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Autin Reed Wins Founders Cup at Clinton County Speedway

Mill Hall, PA – Autin Reed of New Cumberland won the Founders Cup race on Friday Night at the Clinton County Speedway. It was Reeds second career victory at the speedway, his previous win was the coveted Nittany 40 in 2022. Defending track champion, Cory Long of Selinsgrove won the Pro Stock feature. Tyler Clowes of Selinsgrove won the 270 Micro Feature event and Zac Kline of Jersey Shore won the 4-Cylinders.

Thirty-five RaceSaver Sprint cars were in competition for the Founders Cup, a race held in honor of the speedway’s founders, Del Shank of Mifflintown and Tedd Reitz of Middleburg who opened the speedway in 1989. Picture Rock’s Josh Beamer and Selinsgrove’s Ken Duke brought the field to the green flag for the start of the 25 lap feature event. 

Duke led the first two circuits until Reed advanced from his fourth place starting spot to take command of the field on lap number three. By lap number five, Reed was leading Duke, Johnny Smith of Scranton, Beamer, and Dustin Prettyleaf of Williamsport. Smith passed Duke utilizing the high line around the speedway on lap number seven and one lap later worked his way around Reed. At the halfway mark, Smith continued to cruise around the top side of the speedway, leading Reed, Duke, Prettyleaf and Mikey Smith.

Smith seemed unstoppable using the upper grove as he paced his way through lapped traffic. Misfortune struck on lap number 16, as Smith’s engine blew in turns three and four. Reed inherited the lead with Duke running in second. With the restart, Reed held off the challenge of Duke, but Duke stayed with him for a battle to the end. Owen Dimm, who started eighth, moved into the top five and was running third with five laps to go. Timmy Bittner of Beech Creek advanced from 18th battled with Dimm with Mikey Smith completing the top five. Duke remained within striking distance of Reed but couldn’t make a pass for the lead.  At the finish, Reed held off Duke by .589 seconds. Dimm was third, followed by Bittner and Mike Smith. Sixth through tenth were Prettyleaf, Dustin Young, Mike Koehler, Matt Tebbs and Josh Beamer. Heats were won by Mike Koehler, Owen Dimm, Duke, and Dustin Young. The B-main was won by Zack Rhodes

Twenty 270 Micro Sprints came to the green flag with Logan Hammaker and Mason McAndrew leading the field. McAndrew led lap number one. Third place starter, Tyler Clowes took the lead by the completion of lap number two. Zach Glass quickly moved into second place with McAndrew in the top three. Clowes’ pace was slowed when the caution was thrown on lap number eight. Following the restart Clowes was leading Glass, Mac Wert, Jillian Maurer and Hammaker. Clowes would maintain the lead over Glass, Hammaker, McAndrew, Michael Petock, and Jason Klinger. Sixth through tenth were Hunter Zimmerman, Matt Dixson, Cory Stabley, and Andrew Petock. Heat races were won by Clowes and McAndrew.

Noah Jensen and Cory Long started on the front row of the Pro Stock feature event. Long led the first two circuits, before the caution flag waved when two cars spun. The restart bunched the field on Long’s back bumper. Long and Jensen battled lap after lap for the top spot. With five laps completed, Long, Jensen, AY Schilling, Tommy Dawson and Rich Fye were running in the top five. The top five continued to in a tight race running fender to fender. On lap number 13, Logan Hile passed Fye to enter the top five. In the closing laps, Jensen was glued to Long’s back bumper just looking for an opportunity to make a pass. As the field came out of turn four on the final lap, Long edged Jensen by three tenths of a second.  Schilling Dawson and Hile completed the top five. Sixth through tenth were Fye, Marc Bitler, Larry Knight, Danny Jensen, and Ronald Ergott. Heat races were won by Schilling and Dawson.

Zak Kline started on the pole and led from green to checkered flag to claim his second career victory. The events only caution occurred on lap number two, when Terry Karichner lost a wheel. Matt Weaver was running second until Hunter Flook took over second on lap number five, followed by Garrett Lucas, With two laps to go, the leaders were in lapped traffic.  Kline scored the victory over Hunter Flook, Garrett Lucas, Tim Teneyck, Larry Beachel Jr. Kyler Stahl, Matt Weaver, Coty Maines James Koch, and Ken Smith. Heat races were won by Beachel and Weaver.

The Clinton County Speedway returns this Friday with a four division show featuring the Limited Late Models for the Len Stroud Jr Memorial paying #1,200 to win. The  Pro Stocks, 270 Micros and the Four Cylinders will also be racing for an additional $100 added to their purses.  Gates open at 5PM and hot laps begin at 7PM. For the latest speedway information visit the speedways website at

Sprint Cars: 1. Austin Reed 2. Ken Duke Jr. 3. Owen Dimm 4. Timmy Bittner 5. Mikey Smith 6. Dustin Prettyleaf 7. Dustin Young 8. Mike Koehler 9. Matt Tebbs 10. Josh Beamer 11. John Scarborough 12. Wyatt Walizer 13. Kasey Weaver 14. Kruz Keppner 15. Derek Swartz 16. Dakota Schweikart 17. Austin Greenland 18. Ryan Lynn 19. Mike Alleman 20. Kolby Weaver 21. Zack Rhodes 22. Johnny Smith 23. Nolan Groves 24. Hunter Hite

DNS: Dale Schweikart, Andrew Boyer, Josh Spicer, Wes Matthews, Jeff Weaver Sr., Karl Walizer, Jr., Jeremy Hill, Jim Kennedy, Mariah Romig, Bill Sheehan, Reed Thompson

 Pro Stocks 1, Cory Long 2. Noah Jenson 3. AY Schilling 4. Tommy Dawson 5. Logan Hile 6. Rich Fye 7. Marc Bitler 8. Larry Knight 9. Danny Jensen 10. Ronald Ergott 11. Rodney Wagner 12. Noah Kissinger 13. AJ Stroup 14. Brent Gardner

270 Micros: 1. Tyler Clowes 2. Zachary Glass 3. Logan Hammaker 4. Mason McAndrew 5. Michael Petock 6. Jason Klinger 7. Hunter Zimmerman 8. Matt Dixson 9. Cory Stabley 10. Andrew Petock 11. Tom Quiggle 12. Parris Hewes 13. Mac Wert 14. Jillian Maurer 15. Dustin Roberts 16. Matthew Dixon 17. Dakota Brubaker 18. Colton Guiher 19. Bobby Sanso 20. Lester Stabley

Four Cylinders: 1. Zak Kline 2.  Hunter Flook 3. Garrett Lucas 4. Tim Teneyck 5. Larry Beachel Jr 6. Kyler Stahl 7. Matt Weaver 8. Coty Maines 9. James Koch 10. Ken Smith 11. Alyssa Snook 12 Summer Beachel 13. Terry Karichner 

Rhodes tops Record-Breaking Field at Clinton County

Mill Hall, PA – Zach Rhodes of McVeyton won the RaceSaver Sprint Car season opener at the 1/3-mile, Clinton County Speedway.   45 RaceSaver Sprints were on hand, setting an all-time high number of sprint cars in competition.   Jeffrey Weaver won the 270 Micro Sprints, Tommy Dawson won the Pro Stock and Hunter Flook won the 4 Cylinders. 

Kenny Heffner and Dustin Young started on the front row of the 25 lap RaceSaver Sprints feature event.   Heffner jumped into the early lead with Young, Jeremy Kornbau, Mike Allman and Rhodes in the top five.   Rhodes moved up to fourth by the completion of lap number 2 and took third place on lap number six.  By lap number ten the leaders were closing in on the back of the field and would soon be encountering lapped traffic.  

Heffner was attempting to put Ken Duke down a lap when the two touched as they exited turn four, allowing Rhodes and Kornbau to take over first and second.  Defending track champion Timmy Bittner entered the top five on lap number thirteen.   With fifteen laps completed, Rhodes was leading Kornbau, Heffner, Young and Bittner.  A caution waved on lap number 19, with Rhodes leading Kornbau, Bittner, Heffner, and Austin Reed. 

On the restart, Kornbau passed Rhodes, but officials determined it was a jump and was put back two positions at the conclusion of the event.  Rhodes was credited with the victory over Timmy Bittner, Kornbau, Austin Reed and Heffner.  Sixth through tenth were Mike Alleman, Jeffrey Weaver, Josh Spicer, Dakota Schweikart, and Nolan Groves. 

Heat races were won by Bittner, Jacob Gamola, Rhodes  and Dakota Schweikart.  Consultation events were won by Ken Duke and Josh Beamer.

In Pro Stock competition, Tommy Dawson and Marc Bitler started on the front row.  Dawson took command of the field from the drop of the green flag.   Logan Hile, who started fifth moved into the runner up postion on lap number two and would chase Dawson to the checkered flag.  AJ Stroup who started tenth worked his way up to the third spot with Noah Kissinger and Noah Jensen rounding out the top five.  Heats were won by Dawson and AY Schilling.

Jeffrey Weaver extended his streak to three consecutive opening day victories by claiming the 270 Micro Sprint feature event.  Weaver advanced from the fifth place starting spot with Cory Stabley in pursuit followed by Tyler Clowes.  Jillian Maurer who started third, fell back to sixth, but worked her way back into the top three in the closing laps of the event.   On the final lap, Weaver held off Stabley as Maurer finished third.  Tom Quiggle and Hunter Zimmerman rounded out the top five.  Heats were won by Maurer and Clowes

Matt Weaver started on the outside of the front row and led the opening lap of the Four Cylinder main event.   As the field came to complete the second circuit, Zak Kline who was battling in the top five crashed on the front stretch to bring out the red flag.  Following the restart, Flook passed Weaver for the lead.   The remainder of the event went caution free with Flook leading the rest of the way.   Larry Beachel passed Weaver on the final lap to take the runner up postion.   Weaver finished third, Brandon Farver was fourth, and Jason Koch completed the top five.   Heat races were won by Flook and Kline.

The Clinton County Speedway returns this Friday with a four division show featuring the Limited Late Models, Pro Stocks, 270 Micros and the Four Cylinders.  Gates open at 5PM and hot laps begin at 7PM.  For the latest speedway information visit the speedways website at

Sprint Cars: 1. Zach Rhodes 2. Timmy Bittner 3. Jeremy Kornbau 4. Austin Reed 5. Kenny Heffner 6. Mike Allman 7. Jeffrey Weaver 8. Josh Spicer 9. Dakota Schweikart 10. Nolan Groves 11. Dale Schweikart 12. Johnny Smith 13. Josh Beamer 14. Mike Koehler 15. Dustin Young 16. Jim Pattock 17 Kruz Keppner 18. Jacob Gamola 19. Alan Rhodes 20. Kasey Weaver 21. Ryan Lynn 22. Paul Moyer 23. John Scarborough 24. Ken Duke, Jr.

DNS: Brandon Varner, Matt Tebbs, Reed Thompson, Wyatt Walizer, Karl Walizer, Mikey Smith, Wes Mathews, Andrew Boyer, Mariah Romig, Eric Mathiott, Mark Reynolds, Derek Swartz, Dustin Prettyleaf, Kyle Knopp, Kolby Weaver, Bill Sheehan, Erick Knopp, Hunter Hite, Chris Kreider, Owen Dimm

Pro Stocks 1, Tommy Dawson 2. Logan Hile 3. AJ Stroup 4. Noah Kissinger 5. Noah Jensen 6. AY Schilling 7. Rich Fye 8. Marc Bitler 9. Larry Knight 10. Ronald Ergott 11. Brett Gordner 12. Rodney Wagner

270 Micros: 1. Jeffrey Weaver 2. Cory Stabley 3. Jillian Maurer 4. Tom Quiggle 5. Hunter Zimmerman 6. Tyler Clowes 7. Andrew Petock 8. Mark Snyder 9. Colton Guiher 10. Matt Dixon 11. Tucker Byers 12. Trenton Beason 13. Dustin Robers 14. Mac Wert DNS Lester Stabley, Chase Hauck

Fout Cylinders: 1. Hunter Flook  2. Larry Beachel Jr 3. Matt Weaver 4. Brandon Farver 5. Jason Koch 6. Garrett Lucas 7, Terry Karichner 8. Allen Robinson 9. Ken Smith 10. Michal Green 11. Zak Kline 12. Brett Shirk 13. Jon Stringfellow DNS Tim Teneych