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Kunsman Claims Inaugural Event at Clinton County Speedway for Wingless Speedweek

Mill Hall, PA – The Clinton County Speedway was a new addition to the annual Hyper Racing 600 Speedweek this season, hosting 53 wingless 600 Micro Sprints on Tuesday night.   Tommy Kunsman Jr of Bethlehem, PA raced from the tenth postion to secure his second win of the season.   Neil Perchak of Bloomsburg, PA won the 270 Micro Sprint feature event.

Alex Ruppert of Lewisberry, PA and Sheldon Creed of Alpine, CA brought the field of 26 starters to the green flag.   Ruppert led the first lap but the caution came out with several cars getting together in turn one.   Creed used the restart to take the lead by the completion of the second circuit, with Ruppert trying to battle back.  Cautions occurred on laps 4 and 5 for two separate single car spins.   Following the lap five restart, Ruppert regained the top spot moving Creed to second followed by Steve Snyder Jr of Rising Sun, MD., Jaxon Bishop of Toney, AL and Tommy Kunsman Jr.

By lap number six, Kunsman advanced to third place, while Danner Briggs, who qualified through a transfer from the B-Main moved into the top ten after starting 20th.   On the next circuit, Kunsman passed Bard and then Ruppert to lead lap number seven. 

The cars were racing three and four wide for postion throughout the entire field.  Kunsman was running in the middle groove, as Bard moved to the top side to pass Ruppert for second and hoped to use the momentum to get around Kunsman.  By lap 10 Kunsman was leading Bard, Ruppert, Bishop and Danner.  Creed was running sixth followed by Colin White, Conner Gross, Nick Goff and Mason Beinhower. 

Kunsman and Bard continued to run first and second as Ruppert, Bishop and Danner were battling for third through fifth place.  With Bishop moving into the third spot on lap number 15.  As the leaders were about to encounter lapped traffic a caution came out on lap number 20.  Kunsman brought the field back to speed with Bard immediately committing to top side looking to make a pass.   On lap 25, the red flag came out for a two car incident on the front stretch Conner Mirabelli and Mason Peters tangled causing  Peters’ car to roll onto its side.  

A five lap shoot-out to the finish of the 30 lap main event would decide the winner.   Kunsman maintained his lane as Bard tried the top side of the speedway once again.   At the finish Kunsman claimed victory over Mitchell Bard, Jaxon Bishop, Briggs Danner and Alex Ruppert.  Sixth through tenth were Connor Gross, of Asbury, NJ, Colin White of Scranton, PA, Steve Snyder Jr. of Rising Sun, MD; Nick Groff of Manheim, PA and Zach Bealer of Leighton, PA. 

Heat races were won by: Bealer, Sam Johnson of St Peters, MO; Creed, Bishop Zach Weisenfluh of Taylor PA and Goss.  B-main qualifiers were won by Groff and Danner.  Fast time was set by Zach Jurcik of Scotland, CT with a time of 15.533 seconds.  Creed set a 8 lap track record with a time of 2:11.615

In the 270 Micro Sprints, Zachery Glass and Logan Hammaker started on the front row.  Glass led the opening laps, until lap three as fourth place starter Jeffrey Weaver took the lead.   A series of cautions took place on laps six and seven.  Ross Perchak came from eight and was in second by lap number six.  On lap ten Perchak passed Weaver, as Corey Stabley came from 22nd into the top three.  Glass and Michael Petock battled for the fourth and fifth place.   Petock led the final five laps to earn his first feature of the season at the Speedway.  Weaver was second, Stabley was third, Glass was fourth and Petock was fifth.  Sixth through tenth were Jillian Mauer, Logan Hammaker, Hunter Zimmerman, Shaun Musser and Matt Dixon.  Heats were won by Weaver, Coleton Eckroth and Perchak. 

 The Speedway returns on Friday July 21st with the United Racing Club 360 Sprint cars along with the Pro Stocks, 270 Micros and 4 Cylinders.  Gates will open at 5PM and hot laps are at 7PM.  For the latest speedway information visit the speedway’s website at or like us on Facebook.

Hyper Racing 600 Speedweek: 1. Tommy Kunsman, Jr. 2. Mitchell Bard 3. Jaxon Bishop 4. Brigg Danner 5. Alex Ruppert 6. Connor Gross 7. Colin White 8. Steve Snyder Jr 9. Nick Groff 10. Zach Bealer 11. Jacob Severn 12. Christian Bruno 13. Zach Weisenfluh 14. Mason Beinhower 15. Matt Smith 16. Richie Hartman 17. Sheldon Creed 18. Sam Johnson 19. Zach Jurcik 20. Prestyn Brown 21. Bubba Hughes 22. Cole DeWease 23. Mason Peters 24. Connor Mirabelli 25. Tim Buckwalter 26. Michael Nolf

DNS: Kenny Beinhower III, Robby Brockman, Brandon Pavel, Kyle Lick , Ryan Boyd, Holden Eckman, Lukas Kostic, Jesse Maurer, Garyt Smith, PJ Reutimann, Sam Riggleman, Tyler Harper, Mitchell Holden, Maddie Boyd, James Roselli, Caiden Herbert, Joey Robinson, Jake Winters, Jason Rush, Wesley Sweatman, Keith McIntyre, Ronnie Dawson, Aidan Goldsmith, Bubba Rains, Scott Kreutter, Michael Nolf, PJ Williams.

270 Micros: 1. Ross Perchak, 2. Jeffrey Weaver, 3. Cory Stabley 4. Zachary Glass 5. Michael Petock 6. Jillian Maurer 7. Logan Hammaker 8. Hunter Zimmerman 9. Shaun Musser 10. Matt Dixson 11. Dustin Young 12. Zach Riggleman 13. Matthew Dixon 14. Mac Wert 15. Steven Fernburg, Jr. 16. Coleton Eckroth 17. Mike Haefke 18. Tom Quiggle 19. Wyatt White 20. Derek Johnson DNS Larry Dickey, Joe Snook.  

Mark Smith Wins Exciting 35th Anniversary 410 Show at Clinton County Speedway

Mill Hall, PA – The Clinton County Speedway continued to celebrate its 35th Anniversary season with another marquee event featuring the 410 Sprint Cars presented by NAPA Toner Auto Parts.   The 410 Sprint Cars put on an exciting show for the fans with Mark Smith of Sunbury claiming the $4,000 top prize.   The speedway also honored 410 Sprint Car feature winners from the inaugural 1989 season, including Greg Lamey, John Matrafailo, Phil Walter and Dave Williamson.  Other winners of the night included Tanner Jones in the Central PA Legends, Johnny Bouse in the Pro Stocks and Kyler Stahl won the 4 Cylinders. 

Photo: 1989 Feature Winners:  410 Sprint Car Drivers from the Speedway’s 1989 inaugural season were honored on Friday night.  (L-R Phil Walter #63, Greg Lamey #0, Dave Williamson #25W, John Matrafailo #77 and speedway promoter Jason McCahan)

Garrett Bard of Wells Tannery and Billy Dietrich of Aspers were the front row starters for the night’s 35-lap 410 Sprint Car main event.  Bard, in his rookie season in 410 Sprint Car competition and a former RaceSaver Clinton County Speedway champion, led the first lap.  On lap number two, the events only caution occurred for Bill Jones.   Bard continued to lead Dietrich followed by several Smiths (not related), including Cameron Smith, Ryan Smith, Mark Smith and Kyle Smith in the top six positions.

By the completion of lap number five, Bard continued to lead with Dietrich and Ryan Smith battling for postion, Mark Smith was fourth and Kyle Smith moved into the top five.  With ten laps complete the top five remained unchanged but the leaders were closing in on the back of the back and lapped traffic would soon become a factor.     On lap number 11, Mark Smith secured the third postion from Ryan Smith and on the next circuit he passed Dietrich for second place.   The veteran driver then set his sights on 410 rookie, Garrett Bard, who was now in lapped traffic. 

On lap 20, Bard had a lapped car between his machine and that of Smith.  Ryan Smith was running third, Dietrich was fourth, then two lapped cars back was fifth place runner Kyle Smith.  Running sixth through tenth Cameron Smith, Cody Fletcher, Will Brunson, Lucas Wolfe and Dale Schweikart. 

Smith closed in on Bard in lapped traffic and was able to make the pass for the lead on lap number 23.  On lap 30, Mark Smith continued to weave through lapped traffic while Bard and Ryan Smith battled for the runner up postion.  On lap 31, Ryan Smith took over second but was several car lengths behind Mark Smith with only four laps remaining.   Mark Smith claimed his first win at the Clinton County Speedway over Ryan Smith and Garrett Bard.   Dietrich finished fourth and Cameron Smith was fifth.  Sixth through tenth were Cody Fletcher, Will Brunson, Steve Buckwalter, Davie Franek and Kyle Smith.  Heats were won by Bard, Cameron Smith, Ryan Smith and Billy Dietrich.   The B-main was won by Reese Nowotarski.    

The Central PA Legends 20 lap feature had Tanner Jones and Chris Transeau starting on the front row.  Jones jumped into the lead from the start with Transeau, Colton Friese, Jorgie Sweger, and Rich Hartwig in the top five.  Tanner held the top spot as Transeau and Frise battled for second.   On lap number nine, Friese took the runner up postion as the leaders began to encounter lapped traffic on the tenth circuit.  With five laps remaining, Tanner was leading Friese, Hartwig, Cory Phillips and Deven Friese.  Tanner maintained his momentum in the final laps of the race to secure his first win at the speedway.  Colton Friese was second followed by Rick Hartwig, Cory Phillips, and Devin Friese. Sixth through tenth were Chad Earnest, Lacy Kuehl, Scott Spidle, Hunter McElroy and Grady McGrew.  Heat races were won by Jones and Transeau.

Pole sitter, AY Schilling led the first three circuits of the Pro Stock feature event.   Third place starter Noah Kissinger moved into the second postion and took the lead on lap number four.  Johnny Bouse advanced from the fifth position, moving into second place by lap number six.  On lap eight, Bouse powered down the backstretch to take the lead, shuffling Kissinger back to second.   The top three contenders for the championship, Bouse, Kissinger and Noah Long contested for the top three spots.   At the checkered flag, Bouse crossed the line first followed by Kissinger, Long, Noah Jensen and AY Schilling.   Sixth was Jason Butler followed by AJ Hoffman, Robert Tressler and Larry Knight.   Schilling won the heat races.

John Stringfellow started on the outside of the front row and led the early laps of the 4 cylinder feature event.  Zak Kline advanced from the eighth spot to take second with Coty Maines, Adam Harris, and Skyler Phillips in the top five by the fifth lap.  Kyler Stahl who started 11th began to climb his way to the front of the field and was up to third by lap number seven.  One lap later Stahl was the race leader with a pass coming out of turn four.  Stahl would lead the final laps to secure the win over Zak Kline and Tyler Phillips.  Joey Snook was fourth and Adman Harris was fifth.  Sixth through tenth were Michael Barrett, Kein Trianpey, Nick Snook , Terry Karichner, and Matt Weaver.  Heats were won by Coty Maines, Troy Bennett, and Zak Kline .

The Clinton County Speedway will host two events this week.  On Tuesday, July 18th, the speedway will be in action with night two of the Hyper Racing 600 Micro Sprint Car Wingless Speedweek.  The event is expecting the nation’s best 600 wingless drivers coming from the following states AL, CA, CT, DE, FL, GA, NC, NH, NJ, NY, MD, MO, PA, SC, VA, WV, In addition the 270-winged micro sprints will be in competition.   Gates will open at 5PM and Hot laps are at 7PM.

On Friday, July 21st, the United Racing Club 360 Sprint cars will return for another exciting night of open wheel sprint car racing along with the Pro Stocks,, 270 Micros and 4 Cylinders.  Gates will open at 5PM and hotlaps are at 7PM.

For the latest speedway information visit the speedway’s website at or like us on Facebook. 

Sprint Cars: 1. Mark Smith 2. Ryan Smith 3. Garrett Bard 4. Billy Dietrich 5. Cameron Smith 6. Cody Fletcher 7. Will Brunson 8. Steve Buckwalter 9. Davie Franek 10. Kyle Smith 11. Lucas Wolfe 12. Tyler Ross 13. Dale Schweikart 14. Mike Thompson 15. John Walp 16. Wyatt Walizer 17. Darren Pifer 18. Reese Nowotanski 19. Chris Frank 20. Chad Trout 21. Jordan Givler 22. Dustin Prettyleaf 23. Tyler Esh 24. Bill Jones  DNS: Ryan Higgens, Todd Gracey, Derek Swartz, Shane Yost, Bradley Howard, Mike Raboth, Zach Burd, Hayden Miller, Tim Glatfelter, Wes Mathews.

Central PA Legends: 1. Tanner Jones 2. Colton Friese 3. Rick Hartwig 4. Cory Phillips 5. Devin Friese 6. Chad Earnest 7. Lacy Kuehl 8. Scott Spidle 9. Hunter McElroy 10. Grady McGrew 11. Dave Benner 12. Chris Transeau 13. Jorjie Sweger 14. Seth Kearchner 16. Scott Musselman DNS Kelby Friese

Pro Stocks: 1. Johnny Bouse 2. Noah Kissinger 3. Cory Long 4. Noah Jensen 5. AY Schilling 6. Jason Butler 7. AJ Hoffman 8. Robert Tressler 9. Larry Knight

4 Cylinders: 1. Kyler Stahl 2. Zak Kline 3. Skyler Phillips 4. Joey Snook 5. Adam Harris 6. Michael Barrett 7. Kevin Trianpey 8. Nick Snook 9. Terry Karichner . 10. Matt Weaver 11. Bryun Hackenberg 12. Tim Teneyck 13. Anthony Potter 14. Tim Muthler 15. Johnny Stringfellow 16. Kyle Strouse 17. Troy Bennett 18. Garrett Lucas 19. Alea Savage 20. Dylan Hoover 21 Zach Rill  DQ  Coty Maines   

Photos (Track provided)  1989 Feature Winners:  410 Sprint Car Drivers from the Speedway’s 1989 inaugural season were honored on Friday night.  (L-R Phil Walter #63, Greg Lamey #0, Dave Williamson #25W, John Matrafailo #77 and speedway promoter Jason McCahan)

Mark Smith of Sunbury won the 35 lap 410 Sprint Car race Friday night at the Clinton County Speedway

Clinton County Speedway has partnered with local brewer, Lee Powers and his Floating Feathers Brewing Company of Mill Hall

The Clinton County Speedway has partnered with local brewer, Lee Powers and his Floating Feathers Brewing Company of Mill Hall to produce its own beer.

“Working with Lee and his staff, we came up with the idea of a special beer for our largest race of the season,” says Jason McCahan, speedway promoter. “On Saturday, August 12, we host the 410 Sprint Cars for the Phil Walter Classic, paying $6,300 to win and now we have a beer for our biggest race of the season.”

The beer will be a 16-ounce pilsner. The can features a checkered flag background with the Clinton County Speedway and Floating Feathers Brewing Company logos as well as a picture of Billy Dietrich’s #8 Sprint Car. Billy Dietrich of Billy Dietrich Racing is the defending champion of the Phil Walter Classic.

Five-Hundred cans of the beer are being produced by Floating Feathers Brewing Company. Fans can pre-order the beer at The link is also available on the speedway’s website and facebook page. Fans who pre-order the beer will be able to pick it up at the Floating Feather’s beer truck during the Phil Walter Classic on Saturday, August 12th. Cans of the limited edition are being sold as a single can or in a four pack.

“We are very excited at Floating Feathers to provide locally made beers and ciders with local ingredients for our local speedway,” says Lee Powers, “Giving back proceeds of every beer to improve our local track is important to us. Come out and enjoy the fast-paced action of the Phil Walter Classic with a Floating Feathers brewski.”

The 410 sprint cars are featured at the speedway twice this season. The first 410 Sprint Car show is on Friday, July 14th paying $4,000 to win. The Phil Walter Classic for the 410 Sprint cars is on Saturday, August 12th. In honor of the speedway’s 35th anniversary season, several hallmark events have been scheduled during the 2023 season, including the two 410 sprint car events.

“The 410 sprint car events are very popular,” says speedway promoter, Jason McCahan. “We offer something unique in that we are a Central PA short track and the 410 sprints put on an exciting show every time they come to Clinton County.”

The Clinton County Speedway is a 1/3-mile oval located in central Pennsylvania offering weekly short track racing. The Phil Water Classic Race is named in honor of the speedway’s all-time leading feature winner, Phil Walter. For more information and a complete list of events, visit the speedway’s website at or follow them on Facebook.

Floating Feathers Brewing Company is a local family owned and operated brewery that prides itself on making the best quality beers, ciders, hard lemonades, seltzers and sodas with as many local ingredients as possible. More information about the brewery can be found on its website at

Bittner Sweeps Weekend Races Events at Clinton County Speedway

Mill Hall, PA – Timmy Bittner of Beech Creek had the best weekend of his racing career capturing two hallmark RaceSaver Sprint Car events at the Clinton County Speedway.  Bitter won the Founders Cup race on Friday night and then put his name in the history books by capturing the coveted Nittany 40 Championship on Saturday night.

FRIDAY NIGHT (6/30/2023) – Owen Dimm and Jacob Beganwald were the front row staters for Friday Night’s 25 lap Founders Cup event.  Dimm took command of the field as they raced into turns one and two. Fourth place starter Zach Rhodes advanced int the second postion as Timmy Bittner, who started eighth moved into third place.  By the completion of lap number five, Bittner took second place from Rhodes as Dale Schweikart was fourth and Begenwald ran in fifth.  

On lap number eight, Bittner passed Dimm for the lead and Josh Beamer passed Begenwald to move into the top five.  The caution came out on lap number 11 for three cars as they were coming out of turn four.   Bittner accelerated on the restart with Dimm, Rhoades, Schweikart and Beamer in pursuit.  On lap 17 Schweikart took the third postion and one lap later, Beamer passed Rhoades to advance into fourth.   On lap 19, Schweikart moved into second, tried to chase down Bittner who had opened up a decent sized lead while navigating lapped traffic.  Schweikart came within striking distance, but Bitner held on with a once second lead to claim the Founder Cup win, honoring speedway Founders Del Shank and Tedd Reitz.  Schweikart was second followed by Dimm, Beamer and Kasey Weaver.  Sixth through tenth were Zach Rhodes, Kruz Kepner, Ryan Lynn, Jacob Begenwald, and Johnny Smith.  Heat races were won by Mike Alleman, Dakota Schweikart, Owen Dimm and Johnny Smith.  The b-main was won by Jacob Gomola.

Kris Orwig and Rich Fye led the field of Pro Stocks to the green flap.   By lap number three, third place starter Johnny Bouse marched his way to the front of the field.  On lap number six, a two car incident involving Fye and Blake Snyder, brought out the caution flag.   Bouse brought the field back up to speed with AJ Hoffman and Cory Long running in the top three.   At the midway point of the race, Bouse was leading Hoffman, Long, Noah Jensen and AJ Stroup.  Two circuits later, Tommy Dawson moved into the top five.   On the final lap as the field was coming to the checkered flag, the caution flag waved again, setting up a one lap shootout to the finish.  Bouse held off the challenges of Dawson to secure the victory.   Stroup finished third, Josh Butler was fourth and Noah Kissinger completed the top five.   Sixth through tenth were Cory Long, Cody Cassler, Noah Jenson, Kris Orwig and AJ Hoffman.  Heat races were won by Long and Stroup. 

In the 270 Micro Sprints, Hunter Zimmerman and Mac Wert started on the front row.  Third place starter Tyler Clowes led the opening laps of the 15 lap feature event.  The red flag came out on lap number four, when Logan Hammaker rolled into his side during an incident exiting turn four.  The driver was ok.  Following on the restart, fifth place starter Jeffrey Weaver restarted on the back bumper of Clowes and was able to make a pass for the lead.   Weaver would lead the remaining laps to secure the win over Clowes and Cory Stabley.  Fourth and fifth went to Mac Wert and Sean McAndrew.  Sixth through tenth were Keigan Hines, Shaun Musser, Hunter Zimmerman, Jillian Maurer, and Mason McAndrew.  Qualifiers were won by Zimmerman and Sean McAndrew. 

In the final 600 wingless race to test and tune before the Hyper Racing 600 Speedweek show on Tuesday, July 18th, Prestyn Brown mastered his way around the speedway.  Brown led every lap of the feature event.  Brown started third in the feature event and quickly advanced to the top spot by the completion of lap number one.   Cory Stabley ran second to Brown at the finish.  Corey Bowmaster was third, Mitchell Holden was fourth and Sam Riggleman was fifth.  Brown also won the heat race. 

Garrett Lucas and Coty Maines led of field of 23 four-cylinders to the green flag.  Maines took control of the field at the drop of the green flag as Lucas settled into second.  At the completion of lap five, Maines and Lucas were leading Matt Weaver, Blake Snyder, Chris Small and Kyler Stahl.   Stahl quickly moved up through the field and was in third by lap number eight.  With two laps remaining, Stahl made his move and took the lead bringing Blake Snyder with him.  At the finish it was Stahl over Snyder, Maines, Lucas and Anthony Potter.  Sixth through tenth were Skylar Phillips, Adam Harris, Matt Weaver,  Joey Snook and Michael Barrett.  Heat races were won by Phillips and Snyder. 

SATURDAY (July 1, 2023) RESULTS:

Tim Iulg and Ken Duke comprised the front row for the start the RaceSaver Nittany 40 lap main event.   Duke led the opening lap with Iulg, Bitner and Jacob Gomola in pursuit.  By the completion of lap number two Bitner found his way around Duke.  By lap number nine the leaders began to encounter lapped traffic.   Bittner was leading Duke, Iulg, Gomola and Jeffrey Weaver on the completion of lap number ten.

On lap 16, the caution came out for two cars that spun.     Following the restart, Iulg and Gomola were in a heated battle for third.  Gomola took the third postion away from Iulg two laps later.   Ath the halfway mark, Bittner was leading, Duke Gomola, Weaver and Iulg.  As Matt Tebbs, Jon Scarborough, Kruz Kepner, Johnny Smith and Josh Beamer were in the top ten.  to lead the first lap.   Caution came out on lap 22, when Kasey Weavers car stopped just off of turn one.   On lap 27 another caution came out for a three car incident in turns three and four.  The cautions occurred just as Bitner was entering lapped traffic which may have helped Duke and Gomola.  Bittner again executed a flawless restart and used the open track to distance himself from Duke and Gomola.  On lap 32 that caution came out again, this time for Johnny Smith whose car slowed on the speedway. 

Bitner again held off Duke on the restart and led the final eight laps to pick up the second night victory of the weekend.  It was the biggest win in Bittner’s second year of RaceSaver competition. Duke finished in the runner up position, followed by Gomola, Weaver and Iulg.  Sixth through tenth were Matt Tebbs, Kruz Kepner, Jared Zionkowski, Jacob Begenwald and Jon Scarborough.  Heat races were won by Johnny Smith, Timmy Bittner, Kruz Kepner, and Jacob Begenwald.  B-main was won by Dustin Prettyleaf.  Fast time was set by Johnny Smith at 14.410 seconds.

Mac Wert led the first lap of the 270 Micro Sprint feature.  By lap number two, sixth place starter Tyler Clowes took over the top spot.  By lap number five, Clowes was into lapped traffic with Wert and Cory Stabley trying to chase him down.  Stabley and Logan Hammaker battled for third and fourth, swapping positions on several laps.  Clowes continued to pace the field to win his first career feature event at the speedway.  Wert finished second, Stabley was third followed by Hammaker and Hunter Zimmerman.  Sixth through tenth were Matt Dixson, Steven Fernburg, Jr., Evan Dickey, Mathew Dixon and Ryan Wickham.  Heat races were won by Clowes and Hammaker.

The Pro Stocks ran in a 12 lap event.  Cory Long led every lap of the non-stop event, setting a new track record.  Noah Kissinger ran second for the entire event, with Johnny Bouse finishing third. 

Garrett Lucas led the first two laps of the 4 Cylinder stock car 

event.  On lap number three Coty Maines took over the top spot with Kyler Stahl moving into second.   By lap number five, Maines with out in front as seventh place starter Skyler Phillips advanced into second followed by Lucas and Stahl in contention.   Following a lap eight restart, Maines and Phillips battled for the lead.  Philips took the lead on lap number ten.  He held on for his first career victory.   Maines was second followed by Beachel, Kyler Stahl and Zak Kline. Sixth through tenth were Lucas, Joey Snook, Tim Teneyck, Nick Snook and Bryun Hackenberg.   Heat races were won by Phillips and Snyder.

The Clinton County Speedway returns with racing action this coming Friday night, July 7th.  The four division show will feature the Limited Late Models, the Pro Stocks, 270 Micro Sprints, and the four Cylinders.  Gates open at 5PM, Hot laps at 7PM, and qualifying beings at 7:30PM.  The following week, July 14th will host the first 410 Sprint car show of the season honoring the 410 sprint car winners from the 1989 season.  For the latest speedway information visit the speedway online at or on social media channels including Facebook Twitter and Instagram.


Sprint Cars: 1. Timmy Bittner 2. Dale Schweikart 3. Owen Dimm 4. Josh Beamer 5. Kasey Weaver 6. Zach Rhodes 7. Kruz Kepner 8. Ryan Lynn 9. Jacob Begenwald 10. Johnny Smith 11. Mike Koehler 12. Jacob Gomola 13. Jeffrey Weaver 14. Fred Arnold 15. Dustin Prettyleaf 16. Jon Scarborough 17. Mike Allman 18. Derek Swartz 19. Steve Kenawell Jr. 20. Josh Fox 21. DJ Cassler 22. Dakota Schweikart 23. Chris Kreider 24. Jared Zionkowski  DNS Scott Frack, Ken Duke Jr., Lance Christie, Matt Kline, Logan Jones, Austin Greenland, Todd Lynn, Reed Thompson, Mariah Romig, Mia Kopoman, Wes Matthews, Matt Tebbs.

Pro Stocks: 1. Johnny Bouse 2. Tommy Dawson 3. AJ Stroup 4. Josh Butler 5. Noah Kissinger 6. Cory Long 7. Cody Cassler 8. Noah Jensen 9. Kris Orwig 10. AJ Hoffman 11. Larry Knight 12. Brandon Moser 13. Blake Snyder 14. Rich Fye 15. Marc Bitler DNS Todd Geyer, Paul Metz Jr.

270 Micros: 1. Jeffrey Weaver  2. Tyler Clowes 3. Cory Stabley 4. Mac Wert 5. Sean McAndrew 6. Keigan Himes 7. Sean Musser 8. Hunter Zimmerman 9. Jillian Mauer 10. Mason McAndrew. 11. Bobby Sanso 12. Zac Riggleman 13. Matt Dixson 14. Evan Dickey 15. Tom Quiggle 16. Ryan Wichham 17. Trevor Fernburg 18. Mathew Dixson 19. Steven Fernburg Jr. 20. Logan Hammaker

600 Micros: 1. Prestyn Brown, 2. Cory Stabley 3. Corey Bowmaster 4. Mitchell Holden 5. Sam Riggleman.

Four-Cylinders: 1. Kyler Stahl 2. Blake Snyder 3. Garrett Lucas 4. Coty Maines 5. Anthony Potter 6. Skylar Phillips 7. Adam Harris 8. Matt Weaver 9. Joey Snook 10. Michael Barrett 11. Cody Stover 12. Nick Snook 13. Bryun Hackenburg 14. Tim Muthler 15. Toby Maines 16. Terry Karchiner 17. Sam Regitz 18. Joey Snook 19. Chris Small 20. Tim Teneyck 21. Robert Dorman 22. Zack Kline


Sprint Cars: 1. Timmy Bitner 2. Ken Duke 3. Jacob Gomola 4. Jeff Weaver 5. Tim Iulg 6. Matt Tebbs 7. Kruz Kepner 8. Jared Zionkowski 9. Jacob Begenwald 10. Jon Scarborough 11. Josh Beamer 12. Steve Kennawell Jr. 13. Zach Rhodes 14. Ryan Lynn 15. Austin Greenland 16. Dale Schweikart 17. Owen Dimm 18. Derek Swartz 19. Dakota Schweikart 20. Fred Arnold 21. Logan Jones 22. Johnny Smith 23. Dustin Prettyleaf 24. Kasey Weaver  DNS: Matt Kline, Lance Christie, Mike Alleman, Scott Frack, Chris Kreider, Reed Thompson, Ben Miklos, Wes Mathews, Mia Kopoman, Mike Koehler, Mariah Romig, Nathan Pierce

 270 Micros:  1. Tyler Clowes, 2. Mac Wert 3. Cory Stabley 4. Logan Hammaker 5. Hunter Zimmerman 6. Matt Dixson 7. Steven Fernburg Jr. 8. Evan Dickey 9. Mathew Dixon 10. Ryan Wickham 11. Trevor Fernburg 12. Jillian Maurer 13. Jeffrey Weaver.

Pro Stocks: 1. Cory Long, 2. Noah Kissinger, 3. Johnny Bouse.

4 Cylinders: 1. Skyler Phillips 2. Coty Maines 3. Larry Beachel 4. Kyle Stahl 5. Zak Kline 6. Garrett Lucas 7. Joey Snook 8. Tim Teneyck 9. Nick Snook 10. Bryun Hackenburg 11. Kyle Workman 12. Robert Dorman 13. Toby Maines 14. Tim Muthler 15. Michael Barrett 16. Blake Snyder 17. Johnathon Stringfellow 18. Adam Harris 19. James Bilger. 

LR – Gamola-Bittner-Duke:  Timmy BIttner wins the Nittany 40 at Clinton County Speedway.  (left to right, Jacob Gomola (3rd) Timmy BIttner (1st) Ken Duke (2nd)

McCahan Bittner – Speedway promoter Jason McCahan presents Timmy Bittner with the winners trophy.