that he has done for racing in our area,” said speedway promoter Jason McCahan. The race will be 50 laps.

Rules for the Pro stock race can be found here: . 

I’m addition to the Pro Stocks.  The RaceSaver sprint cars will compete in the Nittany 40 paying $800 to win and $400 to start.  It is one of the largest payouts for the RaceSaver sprint cars in the state.  The winner of the Clinton County race will be a guaranteed started for Port Royal Speedway’s Keystone Classic. The sprint car race is presented by Bills Happy Camper in Mill Hall. 

Also on the card will be the 270 Micros, the 600 Micros and the 4 Cylinders
Gates open at 1 PM. Racing at 4:30PM

Cruz Kepner Earns First Career Victory at Clinton County

MILL HALL, PA – Cruz Kepner of Kramer topped a field of 30 RaceSaver Sprint cars to earn his first career victory on Friday night.  “We came here tonight to prepare for the upcoming Nittany 40 in a few weeks,” said an excited Kepner in victory lane.   “It’s great to go home tonight as the winner over a solid field of sprint cars.”  Other winners of the night sponsored by Murray Ford of Lock Haven included AJ Stroup in the Pro Stocks, Ross Perchak in the 270s, Timmy Bittner of Beech Creek in the 600s, and Blake Snyder of Hughesville in the Four Cylinders

Larry McVay of Bordentown, NJ and Josh Beamer of Picture Rocks led the full field of 24 sprint cars to the green flag.  Beamer raced side by side with McVay into the first turn, as the duo exited turn one Beamer had a slight advantage.   Fourth place starter, Dylan Proctor of Lock Haven was running a close third and took over the second position by the completion of lap number two with Austin Greenland in third, McVay in fourth and Kepner, who started eighth running in the top five. 

The first caution of the night waved on lap number eight, when Dakota Schweikart slowed coming out of turn number four.   Following the restart, Beamer held off the challenges of Proctor as Greenland and Kepner battled for third and fourth.  On lap number fourteen, the leaders began to work their way through lapped traffic.  Beamer was able to navigate the traffic, but also knew that Proctor, Kepner, Greenland and McVay were closing in. 

On lap number sixteen, Kepner made the pass for the runner up position.  For the next few laps, the leaders raced through lapped traffic with Kepner keeping pace with Beamer.   As they entered the turn in lapped traffic, Beamer committed to the low side, while Kepner held the top line.   As the leaders came to the line to complete lap number eighteen, Kepner was the new race leader.   On the next circuit, the caution waved for Dominic Melair who stopped on the back stretch.   The restart had Kepner leading Beamer, Proctor, Garrett Bard, and McVey.   For the final six laps, Kepner maintained the lead.   On lap number 21, the leaders entered lapped traffic once again.   Beamer tried to use the lap traffic to his advantage, hoping for a mistake from Kepner.  Kepner kept the intense pace to secure his first career win in sprint car competition.   Beamer was second, Garrett Bard rallied from twelfth to finish third, Proctor was fourth, and McVay completed the top five.  Sixth through tenth were Dale Schweikart, Greenland, Dustin Prettyleaf, Matt Tebbs and Scott Lutz.  Heats were won by Jared Zionkowski, Bard and Reed Thompson.  The Consolation event was won by Ryan Lynn. 

The opening lap of the 270 Micro Sprint Summer Championship saw Mac Wert lead the first circuit.   By the completion of lap number two, Jeffrey Weaver charged to the front with Sean Stolz, Hayden Walizer, Mac Wert and Ross Perchak in the top five.   Perchak moved into third on lap number three and took the second spot on lap number four.  For the next several laps, the top three were in contention for the win.   On lap number eight, Perchak made a challenge for the lead and took the position away from Weaver on lap number nine, in the meantime Stolz was also looking to advance, but got a little bit sideways coming out of turn four.  He regained control of the car but lost several positions as a result.   With five laps to go, Perchak led Weaver, Denny Rinehimer, Skeetz Hockenbrock and Wert, while Stoltz rebounded back to sixth.   On that same lap, the red flag came out when Rich Damore flipped his car in turn number three.   Following the restart, Stoltz was able to capitalize and raced his way into the top three.   As the checkered flag waved, Perchak claimed the win over Weaver, Stoltz, Rinehimer and Hockenbrock.  Sixth through tenth were Wert, Shaun Musser, Logan Hammaker, Levi Brungard and Walizer.  Heat races were won by Perchak and Stoltz 

Robert Tressler of Lock Haven and AJ Stroup lead the field to the green flag for the Pro Stock feature event.   Stroup led the first two laps before Tressler took the position away.   By the completion of lap number five, Tessler led Stroup, AY Schilling, Noah Jensen and Corey Long.   At the race’s midway point Tressler continued to hold off the challenges by Stroup as the leaders entered lapped traffic. 

Jensen took over the second position on lap number 10 and Long shuffled Tressler back to fourth by advancing into the third position as Jason Smith moved into the top five.   Stroup continued to lead the final laps of the race to earn the victory over Jensen, Long, Tressler and Smith.   Sixth through tenth were Gary Mellott, AY Schilling, Brandon Moser, Rooster Peters, and Kris Orwig Sr.  Heats were won by Long and Stroup. 

Timmy Bittner of Beech Creek used his front row starting spot to take the lead on lap one of the 600 Micro Sprint feature event.   Third place starter Jeffrey Weaver moved into second while Stone Keller ran in third.   The event’s only caution came out on lap number nine when Dan Tripoli slowed on the back stretch.  Bittner executed a flawless restart to hold off the challenge of Weaver.  Bittner cruised to the victory over Weaver, Keller, Derek Swartz, and Josh Beamer.  Jeffrey Weaver won the heat race.

In the Four Cylinder Division, Joey and Nick Snook brought the field to the green flag.  Joe won the battle to lead the first lap.   The caution flag came out for fourth place starter Chloe Smith.  While under the caution, front row starter Nick Snook and eight place starter Maddox Smith went into the pits.   ON the following lap the caution flag waved again for Josh Stringfellow.  While under yellow, fifth place starter Skylar Witchley went to the pit area and Sith place starter Cody Stover stopped on the track.   Once back to racing action, Snook would continue to set the place and would lead the first five laps of the race.    By the completion of lap number six, Blake Snyder made a pass for the lead, with Dillan Craft moving into the runner up position one lap later.  The leaders soon encountered lapped traffic.  Snyder would continue to lead to edge out Dillan Craft, Joey Snook, Cody Stove and Jimmy Moyer.  Sixth through tenth were Coty Maines, Dustin Miller, Hunter Flook, Andrew Rickets, and Bryan Hackenberg.  Heats were won by Moyer, Snook, and Maddox Smith.

The Clinton County Speedway returns this Friday with another 5 division show featuring the RaceSaver Sprints, Pro Stocks, 270 Micro Sprints, 600 Micro Sprints and the Four Cylinders.  It will be the final points races of the season presented by RC Bowman Inc.  Gates Open at 5PM, Hot laps at 7PM and Racing at 7:30.  For more speedway information visit


RACESAVER SPRINTS: 1. Kruz Kepner 2. Josh Beamer 3. Garrett Bard 4. Dylan Proctor 5. Larry McVay 6. Dale Schweikart 7. Austin Greenland 8. Dustin Prettyleaf 9. Matt Tebbs 10. Scott Lutz 11. Jared Zionkowski 12. Jarrett Cavalet 13. Mike Melair 14. Tylor Cochran 15. Chris Kreider 16. Ronnie Rough 17. Corey Brungard 18. Reed Thompson 19. Josh Fox 20. Steven Kennewell Jr. 21. Ryann Lynn 22. Dominic Melair 23. Dakota Schweikart 24. Dave Guss Jr.  DNS:  Frank Rusnock, Owen Dimm, Andrew Boyer Josh Spicer, Jeffrey Weaver, Hayden Walizer.

PRO STOCKS: 1. AJ Stroup 2. Noah Jensen 3. Cory Long 4. Robert Tressler 5. Jason Smith 6. Gary Mellott 7. AY Schilling 8. Brandon Moser 9. Rooster Peters 10. Kris Orwig Sr. 11. Noah Kissinger 12. Rich Fye 13. Todd Geyer DNS Johnny Bouse

270 MICROS: 1. Ross Perchak 2. Jeffrey Weaver 3. Sean Stoltz 4. Denny Rinehimer 5. Skeetz Hockenbrock 6. Mac Wert 7. Shaun Musser 8. Logan Hammaker 9. Levi Brungard 10. Haden Walizer 11. Buddy Kramer 12. Cory Stabley 13. Mathew Dixson 14. Rich Damore 15. Dan Wertman 16. Ryan Bower 17. Frank Gentile 18. Timmy Bittner 19. Brad Snyder  

600 MICROS: 1. Timmy Bittner 2. Jeffrey Weaver 3. Stone Keller 4. Derek Swartz 5. Josh Beamer 6. Jeff Gyuina 7. Dustin Roberts 8. Dan Tripoli

4 CYLINDERS: 1. Blake Snyder 2. Dillan Craft 3. Joey Snook 4. Cody Stover 5. Jimmy Moyer 6. Coty Maines 7. Dustin Miller 8. Hunter Flook 9. Andrew Rickets 10. Bryan Hackenberg 11. John Baney 12. Tim Tenteck 13. Zach Rill 14. Chelsea Harris 15. Tim Muthler 16. Troy Bennett 17. Zack Kline 18. Donald Wynn 19. Katelynn Semetelli 20. Skyler Witchley 21. Jon Stringfellow 22. Nick Snook 23. Chloe Smith 24 Maddox Smith 25. Damon Hand DNS Joshua Thompson

Cochran Capitalizes on Stroud Memorial for Second Consecutive Year

September 3, 2021

MILL HALL, PA – Williamsport’s Matt Cochran parked his number 16 Limited Late Model in victory lane for the second consecutive year for the Lenny Stroud Jr. Memorial race, earning $1,450 for the night. Other winners included Brandon Moser in the Pro Stocks, Timmy Bittner in the 270 Micro Sprints, Trevor Teats in the 600 Micro Sprints and Blake Snyder in the 4 Cylinders.

Cochran and Joe Loffredo led the field of Limited Late Models to the green flag for the 25 lap main event.  The Lenny Stroud Memorial Jr. Memorial was also the final points race for the Limited Late Models, as three drivers were in contention for the season championship including points leader Andrew Yoder, Mike Smith, and Jim Yoder. 

Cochran took the early lead with Loffredo and Jim Yoder on his back bumper.  The field with slowed on lap three for a spin in turn two.   The caution came out again on lap four when three cars tangled in turn four.   By the completion of lap number six Cochran was leading Jim Yoder, Loffredo, Andrew Yoder, Jennea Piper, Jakob Piper and Smith.  

On lap number nine, Smith’s car slowed coming down the front stretch to bring out the caution.  Smith took his car back to the pit area, ending his chances of contending for the championship.  Upon the restart, Cochran raced into turn one with Jim Yoder, Joe Loffredo, Andrew Yoder and Jakob Piper in the top five.   By lap 15, the leaders started to encounter lapped traffic.  Andrew Yoder took the third spot away on lap number 16 and Piper took the fourth spot away shuffling Loffredo back to fifth.  

With three laps remaining, the Yoders while battling for second briefly touched.  Andrew Yoder stopped on the front stretch to bring out the caution.   Andrew took his car to the pit area, but rejoined the back of field for the restart.   With Andrew Yoder being able to restart, with three laps to go the championship battled would require his uncle Jim Yoder to win to claim the championship.  

As the drivers came back to green flag racing, Cochran again executed a flawless restart with Jim Yoder glued to his back bumper.  Andrew Yoder, coming from the tail of the field, passed a few cars down the front stretch, however, as he headed into turn number one something mechanical in the steering broke crashing his #2 race car into the turn one wall. The driver was ok, but was a misfortune as the points races would be decided by the outcome of the final three laps.  The restart had Cochran, Yoder, Jakob Piper, Jennea Piper and Loffredo in the top five.   The final three circuits, the top five remained unchanged as Cochran claimed the victory.

“It’s been a rough season,” said an emotional Cochran in victory lane.   “We hurt a motor early in the season and it was difficult to get the needed parts.  It feel great to get a win, especially when it’s the Stroud Memorial.”   Jim Yoder was recognized as the 2021 champion in the Late Model division.  Sixth through tenth were Nick Loffredo, Tom Decker, Jr, Denny Fourney, Tim Luben, and Marvin Williams.

 Heat races were won by Smith and Andrew Yoder.

Gary Mellott and Robert Tressler led the field of Pro Stocks for their Summer Championship presented by Leonard Landscape Supply to the green flag.  Tressler took the early lead with third place starter, AJ Stroup trying to chase him down.   At the completion of lap number five, Tressler led Stoup, AJ Hoffman, Brandon Moser and AY Schilling.   Stoup made a pass for the lead and took the top spot by the completion of lap number six.   At the half way mark of the event, Moser passed Tressler for the runner up position.   On lap number 16, the events only caution occurred when Gary Mellot slowed on the back stretch.   The restart would make for an interesting finish among the top runners with Stroup leading Moser, Tressler, Hoffman and Cory Long.   For the final four laps, Moser would try to pass Stroup in a drag race to the start-finish line.  Stroup edged Moser by a nose on every lap.  One again on the final lap the two raced each other hard looking to win the race.   At the finish, Moser claimed the victory by a mere .018 seconds over Stroup, Tressler, Long and Hoffman.  Sixth through tenth were AY Schilling, Noah Jenson, Tommy Dawson, Rich Fye and Todd Geyer.  Heats were won by Jensen and Tressler.

Tyler Clowes and Mathew Dixon started on the front row of the 270 Micro Sprint feature.   Dickson led the first circuit with Clowes taking the lead by the completion of lap number two.   The caution waved on lap number 5 for an accident in turn four involving Dixson and Mike Shuckers.  The restart had Clowes leading Logan Hammaker, Shawn Musser, Timmy Bittner and Denny Rhinehimer.  Clowes continued to pace the field as Bittner began to move his way to the front.   On lap number 11, Bittner made the winning pass.  Bittner would take the checkered flag over Clowes, Rhinehimer, Jeffery Weaver, and Nick Whitesel.  Sixth through tenth were Skeetz Hockenbrock, Hammaker, Troy Whitesel, Mitchell Holden, and Corey Stanley.  Heat races were won by Shuckers, Hammaker, and Nick Whitesel.

In 600 Micros Sprint action, Trevor Teats and Derek Swartz led the field to the start.   Teats took the lead with fourth place starter Timmy Bittner running in second.  Fifth place starter Johnny Smith moved into thrived position on lap number five.   At the midway mark ,Teats lead Bittner, Smith, Dexter Strawser, and Dustin Roberts. The event ran caution free,  with Teats leading every lap.  Smith took second away from Bittner on lap number twelve.  At the finish it as Teats, Smith Bittner, Stawser and Jeffrey Weaver.  Sixth through tenth were Roberts, Jeff Gyuina, Stone Keller, Mitchell Holden and Dan Tripoli.  Heat races were won by Bittner and Smith.  

Coty Maines and Josh Thompson started on the front row of the 4 Cylinder feature event.   Maines took the lead with 6th place starter Tim Raup taking the second spot.  On lap number five, the caution came out for Jimmy Moyer whose car caught on fire.  The driver was ok.  Maines and Raup continued to lead the field, with Blake Snyder,  Dillan Craft and Ryan Unger in the top five.   The top five would remain unchanged in the race to the checkered.   Following post race inspections, Maines and Raup were disqualified.  Snyder was credited with the win over Craft, Unger, Maddox Smith and Thompson.  Sixth through tenth were Damon Hand, Anthony Potter, Jimmy Moyer, Dillan Hoover and Andrew Rickets.  Heats were won by Moyer, Chris Small and Smith.

The Clinton County Speedway returns this Friday with another 5 division show featuring the RaceSaver Sprints,  Pro Stocks, 270 Micro Sprints, 600 Micro Sprints and the Four Cylinders.  Gates Open at 5PM, Hotlaps at 7PM and Racing at 7:30.  For more speedway information visit


Limited Late Models: 1. Matt Cochran. 2. Jim Yoder 3.  Jakob Piper, 4. Jennea Piper 5.. Nick Loffredo 6.. Nick Loffredo 7. Tom Decker Jr. 8. Denny Fourney 9. Tim Luben 10. Marvin Williams 11. Kyle Bachman 12. Len stroud Sr. 13.  Andrew Yoder 14. Mike Smith 15.. Mike Horne 16. Steve Scaifer Jr 17 Tom Decker III

Pro Stocks: 1.. Brandon Moser 2. AJ Stroup 3. Robert Tressler 4. AJ Hoffman 5. Cory Long 6. AY Schilling 7 Noah Jensen 8. Tommy Dawson 9. Rich Fye 10 Todd Geyer. 11. Rooster Peters 12. Noah Kissinger 13. Gary Mellott DNS. Ray Rothfuss

270s. 1. Timmy Bittner 2. Tyler Clowes 3. Denny Rhinehimer 4. Jeffrey Weaver 5.. Nick Whitesel 6, Skeetz hockenbrock 7. Logan Hammaker 8. Troy Whitesel 9. Mitchell Holden 10. Cory Stabley. 11. Ryan Bower 12. Hunter Zimmerman 13. Levi Brungard 14. Mason Peters 15. Brad Snyder 16. Shaun Musser 17. Mike Schuckers 18. Matthew Disxon 19. Frank Gentile DNS. Mac Wert, Haden Walizer.

600s: 1. Trevor Teats 2. Johnny Smith 3. Timmy Bittner 4. Dexter Stawser 5. Jeffrey Weaver 6. Dustin Roberts 7. Jeff Gyuina 8. Stone Keller 9. Mitchell Holden 10. Dan Tripoli 11. Derek Swartz DNS.  Nick Wood.

Four Cylinders 1. Blake Snyder 2.. Dillan Craft 3. Ryan Unger 4. Maddox Smith 5. Joshua Thompson 6. Damon Hand 7. Anthony Potter 8. Jimmy Moyer 9.. Dillan Hoover 10. Andrew Rickets 11. Chloe Smith12. Bryan Hackenberg 13. Joey Snook 14. Zach Rill 15. Kyle Strouse 16.. Hunter Flook 17. Keith Haagen 18. Donald Wynn 19. Chris Small. 20. Tim Muthler 21. Justin Markel 22. Johnny Stingfellow 23. Gage Wilson 24. Brett Shirk

 DQ Coty Maines, Tim Raup

Rain Forces Clinton County Speedway to Cancel, LLM Stroud Memorial this Friday

Mill Hall, PA – Early evening thunderstorms forced speedway officials to cancel the Friday night racing program.   It was the second rain cancelation in back to back weeks at the 3/8 mile oval.    

This Friday night, September 3rd, the limited late models will be the headline division for the Lenny Stroud Jr. Memorial.  The Limited Lates will compete in a $1,200 to win race event.  In addition, the Pro Stocks will compete in their summer championship paying $500 to the winner.  The 270 Micro Sprints, 600 Micro Sprints and the Four Cylinders will be part of the 5 division program.  The Stroud Memorial is the final points event of the season for the Limited Late Models. Andrew Yoder is the current point leader with 1,390 points.  He holds a 60 point lead over Mike Smith (1330) and 80 points over Jim Yoder (1310).  Matt Cochran of Williamsport is the defending winner of the Stroud Memorial and the defending track champion.   

The 270 Micro Sprints will compete in their summer championship on Friday, September 10th.  The 270s will race for $600 to win and $50 to start presented by Murray Ford of Lock Haven.  The RaceSaver Sprint cars, Pro Stocks, 600 Micros and 4 Cylinders will also be of the on the program.    

The final points event of the season will take place on Friday, September 17th presented by RC Bowman Inc.  The five division show will include the RaceSaver Sprint Cars, Pro Stocks, 270 Micro Sprints, 600 Micro Sprints, and the 4 Cylinders.  

The speedway will have an off week on September 24th for an event on the fairgrounds.  Then during the month of October, the speedway will switch over to Saturday for 2 big nights of racing.  

Bill’s Happy Camper of Mill Hall will present the Nittany 40 for the RaceSaver Sprint Cars on Saturday, October 2nd.  In addition, the Sprints, the Pro Stocks will compete in the CW Smith Memorial.  The 270 Micros, 600 Micros and 4 Cylinders will be part of the racing program. 

Then the season finale will take place on Saturday, October 9th when Strouse Electric presents the Super Late Model 50 paying $5,000 to win.  The Pro Stocks, 270s, 600s and 4 Cylinders will also be part of the racing program.  

For the latest updates and events at the Clinton County Speedway, visit the website, or like us on Facebook. 

Rain Forces Clinton County Officials to Cancel

Mill Hall, PA – Clinton County Speedway officials had to cancel the Friday, August 20th racing event as a storm came across the fairgrounds soaking the speedway surface. The speedway will now focus its attention on three upcoming summer championships.
This coming Friday, August 27th, Leonard Landscape Supply will present a 5 division racing program with the Pro Stocks competing in a 20 lap championship event paying $500 to win. In addition to the Pro Stocks, the Laurel Highlands RaceSaver sprint cars, the 270 Micro Sprints, 600 Micro Sprints and 4 cylinders will be part of the night’s racing program.
On Friday, September 3rd, the Limited Late Models will return and compete in the annual Lenny Stroud Jr. Memorial Race. The Pro Stocks, the 270 Micro Sprints, 600 Micro Sprints and 4 cylinders will be part of the program.
The 270 Micro Sprints will compete in their summer championship on Friday, September 10th. The 270s will race for $600 to win and $50 to start, presented by Murray Ford of Lock Haven. The RaceSaver Sprint cars, Pro Stocks, 600 Micros and 4 Cylinders will also be of the evening event.
The final points event of the season will take place on Friday, September 17th presented by RC Bowman Inc. The five division show will include the RaceSaver Sprint Cars, Pro Stocks, 270 Micro Sprints, 600 Micro Sprints, and the 4 Cylinders.
Current Points Leaders are as follows: RaceSaver Sprint Cars: Garrett Bard-1490, Dale Schweikart-1210, Scott Lutz-1185.Limited Late Models: Andrew Yoder-1390, Mike Smith-1330, Jim Yoder-1310.Pro Stocks: Brandon Moser- 3410, Cory Long-3250, Noah Jensen-3000.270 Micro Sprints: Jeffrey Weaver-3060, Timmy Bittner-2555, Skeetz Hockenbrock-2460.600 Micro Sprints: Jeffrey Weaver-2980, Timmy Bittner-2740, Cody Hauck-2590, Sierra Hauck-2590. Four Cylinders: Blake Snyder-3090, Maddox Smith-2565, Jimmy Moyer-2350.
Weekly racing action begins with gates opening at 5PM, Hot Laps at 7PM and Racing at 7:30.
For the latest speedway information, visit the speedway website at or visit the speedways social media channels on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.###