Kunsman Claims Inaugural Event at Clinton County Speedway for Wingless Speedweek

Mill Hall, PA – The Clinton County Speedway was a new addition to the annual Hyper Racing 600 Speedweek this season, hosting 53 wingless 600 Micro Sprints on Tuesday night.   Tommy Kunsman Jr of Bethlehem, PA raced from the tenth postion to secure his second win of the season.   Neil Perchak of Bloomsburg, PA won the 270 Micro Sprint feature event.

Alex Ruppert of Lewisberry, PA and Sheldon Creed of Alpine, CA brought the field of 26 starters to the green flag.   Ruppert led the first lap but the caution came out with several cars getting together in turn one.   Creed used the restart to take the lead by the completion of the second circuit, with Ruppert trying to battle back.  Cautions occurred on laps 4 and 5 for two separate single car spins.   Following the lap five restart, Ruppert regained the top spot moving Creed to second followed by Steve Snyder Jr of Rising Sun, MD., Jaxon Bishop of Toney, AL and Tommy Kunsman Jr.

By lap number six, Kunsman advanced to third place, while Danner Briggs, who qualified through a transfer from the B-Main moved into the top ten after starting 20th.   On the next circuit, Kunsman passed Bard and then Ruppert to lead lap number seven. 

The cars were racing three and four wide for postion throughout the entire field.  Kunsman was running in the middle groove, as Bard moved to the top side to pass Ruppert for second and hoped to use the momentum to get around Kunsman.  By lap 10 Kunsman was leading Bard, Ruppert, Bishop and Danner.  Creed was running sixth followed by Colin White, Conner Gross, Nick Goff and Mason Beinhower. 

Kunsman and Bard continued to run first and second as Ruppert, Bishop and Danner were battling for third through fifth place.  With Bishop moving into the third spot on lap number 15.  As the leaders were about to encounter lapped traffic a caution came out on lap number 20.  Kunsman brought the field back to speed with Bard immediately committing to top side looking to make a pass.   On lap 25, the red flag came out for a two car incident on the front stretch Conner Mirabelli and Mason Peters tangled causing  Peters’ car to roll onto its side.  

A five lap shoot-out to the finish of the 30 lap main event would decide the winner.   Kunsman maintained his lane as Bard tried the top side of the speedway once again.   At the finish Kunsman claimed victory over Mitchell Bard, Jaxon Bishop, Briggs Danner and Alex Ruppert.  Sixth through tenth were Connor Gross, of Asbury, NJ, Colin White of Scranton, PA, Steve Snyder Jr. of Rising Sun, MD; Nick Groff of Manheim, PA and Zach Bealer of Leighton, PA. 

Heat races were won by: Bealer, Sam Johnson of St Peters, MO; Creed, Bishop Zach Weisenfluh of Taylor PA and Goss.  B-main qualifiers were won by Groff and Danner.  Fast time was set by Zach Jurcik of Scotland, CT with a time of 15.533 seconds.  Creed set a 8 lap track record with a time of 2:11.615

In the 270 Micro Sprints, Zachery Glass and Logan Hammaker started on the front row.  Glass led the opening laps, until lap three as fourth place starter Jeffrey Weaver took the lead.   A series of cautions took place on laps six and seven.  Ross Perchak came from eight and was in second by lap number six.  On lap ten Perchak passed Weaver, as Corey Stabley came from 22nd into the top three.  Glass and Michael Petock battled for the fourth and fifth place.   Petock led the final five laps to earn his first feature of the season at the Speedway.  Weaver was second, Stabley was third, Glass was fourth and Petock was fifth.  Sixth through tenth were Jillian Mauer, Logan Hammaker, Hunter Zimmerman, Shaun Musser and Matt Dixon.  Heats were won by Weaver, Coleton Eckroth and Perchak. 

 The Speedway returns on Friday July 21st with the United Racing Club 360 Sprint cars along with the Pro Stocks, 270 Micros and 4 Cylinders.  Gates will open at 5PM and hot laps are at 7PM.  For the latest speedway information visit the speedway’s website at ClintonCountySpeedway.com or like us on Facebook.

Hyper Racing 600 Speedweek: 1. Tommy Kunsman, Jr. 2. Mitchell Bard 3. Jaxon Bishop 4. Brigg Danner 5. Alex Ruppert 6. Connor Gross 7. Colin White 8. Steve Snyder Jr 9. Nick Groff 10. Zach Bealer 11. Jacob Severn 12. Christian Bruno 13. Zach Weisenfluh 14. Mason Beinhower 15. Matt Smith 16. Richie Hartman 17. Sheldon Creed 18. Sam Johnson 19. Zach Jurcik 20. Prestyn Brown 21. Bubba Hughes 22. Cole DeWease 23. Mason Peters 24. Connor Mirabelli 25. Tim Buckwalter 26. Michael Nolf

DNS: Kenny Beinhower III, Robby Brockman, Brandon Pavel, Kyle Lick , Ryan Boyd, Holden Eckman, Lukas Kostic, Jesse Maurer, Garyt Smith, PJ Reutimann, Sam Riggleman, Tyler Harper, Mitchell Holden, Maddie Boyd, James Roselli, Caiden Herbert, Joey Robinson, Jake Winters, Jason Rush, Wesley Sweatman, Keith McIntyre, Ronnie Dawson, Aidan Goldsmith, Bubba Rains, Scott Kreutter, Michael Nolf, PJ Williams.

270 Micros: 1. Ross Perchak, 2. Jeffrey Weaver, 3. Cory Stabley 4. Zachary Glass 5. Michael Petock 6. Jillian Maurer 7. Logan Hammaker 8. Hunter Zimmerman 9. Shaun Musser 10. Matt Dixson 11. Dustin Young 12. Zach Riggleman 13. Matthew Dixon 14. Mac Wert 15. Steven Fernburg, Jr. 16. Coleton Eckroth 17. Mike Haefke 18. Tom Quiggle 19. Wyatt White 20. Derek Johnson DNS Larry Dickey, Joe Snook.